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    I’m an alternate delegate, and because my group’s two delegates were VERY GUNG HO I was pretty much told I would not have to do anything more. No one else would step up.

    But I just got a postcard ‘call’ to attend the next event at WSHS. I don’t have to go right? I’m not really that political – and besides, I think I might want to change my candidate…eek!



    We’ve been having this discussion on the home page under the post about the caucus. Alternates apparently are expected to be there – or at least it’s hoped you will be.

    I have a message out to the 34th DD’s to see if they have a final official word.



    The exciting news is RainyDay1235 you can change your canidate… not sure if you have to go though. :)



    Here’s the official reply from Ivan Weiss, chair of the 34th District Democrats:

    “Alternates should all attend, because delegates might be called away suddenly, and if there are no alternates, that seat would go unfilled. In addition, alternates might be needed for various volunteer tasks. Thanks so much.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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