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    Job Title: Teacher – Intergenerational Learning Center

    Job Description: Providence is calling a Teacher to the Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) (Child Care Services, Day Shift, 0.625 FTE) at Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle, Washington.

    The Explorers Club Teacher position is a fun and unique opportunity to work with our oldest preschoolers as well as toddlers every day. The work shift is 12:30-6 pm and from 12:30-3 you would be teaching up to 14 preschoolers, spending about 60 percent of your time outdoors and developing activities to support playing in nature in all weather. From 3:30-6 pm you will be assigned a toddler classroom to support until the number of children is in ratio with the remaining regular teacher.

    In this position you will:
    Be responsible for the overall care of children in the Intergenerational Learning Center. This includes the planning and implementation of an age appropriate program, development of interesting, stimulating and challenging indoor and outdoor environment and planning appropriate daily activities.

    Be responsible for developing an intergenerational program and nurturing interaction between clients and children. Included in these responsibilities are maintaining the classroom, preparing materials for the children and certain clerical and record keeping duties. Plan and implement the daily scheduled activities, indoor and outdoor environments and all other aspects of the children’s program; This program reflects physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of
    the children and is developmentally appropriate; Teacher is or becomes familiar with Focused Portfolios and Focused Planning for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool.

    Perform the following when appropriate: Changing diapers, keeping children clean, assisting with eating/feeding, holding, rocking, talking with/to, and engaging in play activities on a daily basis.

    Use appropriate interactive strategies per approved guidelines; For example: Using active listening, helping children learn to problem solve through negotiation and encouragement of children’s own thinking, using appropriate limit setting strategies like I-messages, giving information, contingencies, natural and logical consequences or choices.

    Required qualifications for this position include: Experience working with children under the age of 5 12 college credits in Early Childhood Education or related field 1 year of child care experience Within 30 days of hire: Register with the State MERIT system for STARs trainings
    About the ministry you will serve: The Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) is an award-winning child care program located in West Seattle, WA. Our program is unique in that interaction between the infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children and the 400 residents of
    Providence Mount St. Vincent is an integral part of daily activities. This enhances the opportunities for children and people of all ages to have frequent community interaction. Our program includes a philosophy based on problem-solving, where teachers act as facilitators and
    guides encouraging children to think of solutions to problems that may arise throughout their day.




    I currently work as a HCA and during this time I worked for
    the Boys and Girls Club of America as a Youth Development Professional. Prior to this I was employed by Associated Recreational Counsel as a Child Care Counselor. These involved working with children whose ages ranged from 5 to 13 years of age. The children come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. I have been a summer sports fitness camp counselor (ages ranged from 6-12 years) for 5 seasons. I have worked with children that are afflicted with behavioral and physical issues and find this atmosphere challenging yet extremely rewarding. I strive to bridge the gap during a teaching moment by finding ways to connect with the child or children to understand what is being taught and the best way that they can comprehend the concept. I have my bachelor’s is in Psychology and a master’s in Elementary Education. My priorities regarding children are safety, consistency and laughter in a learning environment. I am dependable, flexible with hours and timely. I own a car and have an excellent driving record.
    A little about myself, I love the outdoors, long walks, cooking, music, reading, going to the beach and all animals. I have excellent references.

    I thank you for your consideration,

    Brigette Meredith

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