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    Hi If you have ever taken an Uber car to Seatac Airport, please relate your experience-Response time, cost, reliability etc. thanks



    Uber is our airport mode of choice for heavily-laden trips or before the light rail is running. We’ve had only good experiences. You can see on the app how many cars are available and how close, so you can guess on how much lead time you need to allow to request a car. The longest we’ve had to wait is 10 minutes.

    For holiday travels, we had a heroic Uber driver who managed to bypass the horrific traffic jam caused by the arrivals mess and get us to our departure gate on time.

    From close the Junction, it’s always been around $35, but we’ve never hit a surge.



    I ALWAYS take UberX (the less expensive option) to the airport, and I travel a lot for work. I live on Gatewood Hill and it is never more than 20 minutes or $22 (often less). There are always cars close by and like helihu above, I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes and have never had any issues or problems. Oh, not true, one time the driver got on 99 North by accident but I take part of the blame for not paying attention! He was extremely apologetic and when I mentioned it to Uber they gave me a $5 credit.


    I don’t take Uber home because currently only Black Car service is available, and that costs more than a taxi. I think they are working on allowing UberX for pick-ups, though.


    I love not having to fumble with credit card processing, etc. especially when in a hurry. Highly recommend!!


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    I’m thinking about taking Uber to the airport as well. How about the early morning ride? Is it easy to catch uber around 6am?



    I live between the Admiral and West Seattle junction and I took Uber to the airport for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was $24.99. I had to take a cab back and it was $41. There was no one in West Seattle at the time, but a very nice young man in the Georgetown area made it to me in about 15 minutes. Also, cheaper than the shuttle.



    I used Uber in the early morning recently and it was not a problem getting a car. I usually check the Uber app about 1/2 hour before I want to leave for the airport to get a sense of how many cars are in the area and close by (and you’ll get an estimated wait time). I don’t allow a lot of extra time to get to the airport so I don’t want to be surprised by a long wait!



    I’ve had great success with Uber – just started using it this year quite a bit and I’m very happy with the service.

    Airport rides from West Seattle are typically around $25-30. Even as early as 5am I can get a driver within 10 mins.

    As far as pickups from Seatac, just found out from a driver that very soon the restriction should be lifted from the airport to allow UberX. In the meantime, all you have to do is drop your pin outside the airport, select UberX, then the driver usually calls right away to see where you’re waiting.

    If you’d like $20 off your first ride, just use my code during sign-up: michaelk3636

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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