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    We tried Pizzeria 22 last night. The place was packed and people were standing outside waiting for tables. There were a couple of seats at the bar which is right where we like to be anyway. Started with a stuffed mushroom appetizer in a sauce of crushed tomatoes. Very fresh but just a touch bland so I requested a pinch of salt which sorted it out nicely. We split a Salame Troy pizza (tomato sauce, goat cheese, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts, olives) which was excellent. The $5 house red wine is also very good. It’s a small place so almost impossible to walk between the tables and the occupied barstools without brushing up against everyone between you and your destination. Doesn’t matter though, this place is going into the rotation and I could see us coming here pretty darn frequently for a reasonably priced and good-tasting meal.



    squareeyes — thank you for your review. Have you by any chance eaten pizza at Phoenicia or Serious Pie? Any comparisons? Phoenicia is tops in my book although I am looking forward to trying Pizzeria 22 asap!


    2 Much Whine

    jissy, I’ve had pizza at both Serious Pie and Phoenicia as well as Pizzeria Vente Due. The other guys make great pizza but their toppings are a bit more unconventional than Pizzeria 22 which offers fresh and traditional Italian ingredients. In addition, I find their crust to be a bit puffier and chewier than P22. The crust on a P22 pizza is modeled after some of the truly classic pizza joints in Naples. It’s a very thin crust made with #00 flour. If you take a minute to watch the chef prepare the dough you’ll see the love (and knowledge) that goes into each pizza. Prep starts with a punch to the center and then a slow spin of the dough ball on the marble prep table as the circle of dough is slowly expanded through light finger touches to a larger and larger circle. They hang the dough off the edge of the table just a bit to stretch it a little more than hands alone can provide. It’s just like they do it in Italy. The sauce doesn’t seem quite as sweet as Phoenecia. The wood fired oven adds a flavor that is impossible to get from an electric oven. Pizzeria 22 is a true neighborhood gem that has a great vibe and should do quite well. Be sure to check out their “Power Hour” which I believe runs from 4 to 5 pm. I believe they’ve got $5 personal pizzas and $1 beers! How’s that for awesome?



    Its a week late, but wow, so impressed with this place! Awesome arugula salad and the pizza was cooked perfectly!

    Also very nice staff!!!!



    Not sure if I’m blessed or cursed to live within easy walking distance of the best pizza ever – Pizzeria 22 pepperoni! Can’t say enough good about it!



    $1 beers at happy-hour? That alone brings me in.

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