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    So Monatanapup.. What is a Troll? Is it one who doesn’t side with the rest of the thread? Is it one who speaks its mind but you don’t like its opinion’s? Please tell me what a Troll really is.



    Betty, clearly you misread my post. I said it was the location of NV not the encampment itself. That spot is awful – a wet, contaminated, horrid place for anyone to be. Nothing living should be there.

    I have nothing against homeless people at all.I did not say anything like that.

    Also I did not say there should be no pets. Heaven sakes.I did ask if any cats had been left by other previous campers as I have heard rumor that there are some now feral cats there.Is that true or not, I’d like to know.If so it needs to be dealt with when the camp leaves or sooner.Not an unreasonable question.



    oddreality, Bubba and Lily ring a bell. :-)

    Betty, I can vouch for oddreality’s character. She and her husband are good people, good friends, and former neighbors.

    When I was at NV, there were apparently three ferals, although I only ever saw one, and it was probably a stray, as opposed to feral, as in time, though still quite skittish, it acted like it wanted to “meet” us, rather than having an unconditional fear of humans.

    As I stated in a bit of a precautionary post on another thread recently, NV is not the best place for pets, just as it is not the best place for humans.

    As I also mentioned, part of my duty as Pet Co-Ordinator, was to be aware of the living and feeding condition of individual pets. Any concerns would be investigated and addressed, up to and including getting the pet into a safe place should there have been outright abuse.

    What some people fail, to realize, (or choose not to realize), but I think more do realize than not, is that just like any other segment of society; friends, family, co-workers, clubs, social groups, etc, you’re are going to encounter the good, responsible people, and those that are not so much. So no, not everyone at NV is going to be the greatest, most responsible pet owner. Just like in any other segment of society.

    When I lived there, most of the pet owners were pretty damn good ones. Loving and responsible.

    NV is very fortunate to have an outside Pet Advocate, with over thirty years of experience between cat rescue, and otherwise helping pets and their humans.

    This person knows that NV is not the best environment for pets, and told me so. But this person also realizes that with the overpopulation of pets awaiting adoption, and if not in a no-kill shelter, euthanasia, NV is a good alternative, as long as extra care is taken in the care of the pet, considering the living conditions. This person has busted their butt for over a year and a half now, to help ensure the NV pets receive such care; keeping a steady stream of healthy dry and wet foods, quality litter, toys and other supplies coming in, as well as vaccinations, S/N, and emergency vet visits when needed.

    This person also gave several talks regarding general pet care, the importance of vaccinations and S/N, while I was there, and I’m sure continues to do so.

    This person has also worked hard to earn the trust and respect of NV pet owners, and has been very successful at it, after an incident early on in NV’s coming back to West Seattle in May of last year.




    Junction hero from the Urban Dictionary:

    Urban Dictionary: troll

    One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.



    good heavens

    I am disabled.

    as a result, i have received a very small payment from Social Security Disability for over 20 years now

    Yup.. I am on the public dole.

    So please feel free to weigh in on whether or not i should be allowed to own pets

    who might have a lifetime that exceeds mine

    when i could at any time be forced to rely on an income that won’t supply cat food for me let alone dog food for them.

    after all.. if you feel entitled to make decisions for other people based on whether or not they have resources

    i should be fair game.


    Betty T

    Sorry oddreality if I miss understood your comments. As you can see I’m very much on the defensive at this time.



    No worries Betty, I figured as much. You do a lot of good work for NV and do not deserve any negativity.



    Thanks MIWS,for the info on the semi-ferals. I do hope someone is on top of that and will relocate them or whatever it takes to get them out of there. I worry about pets that are left behind. Just my nature.

    Figured you might remember Bubba and Lily. They were such great dogs.

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