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    Just came back from 63rd to Alki light house on healthy street, Beach Dr. Now it has become a one way with cars bumper to bumper parked on north side of street. It has become single traffic lane. Fire department would have a heck of a time reaching any home on that street. SDOT got the bike lane in but keeps ignoring traffic issues in Seattle. This idea certainly lacked forethought.

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    The issue here is the messenger. If you’ve paid attention to the comments you’d have discovered that all the “do away with cars” commenters have slipped up and told the truth. They own/use cars. We DO need to encourage walking/biking/mass transit but the message gets lost when the loud proponents seem to be pushing for simply to make their drive easier. And SDOT? SIGH….they’re the ones spending NO money on maintenance. Want proof? Look at high bridge. Went from fine to “SHUT IT DOWN” and making evacuation plans for businesses below overnight. Hard to trust and agree to give money to an organization that can’t be trusted

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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