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    Posting for a reader: “Last Friday, 3/30, I was walking from Beach Drive in the walk/bikeway along the water beside Lincoln Park and removed my ReSound hearing aids because the blowing wind was too noisy. Then I proceeded up the path beside the women’s restroom and back north through the park. Somewhere along the way one of the inch-long aids fell from my pocket. I have retraced the route three times with with no success, even using the finder app on my phone. I hope someone has found it. If you have, please call 206-937-0778. Many thanks.”



    I hate to say this but I’m thinking a Crow found it and has taken it off to examine to see if edible…sorry I know this loss is a lot of money, I also wear hearing aids and know they cost a pretty penny. But I do hope someone finds it for you.



    I also wear resound!

    Depending on where you bought your hearing aids you may have the one time no questions asked replacement benefit! Call your hearing aid dispenser and ask.
    Hope you have that benefit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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