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    Does anybody have a good carpet cleaner they would like to recommend? I have an old dog that has been having trouble making it outside lately. I searched through the blog and the posts where fairly old on this topic. Thanks for your suggestions.



    Pennidog – I would highly recommend Reyes Carpet Cleaning. They did a house that I’m getting ready to sell and did a fabulous job. Their number is 206-331-6381. Really nice man, great thorough job.



    Dander & Daughters Chem-Dry, talk to Michael Propst, the owner. Nice guy, very experienced and competent. Number is 935-3355


    Michael Waldo

    I highly recommend Dander and Daughters. They have cleaned our rugs for 10 years. They use “Chem dry”, no soaking wet carpets, they are dry within hours.



    Tried Dander and Daughters based on these recommendations. Owner seemed nice enough. Guy who came to do cleaning on the other hand was HORRIBLE. No customer service skills would be an understatement. We have pets; apparently he hates cats and made no bones about it, grumbling under his breath (no so quietly) the whole time “stupid cats” and similar comments. Yes, we have pet hair in the house, this is why we were paying to have it cleaned– we use oversized sticky roller things constantly to get hair off furniture and we vacuum constantly, but pets leave hair. That’s your business, you shouldn’t be freaked out by it…

    I have a rescued cat who cannot go outdoors. I shut him in another room while the cleaning was going on. The guy, looking for a plug to power up his machine, rather than asking me where he could plug it in (there are half a dozen outlets in the living room where he was) took it upon himself to poke around the house, going into the bathroom around the corner –the door of which I had purposely closed. Suddenly I see the cat that I had closed off in the other room wandering in the house….the guy says “Oh, were you keeping him in that room?” #$@#@#@#?????

    At this point, if he were not halfway through the job, I would have seriously said, “you know what, I’ve changed my mind” and called it off.

    Upon finishing he announced “I’ve finished….. Thank God”. ?????

    I said, “I gather you are not a fan of cats?” in my stern voice. He seemed startled and then told me oh cats are fine but that his sciatica was bothering him and he was in pain. A LOT of pain. Whatever.

    I called the owner to complain as soon as the guy left and got a pretty lame “oh gee that’s terrible. I’m sorry” followed by dead silence on the line.

    I liked that they wouldn’t soak my carpets but frankly, if this is how they provide service, I’ll rent a machine and do it myself next time.



    We have had great results and very reasonable prices twice from Alpine Cleaning – 206 527-2711,



    We’ve had Eric at Alpine Cleaning do the carpets in our former home several times and the upholstery in our current home, as well as the large area rugs once. He has always been fantastic. I really recommend them.


    Michael Waldo

    I am sorry PM you had a bad experience with Dander and Daughters. My experience is the complete opposite. We have used them for 15 years and never had a problem. Great not to have wet carpets!



    Maybe I miss-read your post but I thought you were looking for a rug cleaner to clean it yourself. If so, I bought my carpet cleaner, a bissel, at Costco. If it breaks you can take it back and get another one.

    I have the same issues with my yorkies. Unfortunately the smell never really goes away. We get our carpets cleaned professionally and I clean it every two or three weeks. It’s so bad that we are going to have to put in floors and take the carpet out :(

    Good luck

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