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    I was just reading this on the HErald website and didn’t see it over here so thought I’d help spread the news.

    There just seemed to be a number of red flags in this scheme.

    from the page “The city’s Department of Planning and Development is putting the final touches on a proposal that would increase height limits and change development standards in areas zoned multifamily, which make up much of residential West Seattle.”



    thanks, flipjack…I’m sure this will be a big topic of discussion shortly…



    I don’t doubt something related to this must have been reported somewhere within the depths of WSB, but it’s a good article.



    Hmmm, interesting, I guess the current code is not loathed or controversial enough? :)



    Yes, we’ve reported that repeatedly. If you see something in the paper and not here, 85% of the time it’s because we’ve long since reported it (meetings on the same night as opposed to 2 weeks after they happen) – or else because it’s an enterprise feature story (we have a lot of those, WSH has a lot of those, everybody does ’em on their own timetable and editorial interest). I don’t make a deal out of reporting most happenings first (it’s the inherent nature of a continually updated site) but since you mentioned it, I just want to point that out. Kind of like the Morton’s articles in both citywide papers today – we reported the Pharmaca change a MONTH ago.

    Anyway, regarding the multifamily code, it’s been going on more than a year but our first significant report was in October:

    It’s been going on for months and is going to be going on for months. Our next benchmark is going to be when it gets in front of the city council. Here’s the page you can track it on:

    Also if you are interested in neighborhood planning, which is also muy important, don’t forget the important event tomorrow that we reported earlier this week:

    One of the local neighborhood dynamos, Cindi Barker, is involved with that and will be there, but the more people who get involved with this, the better. Somebody sent me an interesting Crosscut link on a related topic earlier today … if I can dig it out of the ebox I will add it to this. UPDATE: here it is –




    KUOW just reported on the Neighborhood Planning meeting tomorrow. It’s critical to the future of Seattle — basically, an apparent attempt to centralize planning rather than disperse to the neighborhoods.

    The meeting is well worth setting the dreaded Saturday Alarm clock. I assume Cindi will let us know what to do next, in case we oversleep :-)



    Maybe my neighbors will find this interesting as well?



    Yesssss…. I was sure you had reported on this Tracy, sometimes things just jump out at me more than other times…there are so many issues and meetings just in this one area, it’s hard to keep track.



    New to me as well flipjack – thanks for posting…all good links to follow up on.

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