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    I’m leery of these types of requests, especially from someone with no footprint in the community where the request is fielded. Desiree’s account seems to have been created for the purpose of making the request and posting the link. She has no other posts or replies. While this is not conclusive it is, shall we say, circumstantial evidence.

    The amount of money is pretty middling for someone claiming to need in depth psychiatric care, has to relocate to a different state to get care and will be unemployed and current arrearages in medical bills.

    As to the story; it’s interminably long and I just cannot summon the interest to read the whole thing. It’s not a new story, it’s an old one shared by many people with varying degrees of damage. To that effect, it’s almost vague with the breadth of information it provides.



    To address the scamming issues on GoFundMe. We have no idea if this is a scam. Using her name is immaterial, you have no idea if the photo is her or if the story she posted is real or, if it is real, it’s her’s. To donate is to accept it on trust. It relies on your belief and your credulity.

    I don’t know that Desiree is real. She created the profile in order to make the post and has no presence anywhere in the blog, based on her profile. This makes her request less credible, in my eyes. If JoB of Jan or MIWS did the same I could reasonably apply a high degree of credibility to the request.

    I am, as noted above, a suspicious person and not given to empathy or sympathy. Unless it’s about dogs.



    i am with you. i could have done with less information..

    and sometimes too much information is the hallmark of a scam..
    but other times it is the hallmark of disordered mental processing..
    how do we tell? i don’t know.

    I will admit that I have been scammed by people who said they were in need… i am pretty sure that more than once items from my garage (mostly freely given but not always) ended up being exchanged for goods that i would not have approved…

    however. i have also watched people go from lives without hope to lives that include realistic possibilities… I have seen people literally transition from being what they considered trash to productive.

    how do we know what to give and when to give it? how do we know when people will use our gifts to good ends and when they won’t? i don’t know.

    but sometimes it pays off.. and when it does it can make all the difference in the world for them. that i know.

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    i have to say something..
    when i post here about people in need i speak from my heart…
    this is just my voice and how i approach these things
    i don’t expect anyone else to see this my way or to do what i do.. or don’t .. do

    and you might ask.. if that is true why do you post at all?

    i post because something i say might make someone else look at their assumptions in a slightly different way.. or cause them to understand why someone else might see things differently.

    I am no different than anyone else.. i struggle with these same issues myself..
    sometimes on a day to day basis…

    i think it helps a lot if we can better understand how .. and why .. someone might react differently than we do.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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