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    Do any of you WSB peeps own a scooter?

    I’m going to buy one in the next month or so and was interested in your experiences using one here in WS.

    Mine will be used, 150cc and only used in WS. I rode motorcycles as a kid all the time and ride pillion on m.cycles now. So I’m not a complete newbie with the whole 2 wheels thing.


    JimmyG – see you on the streets! I got my Yamaha Vino last summer and I love it. WS is the perfect area for a scooter – I use it to go shopping, to the library, to visit friends, and to just cruise along Alki. On a warm, sunny day it’s fabulous. They aren’t easily seen of course, and not particularly respected even by motorcycle riders, which is unfortunate. I’ve had a motorcyclist cut me off in traffic. You’d think there’d be a little more understanding since we’re exposing ourselves to the same road dangers they are.


    I haven’t actually taken the Scoot outside of WS as it doesn’t go over 40mph and I’m wary of taking it on the low bridge and E Marginal Way with all the trucks.


    Parking the Scoot is the best – you can slide it into the tiniest, unobtrusive spots right next to front doors. And being able to go seventy miles on a tank of gas you paid about two dollars for is sublime. And you get approving, envious looks from others who wish THEY had a fab little scoot to get around on!


    Have fun with your Scoot JG – I’ll be the one on the red Vino giving you the high sign as we pass each other on the street!



    Thanks VB, my plan is to buy the ugliest used 150cc scooter I can find so when I lay it down (which I will) I won’t cry over body damage.

    I think my Saturday WS errands will be much more fun on a scooter…


    I am a long time motorcyclist and I wave and respect anyone who braves traffic on two wheels.

    Check out the HOnda Rukus. Very Mad Max and kool for a scooter. they even make a 150cc.

    I have thought about getting another scooter, errands would be easier than taking one of the bikes.

    Watch for future posts about scooter and motorcycle related events here in W.S. and Georgetown.


    Hi Todd: I would love to join a scooter ride and will be looking for the posts!



    I rode a scooter for a long time as my only mode of transportation, rain or shine. I loved, loved, loved it. The 150cc actually went just fast enough to do freeway speeds. Yes, crazy. But at the time I needed to get to Bellevue once a week.

    Some people think cars are jerks, but that little sliver of a blind spot is just enough to block out a scooter. Whether I was going 60 or 20, I always made safety my problem. I’d make every attempt to make sure cars saw me and I also assumed every car was going to hit me. With that in mind, I anticipated where I’d go if one veered toward me.

    I did find myself on the side of the road or in a ditch more than once, but I was prepared for it and stayed in control. Sadly, it was my roommate who ended up crashing it. Carpal tunnel keeps me from it now, but I sure do envy you and I think I’m getting a contact high thinking about it.

    Just be especially careful in right turn lanes. That was where I’d get near sideswiped the most. have fun on your errands. You’ll begin to think up some just to go out again. Did I tell you I was jealous yet:)



    Crap, now you’ve got me looking at scooters (the Honda Rukus and Yamaha Zuma look keen). Last summer I got to share a Vashon ferry with 100+ scooters as they were having a rally over there. After pedaling myself slowly up that first major hill those lil bikes looked more enticing.



    PS this is local (georgetown) all things scooters site.



    2 cheers, and a request: I promise to pay attention and share the road! Please, please, bitte, por favor–buy the quietest one your can find? We don’t need more noise; someone in my neighborhood buzzes by on one of these several times an hour, some days. It’s extremely annoying! Surely they must have effective mufflers for these.


    Julie – my new neighbor, who owns multiple motorcycles, and I just had a conversation about this! We both try to be very conscientious about the little noise-makers. Number one rule: NO RIDICULOUS REVVING. Sometimes, I have to do a bit of revving if the scoot has been idle for a few weeks, but I do as little as possible and in the middle of the day. If you’ve ever been in Italy and had a pack of scoots coming up behind you – you would swear you’re about to be set upon by a swarm of giant killer bees.



