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    Our car was stolen last night between 1:00 a.m. and 9 a.m. from the area near Schmitz Park, up from Admiral. It is a 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon, “dusty rose” in color, AK license FMT190. It is a unique car in that it has a home made plywood blue box on top, although we’re aware that the thieves could have removed the box.

    Our family is “stranded” here without the car, as we were leaving tomorrow to get a ferry in Prince Rupert on the 25th to return home. Really can’t afford plane tickets.

    If anyone sees it or has seen it, please notify the police – or call 206-932-3953. (I hope it’s ok to use a phone number here?). We have filed a police report.



    I just saw this car and a maroon mustang parked on Murray Ave SW (Just north of Lincoln Park). I’ll call you in a second.



    Well, I called and spoke to Annie. I also tried to call the non emergency number of the SPD, but was told to call back in a couple of hours because of the “emergency situation in West Seattle” (likely

    I hope you get your car back!



    We did get our car back and thank you so much for your call. It seems to be undamaged except for a broken padlock on the box and lots of camping gear strewn about. It is such a relief as we have to get on the road tomorrow in order to make the ferry in Prince Rupert.

    wsgolfer, you are our hero! Nice looking dog you have, too.

    Thank you again so much.



    I’ll echo “thanks, wsgolfer.”

    This is one of the reasons we run this site and remain continuously honored by the presence of so many caring people who use the Forums to seek help and offer it.



    This is why I love West Seattle,

    because of people like wsgolfer and WSB.

    I am glad you got your car back Annie!



    That is amazing!



    Great news Annie; I love happy endings! Great job WSGolfer and WSB.



    Annie, really glad you got your car back! Safe travels back to Alaska.

    Was the other car parked next to yours stolen as well? Were they able to return it to its owner?



    The other car was not stolen, just illegally parked. The police said that it’s a common place for stolen cars to be left behind. We feel so lucky – it’s off to Alaska today (this was mostly written by my daughter, as it’s their car) and I’m so glad that their return was not put on hold while they searched for th car. Thanks again for your quick response.

    Now I can be a poster and not just a reader on this blog since I had to get a new password that I can almost remember.



    sorry this is what it took ..

    but welcome!




    Annie, as you were pulling on to the West Seattle Bridge going Eastbound today around 2:50pm, I was right beside you in a light green Subaru Forester. I wanted to wave since I knew your car from the description here but I figured you’d just think I was some nut. :-)




    Yeah, that car is pretty noticeable, isn’t it? I’m so glad this was resolved in time enough to catch that ferry to Alaska. Love this blog.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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