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    Ok, just to clarify, it’s NOT ILLEGAL to bring your LEASHED dog onto school grounds. Here’s the Seattle code, from the city website:

    It is unlawful for the owner to:


    B. Permit any cat, dog, potbelly pig or other animal to enter any public fountain or any school ground while school is in session or during after-school activities. It is not a violation of this subsection for an owner to permit an animal to enter on to any school ground when school is not in session and no after-school activities are taking place if the animal is on leash and the owner has in his or her immediate possession a device to remove properly any feces the animal may deposit on school grounds;

    I’m not defending people who complain about being ticketed for breaking the law, or people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop. I just find that people seem to believe, incorrectly, that dogs are never allowed on school grounds, and that’s just not true.




    SMC 18.12.080 only applies to public parks and not public school grounds.

    The text says in part, “it is unlawful for any person … to permit any dog or other pet with or without a leash … to enter any public beach, swimming or wading area, pond, fountain, stream, organized athletics area or designated children’s play area.”

    It’s easy to assume that also applies to school grounds.

    But apparently as long as the dog’s on a leash and the owner picks up their poop it’s OK for dogs to play on the swings and slides at schools.



    i live by a couple of schools where it is clearly posted that dogs are not welcome.


    Genesee Hill


    Yes, that is correct. Genesee Hill was also marked as such. That is, until someone took the sign (on SW Genesee) down some weeks ago.

    As I live only a few blocks away, it has amazed me that dog owners would squeeze through the gate with their adorable doggies, unleashed, of course, and use this park/these school grounds as their personal doggie playground.

    I see this behaviour throughout the Genesee Hill/Beach Drive area. Although there are more important things to “fume” about, I just chalk it up to “fascist doggie owners”.

    Remember, the rules don’t apply to them! Only their doggies roll around on the grass, not their children!



    Going to check to see the difference between the Highland Park Elementary School signs, and the playground area signs. I know that one has pictures and the other one doesn’t ;-) but have never actually considered that they may have separate requirements. They are separately fenced….



    i don’t think it matters which neighborhood you are in.. there are people who regularly violate the leash laws because they think they can get away with it.

    it’s that simple.

    sometimes it takes a ticket to remind people that the law applies to all of us.. and if you get caught you get to pay the price.



    Once again, I think the signs on school grounds apply to school hours / after school activities. I can put up a “No Parking” sign next to my house, but that doesn’t mean it’s against the law to park there. Also, the Genesee Hill school is no longer used, so I’m not sure exactly when that law would apply. Signs or no signs, the law is the same, and it’s NOT clearly stated on the signs.

    I’m not advocating for illegal off-leash usage, or people allowing their dog to poop in the wood chips around a play ground, but just want people to understand that if I want to take my leashed dog up to the old school grounds while my kids play, it’s not against the law. (And no, I don’t let him in the play area, because that is disgusting, but there is a large amount of space at the old Genesee Hill school that is not play area or sports field.)

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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