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    Lisa Herbold told my neighborhood that in 1985 Seattle granted themselves an easement with the sidewalks to the property owner. Essentially, city of seattle will no longer have any responsibility to maintain the sidewalks, that will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

    We have seen laws come out I believe submitted by Lisa Herbold to the council for review, indicating that homeowners are required to shovel snowy sidewalks or fix broken concrete because anyone who goes by and gets injured can sue the homeowner.

    Now my question is how did the city of seattle give us a piece of property they never maintained but force us to brunt the sole responsibility to fix or maintain? Doesn’t an easement require TWO parties to agree? Is there any where we can find out the maintenance records? My sidewalks were from 1954, so I am sure they were not “up to code” by current standards.

    thanks to anyone who can assist.

    Lisa and her team apparently are still not in the office due to COVID(?), but I have left numerous messages.

    I have asked Lisa Herbold so many times for help to find where I could get this information, but to no avail. In public records, I found a phone number 206-768-xxxx but that number is not getting to her either although it seems to be her voice. It might be an old number. If anyone has a working number, can they please share?

    Lisa if you or your team are monitoring this site can you please call?




    We own the sidewalks? Can i extend my garage out on it lol jk



    Homeowners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks. The city did not give you a piece of property. You, as a homeowner must maintain it. Be grateful you have one. I live in a part of West Seattle that does not. Lisa Herbold has nothing to do with this, it’s been the case for decades. You are also responsible for maintaining your parking strip, yet need a permit to plant anything. Blaming Lisa Herbold here is just plain weird.

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