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    The debate tonight will be on 6 different broadcast channels in English (4-1, 5-1, 7-1, 9-1, 13-1, 22-2) and one in Spanish (51-1). If you don’t want to/can’t stream it you can watch it for free and should be able to get at least one of these channels wherever you are in West Seattle.



    This debate was unwatchable. I stopped watching after the first 20 minutes and saw the final 8 minutes hoping the debate would be over by then. There were no winners, and that include the viewers.



    So sad that people are laughing at the US from all over the world. That was disgraceful. Next time they should have switched to shutoff the microphone of the person whose turn not to talk.



    I’m with Buttercup. I never watch these things, as they’re just a bunch of posturing BS. But the few snippets I saw this morning were shocking. Biden sounded a bit more coherent than usual, but Trump should have been muzzled and hit with a tranquilizer dart. If I had the means, I’d be leaving not just Seattle, but the USA.



    I’m inclined the believe that the world is not laughing, rather they are nervous. The US is a heavy hitter both economically and militarily and this can be a potent combination in the hands of a sober, thoughtful, and competent president. In the hands of a narcissistic lunatic it’s unnerving at best. Allies are pulling back, trade is suffering, and the best new friends of the president are dictators. It’s a fragile balance, out system and it, too, can topple. One must wonder just how close we may be. One lost election, enough military commanders willing to back Trump, enough sate and municipal support and it can happen. While it hasn’t happened here in some time it has happened that way in other nations and it’s never not bloody.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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