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    Just wondering if anyone knows the distance of the loop – I’m guessing maybe it’s a little over 1/2 mile but if anyone knows for sure I’d love to know! Thanks.



    I was told by a dog walker that it was a half mile



    http://mapmyrun.com estimates 0.53 miles, http://runkeeper.com estimates 0.51 miles, both from about the middle of the parking lot. Half a mile seems spot on!



    Thanks everyone! And, many thanks to the volunteers working at the park this morning. I saw them getting all ready for the day – unfortunately wasn’t able to help out but wanted folks to know how much I appreciate all the volunteer effort to keep the park a great place for me & my pup!



    Yeah, my thanks to the Kiwanis people and all of the Westcrest volunteers too.

    And did you all know there is ANOTHER gift to Westcrest being made by the Nutro Dogfood Company scheduled for THIS TUESDAY, the 15th, from about 10 AM, I think.

    I know very little about this gift from the company, but they need workers to volunteer.

    Somebody should confirm that with somebody who is official.

    When it rains it pours for Westcrest dogs :).


    Oh, and dog park peeps – don’t forget the meeting on June 26 (Saturday at 10 at SW Community Ctr.). The final design will be presented for the reservoir plan and I have a hunch there is going to be some very, very good news for the dog park included in the final design. I think it’s gonna’ be fabulous x 10. :)

    Stay tuned.



    I was on hand for yesterday’s Westcrest clean up , Steve O was on hand with his trusty Basset Hound then several Basset family members showed up, too funny…like a hanging low hound party!!

    What I did hear about the work that will be done on Tuesday is that the Nurto folks will be on hand to rebuild a bigger, snazzier Canine Cantina! Hurray! It is one of the things I love most about Westcrest is the access to clean running water. Whether it be for changing out the water dog bowls when some pups use the bowls for mini manicures or being able to give your pups a quick spritz!

    I won’t be able to join in the fun on Tuesday, but can’t wait to see the new upgrades! Anyone able to raise Steve O for comment? I have his email on my work puter only.

    I was excited to see another Catahoula, hey Burger!(Moxie & Curtis)I hear often CATA W H A T?? It was a gorgeous day & the pups were aplenty! Who owns that Boston Terrier with 1 one blue eye, he is so cute!

    Big props to the Kiwanis, & all the folks who volunteered for all their hard work! And to the nice man who wasn’t able to work, but made a very generous donation!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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