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    Michael Waldo

    This forum has been dead for a month.
    Anyone eaten at the Great American Grill?
    I always wait for a review as my dining dollars are limited.



    Been there multiple times, for breakfast and lunch. Large portions, a ton of options, more than reasonably priced. The quality has been consistently good, as has the service. The owner is often there and is very friendly. They are starting to pack the house, at least for weekend breakfast. Give it a go.



    had some friends who ate there, sent pictures…said it was delish, pictures made me want to up and go there right them – lol…have heard others say good things, too. Maybe it’s time for you to try it out, Michael…and report back, of course ;-)



    I finally made it into their place recently as I thought it relevant to dine there on Sept 11th, and was really happy to see one of my favorite meals on the menu, pot roast. Being only one of 3 tables occupied the meal arrived rather quickly.

    The staff was attentive and polite, and the plate was filled with a good portion of food which was a tad less than tasty, but still enjoyable.

    The down-sides were: I always order ‘water without ice’, and usually drain the first glass fairly quickly as I like to fill my belly with water before a meal, but my waiter (who brought me the drink) refilled the glass with ice-water, with lots of ice! (I don’t like drinking cold water!, and I know this isn’t a big deal, however it’s part of the over-all experience and something servers should be conscience of.)

    Secondly, with an empty plate and utensils placed along the forward edge as I was taught, I sat and waited for 8 minutes and witnessed my waiter and another having a long and involved conversation behind the bar where I was in full view and earshot of the entire time, never once being checked-on (at this point 3 more tables had gained customers). Fortuneately there was football (English and Spanish broadcasts of the same game) on the many TV’s in the place to help occupy the time.

    Their dialog was finally broken-up by manager or owner when my waiter went into back for another minute or so, then finally came by to check on me, took the proffered card for payment and quickly returned with the paperwork.

    I did write the above onto the back of the customer copy of the receipt and left for their review, hopefully saving others from the same treatment.

    My plans are to go back and give them another shot as their were many items on the menu that appealed to me, thus I’m glad to read to two positive reviews above.



    We’ve been twice and both times they were hit by the bad luck of servers not showing up. The first time was a Friday dinnertime with one server plus the bartender and the owner working. We were told that a server had not shown up so service was slow, but we didn’t mind. We went again a couple of weekends ago for breakfast. The place wasn’t too full because it was early and the owner actually thanked us for coming in before the rush. It was just the bartender and owner working the floor; we were told three (!) servers did not show up. The food was fine, and service was understandably a little slow, but I can imagine they were in the weeds pretty quickly after that because the place was packed when we left. I’m glad they’ve gotten popular quickly, and hopefully they’ll be able to sort out wait staff reliability so they remain popular.



    Mixed experiences. First time, food was wonderful, attentive service and zero complaints. Sent photos to JanS, LOL.

    A couple of weeks ago, poached eggs in husband’s Benedict were not only soft, but more or less raw. Took a while to get server attention and point out the error. By that time, we needed to leave and couldn’t wait for a new serving to be cooked. Evidently, kitchen staff is still on a learning curve. They subtracted 30% off of that one dish on the bill.

    I haven’t checked out the restrooms, but my husband said they could have been cleaner.

    Asked if they will have a Senior menu, and was told that they probably will, but not yet.

    Will probably give them another chance down the road, but not likely to order poached eggs. 😞



    The family & I stopped in a while back during the street fair for a bite & pint. Good comfort food, a decent selection of beers and really good service. We enjoyed it and have been planning on going back sometime soon. :)



    Beyond mediocre. It seems that corner is bad luck!



    I had a terrible experience. Unless something is inedible, even then, I have a hard time confronting, explaining my complaints. Besides, the owner was present and didn’t seem surprised so talking to him wouldn’t resolve the issue. My initial and main problem was that once I was seated, my server didn’t take my order for a very long time. So long that the hostess came up to me to ask if I had been helped yet and when I said no, she went to another waitress. That’s when my waiter came over. My food took a long time to make (it wasn’t complicated or special) and I received it long after others, who showed up much later than me. In fact, people who had arrived later, received their food earlier were almost done when I received my food. and it wasn’t that good. I can understand a struggling staff or slow food. I can’t understand being treated differently than other diners.



    I find the seating to be very uncomfortable. I’m barely 5’3″ and neither the table nor the booth seating allows me to have my feet on the floor. They were left dangling, what felt like, a few inches from the ground. Never run into this issue at other dining establishments.



    We haven’t eaten there yet, but hope to give it a shot soon.
    We did walk by one night while walking the Junction, after eating at a different restaurant. Asked to look at the menu and noticed that it was really tough to read on the blue part of the flag. Black text over a dark blue image is not a good design. Should be white text, or lighten the blue so black text is readable.

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