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    Does anyone know why Sunfish Fish and Chips doesn’t appear to have re-opened since their winter break? The signs say open but the patio is blocked off and the sign says closed until January. I hope everyone is OK. They are sorely missed. They were doing a brisk take out business before they closed in December.



    Sunfish and the Greek bros are the best! We have been calling and stopping by was well and just want an update! Last time we were there they said they were not doing their annual trip to greece this year, but were well and being careful to stay healthy. There’s a post on Yelp that doesn’t make much sense but says they’ll be back in June. If anyone has a connection to them please let us know they are ok and when they’ll be back! I’d volunteer to help out behind the counter since we love them so much and I’ve been vaccinated.



    Reached the owner. They plan to reopen soon.



    This is great news!



    I have lived in West Seattle my whole life (49 yrs) until last year. We moved to Eugene OR. You have no idea how lucky you all are for the amazing food in Seattle. I had fish and chips from what was supposed to be the best place in the area for fish and chips. Sadly I was soooo very disappointed. I may need to drive up to get some Sun Fish, pho, thai, gryos… the list goes on..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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