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    Hey All.

    Went to the West Seattle Target this morning for the Liberty launch, and just wanted to rave about the amazingly helpful employees. They were all probably very busy, but they were all happy to stop and help, point out where everything was, and absolutely excited as the rest of us about the collection. I also wanted to rave about the loveliness of all the women I ran into the store!



    I went in there a couple of days ago. I had not been in since the parking lot re-stripe.

    Even though I looked like a shoplifter (bed head, 4 day beard, my usual ill fitting fleece covered in dog hair look) the employees were helpful and polite.

    It was kinda a first for me. What did they do with the surly morons that have worked there since I moved here in the 90’s?

    If the economy improves will they be back?



    umm what’s a Liberty launch? Sounds like a boat.



    …or some kind of Tea Partier thing…



    Liberty of London limited edition at Target – Home Fashion line (more stuff for the house :)

    I had friends who were simultaneously shopping at the store and on line for the launch. I guess it was a big deal!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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