West Seattle Weather Watch: Wind advisory, late tonight through tomorrow

February 24, 2013 at 2:55 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 9 Comments

2:55 PM: More wind is on the way – and this time there’s an official alert: The National Weather Service has announced a “wind advisory” for our area, from 11 pm tonight until noon tomorrow. Gusts could reach 50 mph after rising to 15 to 30 mph out of the southwest, according to NWS. See the full alert here. (Thanks to WSB commenter “Meteorologist Patrick” for the heads-up!)

5:24 PM: The advisory is now extended through 4 pm Monday. The revised advisory also says gusts could reach 55 mph.


  1. High tide at 4:36 am is 11.5 ft. Not a king tide or anything, but a decent high tide. If the wind really blows from the S or SW all night at 30 mph, that will build up some big waves by 4:30 am. Add some 50 mph gusts and there may be some impressive waves slamming into Beach Drive.

    Comment by Lura Ercolano — 3:30 pm February 24, 2013 #

  2. Call Parka Boy now! I wish the storms were timed better so I could watch them when I wasn’t at work or asleep. Ever since I upgraded to double-paned windows the wind in the Schmitz Park trees has been muffled to a whisper (and so has the traffic, random kid screams, so it is for good.)

    Comment by JayDee — 4:45 pm February 24, 2013 #

  3. thanks for the warning Patrick and WSB, 50mph gusts are really powerful

    Comment by tl — 5:10 pm February 24, 2013 #

  4. @TL… No problem

    There is a new hitch and that being a ” Lee Low ” which will likely aid higher gusts especially Everett South and Westward, some local gusts could reach 65mph+ overnight and early to mid morning

    Stay safe

    Comment by MetPatrick — 6:15 pm February 24, 2013 #

  5. WSBlog + MetPatrick=best local weather ever!

    Comment by raincity — 7:30 pm February 24, 2013 #

  6. Thar she blows, methinks I’ll be keeping my most sacred trinkets indoors on this fine evening, mayhap the winds will bring forth the changes of season.

    Comment by AlkiSpeakeasy — 7:39 pm February 24, 2013 #

  7. I wanna see Orcaman out on his SeaDoo in those waves!!

    Comment by Rumbles — 7:42 pm February 24, 2013 #

  8. Let it be recorded that the wind actually picked up dramatically at 10:01pm, about an hour “early.”

    Comment by DF — 10:02 pm February 24, 2013 #

  9. What part of WS are you in? Still calm here over Lincoln Park …

    Comment by WSB — 10:15 pm February 24, 2013 #

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