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    from my perspective.. the bullies are people who break the law by violating leash laws.

    their choice to break the law makes is nearly impossible for those of us with reactive dogs to take our dogs with us in public.

    I leash my dogs and i can keep them from approaching other dogs.. but i can’t keep other dogs from approaching them…

    my experience would lead me to believe the owners of those dogs on voice control can’t either.

    The problem is that those owners would sue me in a heartbeat if their unleashed dog came up to mine and got hurt in the process…

    so i end up putting myself between my dogs and the unleashed dog who isn’t listening to it’s owner.

    that’s a good way to get bitten…

    little wonder i think they are the bullies…



    melissa- besides crying about her ticket, LindsayP was trying was trying to incite the rath of other lawbreakers by very specifically identifying which house she thinks is “snitching” on them. This was very wrong. What was her point in identifying this house? Get over yourself.




    You have 2 options; get a nice fenced yard and love your pet there or go to an off-leash park for your love sessions. Nobody else loves your pet and they never will. Unless you send your dogs to vacation at a strange little farm in Whatcom County….



    And if you take your dog to an off-leash park without its collar/license, hoooh boy, huge ticket. Enforcement shows up at dog parks at random times.



    I regularly watch small kids rolling down a grassy hill in a “no dogs” area where I have often seen dogs peeing and pooping. Gross. Love dogs, but if you’re not washing that grass with soapy water after picking up poop (yeah right), you’re leaving a little behind for others to enjoy. There are reasons why some places don’t allow dogs, on leash or off. Same reason I’d never walk barefoot across a parking strip!




    dogs without collars and licenses are difficult to return to their owners if they run off… or are lured off.

    wearing a collar and tags is a safety measure for your pups. Mine wear theirs 24/7.



    I note that the WSB has deleted the creator of this thread’s first post. In case people are wondering, the post basically identified a residence “allegedly” responsible for calling Animal Control on lawbreakers. Thank you WSB!

    But, more importantly, why do lawbreakers find it so easy to try to set up retaliation, or to actually retaliate themselves, when they are given feedback about their carelessness, either in person or by Animal Control? What is that attitude? I can tell you, it ain’t duckitude.

    I experience retaliatory crap almost once a week from people who have their dogs off leash at Lowman Beach Park. I don’t talk to those lawbreakers anymore unless their dog ends up chasing a couple of this neighborhood’s adored semi-feral cats in the backyard (IN THE BACKYARD) of my next door neighbor, OR, if I see a dog so out of control it is a safety hazard (LIKE ATTACKING A LEASHED DOG ON THE SIDEWALK).

    To do otherwise, would be to spend my entire day talking to snobby, entitled, unaware idiots all day long (that’s how many there are). So, I gave up except for “special” cases.

    However, in the special case category here’s a couple. 1: Woman has dog off leash, it chases my neighbors cat up ON (that’s right ON) my neighbor’s porch as I am visiting with some other people just 10 feet away. The cat jumps off the banister of the porch where it was sunning itself, and the dog knocks a very nice pot with flowers in it over and breaks it into a thousand pieces.

    At that point, I walk over to the woman who is basically doing nothing to recapture her dog and ask if she thinks she shouldn’t knock on the door since she owes the owner of the house money for her dog breaking the flower pot and creating a mess, etc. She gives me attitude, like, “oh, I see, cause and effect…” What? She should have initiated such an effort herself, but, no, it’s just a dog having fun… uh… unbelievable!

    The next sour sample is a guy who is clear down on the beach and has let his dog just roam willy-nilly through the park. The dog aggressively approaches a leashed dog and causes a mess of entanglement for the owner of the leashed dog, who cannot control her dog AND get the other dog away at the same time. She trips and falls off the curb (she was on the sidwalk, walking her dog legally and mannerly).

    I was outside in working on my garden. I chase the loose dog down as the owner of the loose dog approaches. This guy is a total idiot. When advised about what his dog has just done, he says “*uck you!” We have a little heated conversation and he wanders off, but looks back often to see where I am returning to (a car, a house?)

    These two brats… just typical for this area at Lowman Beach Park. Both incidents in the last week.

    It’s amazing what an unfortunate number of dog owners think are dog’s rights and privileges and who are really quite out of control. Welcome to America, where we all seem to want to grow up to be brats…. ugh.



    Duckitude, the responses you get are precisely why I don’t bother confronting people with off leash dogs.

    Admittedly, I don’t like confrontation, but realistically, I figure 99.87695284% of the time, my informing the irresponsible party would be met with being totally ignored, laughed at or commented to in a way that suggests it’s no big deal, an (as in the one case you cite) *uck (not duck) you, or to a much lesser extent, a punch in the nose or wherever.

    So, I just try to keep an eye on the dog, and only should I see a situation about to occur between the off leash dog and another dog, person, or wildlife, I will then confront them, and probably much stronger than I would merely seeing the dog off leash without any immediate conflict.

    And I would damn well be a witness against an off leasher, if an incident did occur.

