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    bus was number 50 at the bus stop at delridge and anderson bus number 3721 the bus driver pulled 2 bus lengths passed the bus stop to let a passenger off by the time i got from the bus stop to where he was he said i was not at a bus stop so i couldnt board. mind you he stopped 2 bus lengths passed the bus stop. i walk with a cane, was wearing a mask. the bus stop i had to wait for the next bus at where he should have stopped has no seats and due to my disability standing that long was very painful for me. the driver acknowledged me and said i wasnt at the bus stop but he didnt stop at the stop and let another passenger off where he stopped and i wanted to board at. i wear a ada regional pass to show am disabled and not just using cane because i want to but need to. anything else you would like to know, just ask.
    i waited for him to make his route complete and caught the video this second time around where second time he didnt open the door for me to board. hes a photo of first denial. which was not quick on the camera the first time. mind you i have never had any words or even talked to or dealt with this driver. so wasnt because of a run in with him. have had others tell me after this incident this driver is very rude to people. i didnt yell or get rude with the driver about this incident. just recorded it.this is twice the same driver refused to let a disabled person on the bus so didnt have to open front door for disabled area seating. A.D.A discrimination by metro drivers at its finest.



    Drivers get away with this crap all the time, which I know from personal experience. I had a similar incident with a driver a week or so ago. Don’t just file a complaint, file a lawsuit. That will at least get their attention. Metro has an ADA complaint process, but I wouldn’t trust anything they do internally. You could also file with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights. I wish there was a better shot of the driver, but he resembles a former weekend 22 driver who constantly behaved this way, especially toward older women. He would deliberately stop either way short or beyond the stop, then berate the person for some nonsensical reason. When it came to young boys, his behavior was the polar opposite – jovial, talkative, and would stop anywhere for them. He may have transferred to the Route 50, but there were multiple complaints – including from other drivers.



    Sorry that happened to you. I couldn’t tell from the video, but it might very well be a driver I’ve had a problem with in the past (fat, white, middle-aged, if I recall correctly).

    Me and my daughter were waiting for the 50 at the start/end of the route down Alki, along with a bunch of other people. The bus sits there with the doors locked until the driver is ready to start the route, me and the kid and a bunch of other people are obviously waiting–he never unlocks the doors, just starts driving away. Me and someone else knock on the door as the bus is pulling away, he glares at us, stops, opens the door, and then yells at everyone for “hitting” his bus! He angrily let everyone on, but never came close to admitting he was the one screwed up.

    Anonyme is right, in addition to filing a complaint you should see if you can file a suit. I filed a complaint when it happened to us, but not sure it did any good…

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