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    My husband and I just moved to the area from DC. We’re considering buying in the North Admiral neighborhood but my job is located in Bellevue (Overlake Hospital). Any honest feedback out there on what this commute will look like? Some mornings I’ll be able to leave by 7am but others will be closer to 8am. Thank you, thank you!!!



    It all depends on “when” you are commuting. I have meetings in Redmond 1 day a week and it takes me just under 1/2 an hour to get from my home to my office (including parking, plugging in my car to charge, etc) but I also leave between 6 – 6:30 am. lol

    Take the lower bridge when open and East Marginal Way until you get to the stadiums. It’s a straight shot onto 90 from there and I take Bellevue Way instead of 405 North, way less stressful even with the active Lite Rail construction going on.

    Just my tips and I’ve been doing a West Seattle to Redmond commute between 1 and 5 days a week for close to 15 years now. ;)



    At 7, not too bad (~30-40 mins?). At 8 it can be pretty bad getting to I90. You need to get creative with side routes.

    Honestly the ride home is worse. Mercer Island becomes a parking lot.



    I live in North Admiral and commute to the East side everyday. If you plan on leaving between 7 and 8, I would plan on 45 mins. If you can get on the West Seattle bridge before 6:15, it would probably only be 25-30 mins.

    Coming home is going to be worse but it all depends on when you leave. If you can leave before 4pm you will be in much better shape otherwise, I would assume about 45-60 mins each day getting home.



    I concur with BCR. I live on Genesee Hill and work in downtown Bellevue.

    And if you get to the West Seattle Bridge after 8am plan on 60+ mins.



    Welcome! I’ve been commuting from North Admiral to Bellevue daily for 13 years, and I concur with BCR. It’s totally doable, but there are bad days.

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