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    Our four year old daughter says she wants to learn violin. Is there anyone in West Seattle that might want to take this on? is there a place in town to rent a small violin? And most of all, to the parents of younger children, is this a passing fad or do you younger kids stick with music at this age.

    My wife and I are totally inept when it comes to playing music.



    Hey, Todd – Thought I would respond, since you haven’t had a hit yet. I know nothing about music, but I do have a daughter who is 8, so I’ve been through that age phase of 4.

    I’m not sure when your daughter expressed an interest in the violin, but I would recommend waiting a week or two and seeing if she is still interested. I know with my daughter, what she wanted yesterday, is long forgotten today.

    Unfortunately, that’s as much help as I can give you on this topic. Good luck!



    I found this link–

    Looks like the kids are pretty young, and located in West Seattle.



    Mills Music in Burien does instrument rentals. My 10-year-old daughter’s brief dalliance with the flute cost about $25/month for 3 months (that is their minimum rental period, then you can cancel!).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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