    Dear VelvetBulldog,

    Thank you; you reinforce my confidence that many riders of motorcycles/scooters/etc are reasonable and considerate folks. I do like your “no ridiculous revving” rule! I realize that on rare occasions the little engines need a bit of a “kick”, but I rather suspect most of the revving I hear is of the ridiculous “look at meeeee!” type. Or is it just a nervous tic?



    Erik…I haven’t heard that term in a long, long time….”look ‘keen'”….thoughts of when I was a teenager…everything was “neat” or “keen”…hehe



    Jan –

    How bout “it’s peachy keen!”



    lol..Erik..that’s acceptable, too ;-)



    We have a garage full of vintage Italian scooters – Vespas and Lambrettas (and one little plastic Piaggio for when our little guy is big enough to putt around on a scooter). West Seattle is a fantastic place to ride a scooter around. Cruising Alki and Beach drive on a scooter is the best.

    Here are some suggestions for you:

    -Always take the low bridge. The high bridge is just plain scary and dangerous on a scooter.

    -Unless you are a mechanic, buy a new(er) scooter. The old ones are fun but require a lot of maintenance, and aren’t very environmentally friendly.

    -I see you are looking at 150cc and above, which is great. You do need a bit of power to navigate the hills in West Seattle.

    -Get a white helmet, wear bright colors, and always do everything you can to appear more visible. Like previous posters have said, always assume the cars around you don’t see you.

    -Take the WA state motorcycle safety class. It’s really, really worth it:

    Good luck and have fun!


    Help me two-wheelers! I have to take the scoot in and out of a shed where the door is approximately one foot off of the ground. I’m currently trying to use a narrow board as a ramp to get the scoot in and out and it is NOT working well. The first time I used it, it slid out from under and the scoot came crashing down on the door jamb and fell against the door, scratching it up. Would getting one of those ramps that are used for backing a car wheel up onto work, or does anyone have another suggestion? I don’t really have mad building skillz or toolz, so I need something a little more ready-made. PS: Just took the scoot out for a jaunt up to True Value. Chilly, but fabulous!!


    Hey T.V.B., go to and search “motorcycle ramp”. They have many different shapes and styles for sale, quick shippers to your door and never had trouble with anything I have ordered.

    Congrats on the scoot!



    I’ve got an 1984 80cc Yamaha Riva scooter. In my opinion, WS is the prefect place to ride. I work in Georgetown and it’s really not that bad taking the low bridge over and riding down Airport Way (if you can handle all the railroad tracks and potholes!).

    I have had one close call when someone turning left onto Avalon Way (about half way up the hill) turned out right in front of me. Scared the hell out of me, so I always drive very defensively (assuming most cars will not see me).

    So, do any of you know a mechanic in WS that will work on a 2-cycle scooter? I really don’t want to take it to a Yamaha dealer because they’ll charge an arm and leg and the scooter’s really not even worth that much money. It’s started leaking gas and desperately needs a tune up.


    Todd: At DennisKirk, this is all I came up with: Moose Aluminum Straight Folding Ramp. Is that what you were thinking of? It’s way more than I need, but I’m not finding anything else by doing a general “ramp” search. Thoughts?



    Here are some ramps…

    Or you could use some loose bricks and/or blocks to construct a little stair/ramp. Everyone has loose bricks lying around?



    TVB, this is a kind of cool portable ramp

    They have a bunch of other choices too. Here’s some less expensive ones.



    I have almost have a scooter – 200cc Honda. It’s about the size of a scooter!! I love riding here!


    Thanks JT. Hmmm, I wonder why none of those models look like me….


    Hey T.V.B., I was searching my Dennis Kirk Dirt Catalog. Maybe a piece of steel or aluminum channel would work better for you.

    Check here:

    they are over in Interbay and will cut it to whatever length you want.



    We use something like this. We’ve used them to load the husband’s 600 and 750 so they should work for your scooter.

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