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    Chatting with my sister about the air raid siren that was at 55th & Andover. Anyone know when that was put in? Were there others in WS? The siren was removed many years ago and the support tower is gone now too. If memory serves me correct it went off at noon every Wednesday. I remember the sound to this day.



    This post puts me in mind of air raid drills we had in elementary school when I was a kid. The siren would go off, and the entire school marched in lines down into the bowels of the school. There we sat on concrete floors under the pipes and heating ducts until there was an all-clear signal. It was creepy.



    I remember that–was known as the noon whistle by the mid 1970’s.



    every Wednesday at noon they would go off. My mom said they were put in during WWII and for use afterwords for the cold war era you could hear them all over the city.



    Not West Seattle but I saw one at Northacres Park last year. There used to be one on Phinney by the neighborhood association. The one at Northacres is hidden in plain sight by the playground.



    Mom told of concerned church members (West Side Pres) that were “just certain” that Russian troops would be marching down California Ave “any day now”. My sister was at Genesee Hill and Madison in the 50’s and they did bomb drills. Told the kids to get under their desks. Great protection! By the time I started at Genesee Hill in the early 60’s nothing was ever mentioned of any “scares” And yes, the air raid siren scared me!!!



    The one air raid siren I remember was mounted on the telephone pole next to the alley driveway on the south side of Manning St. between California and 42nd.

    I remember one day, in the mid-’60s when I was about 6 or 7 I was walking home to 38th & Manning from the Junction. I was with my best buddy of the same age and our moms. Our moms were probably 8 or 10 feet ahead of us, and we were lagging behind like kids of that age tend to do. All of a sudden, it was noon on Wednesday, and best I can remember, we were literally right under the siren when it went off.

    Now, we were both quite familiar with it, knew it was right there, but when that thing blasted it scared the ever-lovin’ outta both of us, and we ran up screaming and crying to our moms!


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