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    Seeking a temporary nanny for toddler cousins while our current nanny welcomes a new baby to her family.
    Neighborhood: White Center/North Burien
    Family Style: Two related households with parents in each who are siblings. Homes are within walking distance of each other. Care is for two toddler cousins: 16 months and 14 months old. Both have older siblings who do not need care. One set of parents is queer. The other set of parents is still cool. Families are very close and know how to do life together including working through conflicts.
    Nanny Style: Loving, engaging, understanding that toddlers vary from day to day, and really so do adults.
    Start Date: April 3, 2023 when our current nanny begins maternity leave.
    Length of Contract: through June 2023, with a possibility of part-time summer hours, but not required.
    Ideal Schedule: Monday-Wed 8-3, Thursday 7:45-3:15, Friday 8:30-1:30
    Rate: $35/hour paid via payroll with guaranteed minimum number of weekly hours if families end up not needing care due to our travel or illness.
    Requirements: experience working with multiple toddlers.
    Please resume or summary of relevant experience to young.whitney.c@gmail.com. We will set up interviews by video call after reviewing resumes. You are welcome to text with questions: 360-301-9752.

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