    Not too far off topic, I recently saw on local TV, a story on “dog scootering” where people have their leashed (to the scooter) dogs pull them around on scooters, similar to Alaskan sled dogs.

    Great way to give your dog a good run in parks while obeying leash laws, right? Sure it is!

    However, they showed the guy they profiled in the story doing such, and I’m thinking; “What happens if the guy falls of his scooter?”

    Guess what happens next? Yup. The scooter gets away from the guy, and the dog(s) (IIRC he had two) going running off, dragging the scooter, towards this poor woman that is actually holding onto her leashed dog(s) leash(es) and pulls back on them a bit startled, and looking like she’s afraid a dog attack is about to happen.

    Scooter guy, while trying to get up and go after his dog(s) has the gall to bark (so to speak) out alomost as a command “Grab them! Grab them!”, as if it were the woman’s responsibility to mind his dogs, and of course, he laughs the whole thing off.




    haha, Mike, seems to me that attaching the dogs to the human rather than the scooter would help with that – nothing like the threat of a little road rash to aid your balance!



    Exactly, GHO!




    Drove by the field this morning and someone has stolen the “NO DOGS ALLOWED” sign. I guess someone is after the “ignorance” defense. Anyone know which city department handles signage?



    sandybeach…you could probably find that out at the City Clerk’s office, but they are only open Mon-Fri, from 8am to 5pm

    Phone: 206-684-8344

    Email: clerk@seattle.gov

    or one could try this:




    Thank you JanS



    Hi JoB (#31): No worries. At park,started to put leash on sheltie, saw no collar after bathe/groom at home. Got back in car to go home. Had talked to someone earlier re their getting a ticket, didn’t want to chance doing the same. Informing people about consequences/penalties offer an additional incentive to do the right thing. Informed = Priceless!



    Every two or three years my dogs might get loose.

    (Who knew a lab could figure out how to open a chain link gate? I use locks and bungee cords now)

    They are gentle so neighbors and strangers have caught them and called the phone number on the collar and I have retrieved them.

    Recently a neighbors 2 large dogs got loose and were running down the ally and trying to attack mine and other neighbors dogs through the fence. I called mine in and went out with a couple of leashes to try and detain them until the owner noticed them gone.

    They had no collars. No tags.

    Not much I could do but watch him chase them around the neighborhood after that.



    Ken, if the loose dogs were docile enough to get in your car, you could have taken them to a vet & had them scanned for microchip identification.




    Noticed the signs missing as well, how interesting this happened right after 2-3 people (who feel they are above the law) were ticketed for having dogs in the school yard. If I were with the City I’d look to the ticketed folks as the culprits!



    Off leash idiots don’t seem to realize they live in a *city* where you have to share parks and public places with other people. This is not your grandma’s farm in Spokane where your dogs could roam around free all day! Living in a city means you have to make concessions and limit some behaviors because you share living space with lots of people. Dummies that don’t leash their dogs should be ticketed.



    Fair warning – I have recently observed two additional local parks that are having the “No Dogs Allowed” signs being ignored. I have initiated requests for enforcement. I confronted one person as her unleashed dog was about to crap where the kids play. She played dumb (tried the ignorance defense)about the whole thing.


    HMC Rich

    This makes cat only owners chuckle. Westcrest is great but I do wish a fenced area near Alki or the Junction was available for our canine. Can we fill in the Hole Foods pit and make a doggy park? Follow the Law. Leash your dog.



    @sandybeach- is one of those local parks Schmitz ? they could make a lot of money ticketing people for off leash dogs there. on a recent Sunday, saw about a dozen or more dogs there, unleashed. only 2 or thereabouts were leashed.



    Seattle Animal Control has been receptive to my calls about off-leash dogs using the ball fields at Fairmount Park Elementary on Fauntleroy.

    There are several off-leash violators that use it on a regular basis to “exercise” their pups. I call every time I see it.



    Here is the link to report leash law violations.


    I had an incident this week, separate topic, so I had the address of the offending party. Animal Control is set to contact.

    How does it work when you report an incident taking place at a park? Do you have to get the owner’s name or dog’s license number… or car plate number? Just wondering if anyone could let me know.




    A few months ago I watched a woman watching her dog do its’ business in the kids playset woodchips at Schmitz. She was oblivious even though she was watching her dog doo this. Her response when confronted was “sorry” as she walked away leaving the mess. When I say confronted, I was across the playground, so maybe she didn’t know anyone else was around to see her. Schmitz isn’t on my list but it should be on someones.



    BB Guest: A car license number is all you need. Most of the time you won’t be able to get info such as owner’s name, address, or pet license #. I had problems with a frequent offender at my workplace. After repeated warnings, they actually pointed out houses and lied about living there, lied about the dog’s name, etc. I reported them by car license # and Animal Control showed up at the correct address and issued a $150+ fine. Turns out the dog wasn’t licensed, either. No problems since, and these people moved a month later.

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