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    Interesting concept. Are you for or against?

    Seattle is one of the few cities where riding a bicycle anytime, anyplace and any direction is allowed since there is no enforcement mechanism unless you run into a police car or take it on I-5.

    The latter uses the “Darwin Awards” method of enforcement.



    I saw a woman riding on the road through the Junction the other day and someone almost backed into her as they were parallel parking. She fell and the person continued to back up until a couple of us honked and someone from the sidewalk came to her rescue. She rode on the sidewalk after this and I don’t blame her. However, I’m not a fan of people riding at high speeds on the sidewalk with no regard for pedestrians. I mostly ride on the road but will ride on the sidewalks slowly if the road conditions are unsafe.



    I think he is just trying to get cyclists to avoid his practice.



    Sounds good.

    I think as it stands, bikes has pedestrian rights when riding on the sidewalks and vehicle rights when riding in the street.

    I’d definitely be in favor of an agreement that makes bicyclists and skateboarders walk their rides while they’re on the sidewalks.

    That said, I’m also very much in favor of more bike/skate lanes.



    As a rider who, along with most other riders, gets lumped in with the SMALL group of discourteous riders out there who fly down the street, seemingly thinking as they go along: “I’m a vehicle, I’m a pedestrian, I’m a vehicle, I’m a… I don’t need to stop at that red; I can drive the wrong way on that one-way street…” The arrogantly oblivious behavior of a few cyclists puts the majority of us courteous and law-abiding riders in even more danger than we already are. If you really respected cycling, you would knock it off and make it a safer activity for your fellow cyclists.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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