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    hm murdock

    I came into today (5/20) for a crown and was shocked when Dr. Smith lowered his mask below his mouth – twice – to talk to me. This was at a distance of about 2 to 3 feet. I asked him to put his mask back on the second time, visibly upset now. He was better about PPE after that and apologized, but during my visit I saw at least 2 other staff members walking through the open concept hallways with lowered masks. Since patients receiving dental work obviously can’t wear masks themselves this seemed especially reckless and cavalier.

    I would like to shout out Dr. Smith’s assistant, whose name I unfortunately did not catch, for being safe, professional and kind the entire time. I hope the rest of staff takes better care in the future.

    Oh, I’m also open to dentist recommendations if you have any.

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    thanks for alert; I’m shopping for a dentist & dental office with highest safety protocols, and always heard good things about this office; disappointing, but appreciate the warning



    Not in West Seattle, my dentist is in Burien, Travelle Family Dentistry. Highly recommend them.



    If you’re looking for a recommendation, I would highly recommend Dr. Kae in West Seattle. My husband and I are so grateful to have found him when we moved to W. Seattle 7 years ago. Good luck! Colleen



    Good Grief, hm — give the Doc a break, we are 3 days into this for dentist’s and I’m sure there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve for most professionals, stores, categories etc… as things start to open up. I highly doubt any of this was intentional espec. seeing as how most any care provider has taken an oath to “above all, do no harm”. Personally, I’ve found most dentists are quite careful in their practices, seeing as how they deal in bodily fluids, even before C-19 showed up.


    hm murdock

    How much learning does a trained health care professional need to keep a mask on, exactly? I’m surprised that you’d be ok with an unmasked person talking 2 feet to your unmasked face but it’s unacceptable to me.

    This post isn’t an order, it’s a description of my personal experience. Don’t tell me how to feel about it.



    I highly recommend Dr. Kyle Smits and his team on California Ave (near Juneau Street). He has been my dentist for 9 years now. I went in on Monday for a 90 minute procedure and felt very safe. Face masks goggles and face shields the whole time, extra rinse, plexiglass shield at the front counter, no encounters between patients and – of course – as professional and friendly as always.



    I second Dr. Smits! Super duper clean, professional, and friendly. My husband, his parents, my dad, and step-mom all go to Dr. Smits and he and his staff are great.



    I give my strongest recommendation to Holliday Dental in West Seattle, just off the Alaska Junction by QFC. Dr. Tamara Holliday and her staff are the best! I went for an appointment this week, and was impressed at the covid protocols they had in place regarding PPE, temperature check, plexiglass at the check-in counter, an e-questionnaire screening on iPad, thoroughly wiped down prior to and after use, and making sure patients call prior to arriving to ensure social distancing could be adhered to in the lobby. The staff was all masked and shielded during my appointment. I have an compromised immune system and felt totally free of worry the entire time I was there, including during my procedure :-)



    Sorry to hear about your experience at West Seattle Dental Center. That sounds pretty alarming, especially in the midst of everything going on. It’s crucial for healthcare professionals to prioritize safety protocols, especially when it comes to something as important as PPE.



    I’m sure there are a lot of good dentists out there, but I really like West Seattle Smiles.



    That sounds pretty unnerving, especially considering the current situation. It’s crucial for healthcare professionals to prioritize safety protocols, especially with something as contagious as COVID-19. Props to Dr. Smith’s assistant for maintaining professionalism amidst the chaos. It’s a shame that the rest of the staff didn’t follow suit. Your health should never be compromised, especially in a medical setting. As for dentist recommendations, I’ve heard good things about Dr. Jeffrey Gross in Eastlake, OH. Haven’t personally been there, but I’ve heard they prioritize patient safety, here’s the link: It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a safer experience.

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