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    Let’s start a list – here are my all time-favorites:

    Any breakfast at Luna Park – but piles and hobos (particularly the llama are my fave). Beats Alki Cafe and Endolyn Joe’s every time!

    Crispy garlic chicken and rice at Buddha Ruska(such a good deal- and excellent service for takeout!)

    Mac-n-cheese at Blackbird (“Blackbird Mac”)

    Bruschetta at Elliot Bay Brewpub (such good quality – to die for!)

    Pizza at Amante Pizza & Pasta‎. I’ve tried them all and this is our favorite –

    and they have mizithra!

    West5’s blueberry tea – best warmer on a cold day! Love the bbq shrimp too!

    Mini Swell Burgers and the potato bread (not griddled) at Celtic Swell

    And oh, how I miss the duck at Ovio!



    You’re making me hungry!!!

    The bruschetta at La Rustica (I think the tomato/mozzarella) is to die for!

    As far as pizza, you have to try the Gourmet Italian at Papa Murphy’s. Granted, you have to bake it yourself, but it is the BEST pizza I’ve ever had!

    And I love the pomegranate martini at Salty’s!

    Those are our absolute favorites so far. We have much more exploring to do.

    Thanks for doing this thread, it will give us some great ideas!



    The garlic pasta at Angelina’s (it’s not on the menu, you have to request it).

    The pizza slice aglio d’olio (something close to that name) at Talarico’s is to die for. Mmm…goat cheese.

    Taqueria Guayamas has the #1 fish taco in my world.

    And I’ll agree on the mac-n-cheese from Blackbird being quite tasty.

    The Mahi tacos at Duke’s have become a favorite.

    And not in W. Seattle, but for fish & chips it HAS to be the Owl n’ Thistle with a pint of Guinness.



    I forgot to mention the plantain chips with guacamole at Mission!



    7 flavor beef at Lee’s Asian.

    Blue Moon burger at Blackbird.

    Tuna on snowshoes at Mashiko.

    Jalapeno margarita at Cactus.

    Fish & Chips @ Elliot Bay.

    Crab cakes @ Seattle Fish (but you’ve gotta cook em yourself!)

    Coconut cake @ West 5

    BLT @ Bakery Nouveau

    Sliders @ Ama Ama

    Clam chowder @ Charlestown



    The club sandwich at Luna Park

    Spicy tuna roll at Mashikos

    Spinach salad with grilled chicken at Duke’s (I agree the Mahi tacos are FABULOUS too!)

    Fish and Chips at Sunfish

    Meatloaf and Mac n’ Cheese at West 5

    Loaded burger at Elliott Bay

    and the cabbage salsa and ships at Puerta Vallarta…I could drool just thinking about it now!



    that would be chips…ships would be a little tough to swallow.



    There was a thread several months ago on this very topic – I think it had the record number of comments posted!! I’m not sure where it’s archived … WSB?



    Fish and chips at Alki Fish (Seacrest)

    Fish kebab and chips, Sunfish

    Little chicken pot pie at Shoofly

    Reuben sandwich Husky

    Salmon bento box, Asumi

    garlic clams, Shadowland



    Mixed Grill & mushroom pilawo rice at Maharaja

    Clam chowder at Elliot Bay

    Hoisin Pork Chop @ Endolyne Joe’s

    Mac&Cheez at Shadowland

    Anything at Angelina’s



    Petite New York Strip steak and potato pancakes at Jak’s

    Panang curry with chicken at Buddha Ruksa

    Well, okay, their spicy long bean with tofu too

    And tom kha, can’t forget that!

    Chorizo and huevos burrito with sour cream and guacamole at Guaymas

    The oat/date bread at Nouveau



    add – the record has since been eclipsed but it did set one at the time … lotsa good stuff probably still relevant




    lowmanbeach – I’m curious now, what eclipsed it?



    Several have notched more, including pit bulls and Nicholas Francisco. This one is the all-time recordholder:




    Hmmm. . .

    Kamei- Veggie roll, amazing!

    Angelina’s- Butternut squash ravioli

    Elliot Bay- fries with tartar, veggie burger and a Luna Weizen= heaven!

    Metropolitan Market- Mac and Cheese with croutons

    Husky’s- Veggie on wheat

    Tacos Gauymas- Picco de gallo and chips

    Ephesus- Hummus and pita

    Easy Street- Low rider

    Pegasus- White spaghetti

    Salty’s- Endless crepes for brunch!

    I feel like this list could be endless!!!

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