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    A friend who lives in an apartment building at 4800 Fauntleroy was awakened last night by the sound of people running around on the floor above her bedroom. It must have been loud too because I know my friend generally sleeps with ear plugs so as to drown out the traffic noise. The thing is, she lives on the top floor so there are no apartments above her. Whoever was out there at 4 a.m. was creeping around on the building’s flat roof.

    Feeling scared and thinking something was up she called the police. Two officers responded from the SW Precinct. When they arrived they trained their flashlights on the roof. Dispatch called my friend back and told her that the officers were outside of the building but could not see anything wrong. While they were talking my friend could hear someone now running across the roof. She asked dispatch to have the officers come up to talk to her.

    They all went outside and had a closer look. There was no easy way to get up on the roof and the view was limited. But after a few minutes they saw a head peek over the edge of the roof line. Staring back at them were the glowing eyes of a massive raccoon. Officer #1 said: “Well there’s your perpetrator.” Officer #2 yelled to the rooftop intruder: “Hey, take off that mask and keep your hands where we can see them.”





    Great story



    Those raccoonigans are always up to something!



    Love it.



    I used to live in the top floor of that building and always assumed vagrants were squatting up there from the rumbling. Glad it’s been cleared up.



    One thing the audience learned at coyote and raccoon night (https://westseattleblog.com/blog/?p=11370) was that raccoons like to burrow into attics. The advice was to look for small tears in the shingles as those are the entrances.



    nice telling!

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