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    Hello all, I’m investigating ways I can change my commute to allow bicycling part of the route. My commute is complicated and not consistent, but I think I can ride from the Andover/Delridge intersection into downtown a couple times a week. I’ve finally gotten so fed up with Metro that I’m going to spend the money/time to try the bicycling option instead.

    Does anyone have tips about the route downtown for a new rider? Safety? Timing? Tricky intersections? I tried mapping the route out on Google maps, but it shows going down King St and 2nd Ave through Pioneer Sq. Those streets don’t have bike lanes in that area, so is there a better option for your route once you get to the stadium area?

    Any general advice about the route, safety, gear, etc is welcome.



    Actually, that’s a pretty good route. King street and second avenue in that area are real sleepers, traffic wise. I prefer Occidental, and ride through the two park areas when headed to Pioneer Square. Heading further into town, I pick up the protected bike lane on second at Yesler and take it all the way north through town.
    Trickiest intersection is getting from the Trail to East Marginal Way northbound. I like to use the ped/bike crossing to get across E Marginal and then turn north, avoids a Kamakazee run across from the trail/sidewalk on the left side to the marked bike lane on the right.
    Easy-Peezy 5 mile ride from Andover/Delridge to Pioneer square.



    Glad to hear that you are considering this option.

    I agree with Eddie that using the crosswalk at Spokane St/East Marginal to head north is the right choice.

    My preferred route once coming off the Elliot Bay trail on King street is to hang a left of Alaska Way, right on Yesler, left on James, left to 2nd Ave bike lane.

    If you let folks on hear know what time you plan on riding, I’m sure someone would offer to ride with you on their way. You could also reach out to West Seattle Bike Connections to get in touch with folks who would offer to do the route with you.



    Hi Sunuva,

    Welcome to bike-commuting, it’s a blast and very therapeutic in so many ways.

    Send me an email that I can forward. I’ll reach out to others in the West Seattle Bike Connections group to see if we have someone who can help you with the route to your downtown destination.

    There are even some of us who will see ride with you a time or two to help get you familiar with the route.

    I hope to see you out there!

    swimbikeruneat at g mail



    Thanks for the tips everyone! I also appreciate the offers to ride along with me to show me the route. That says a lot of good about the cycling community. I’m such a noob though, that I think I’ll try it myself as I have a lot to figure out and don’t want to slow anyone down. I haven’t ridden a bike in years and just got a used one today to start riding again. They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but I’ll tell you that it felt totally foreign to me riding today!

    Now a second question for the community; where’s the best bike shop to get gear/accessories, and get a tune up? I heard there was a shop in West Seattle that closed recently. Where does everyone go now?



    Alki Bike and Board in Admiral junction, is a wonderful shop for you.

    For the commute take your time and enjoy the ride. You’ll get comfortable quickly. Stay alert on the streets. If you decide you want help contact the west seattle bike connections group.



    Hi Sunuva,
    There are three bike shops that people in West Seattle go to for maintenance, repairs and gear: Alki Bike and Board in the Admiral Junction, Aaron’s Bicycle Repair in White Center, and Westside Bikes on Harbor Avenue SW just south of SW Spokane St.
    West Seattle Bike Connections, a community volunteer safe streets advocacy group, has a lot of information for bike riders on the “Resources” page at Happy riding!



    Hello, Sunova,

    Here is a route to try if you are trying to get to upper Downtown Area: Follow East Marginal/Alaskan Way to King Street. Cross at King to the bike pedestrian trail on the east side of Alaskan Way. Ride 4 blocks north in the bike lane to Yesler, turn right, go one block, turn left on western Avenue which is a fairly calm and gradual ascent to Pike Place Market. Use Pike Place as a “woonerf” by riding contra traffic from Virginia to Pike Street ( you could go up Virginia from Western to 1st Avenue but it is really steep). Do some shopping in the Market on your way. Wide tires are a plus since the street is cobblestones. At that point you will arrive at 1st and Pike where you will find a bike lane on Pike Street that will take you to the 2nd Ave protected bike lane and from there you can connect to other parts of downtown Seattle.

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