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    I used to be a photographer and graphic designer prior to running Service Dog Academy. While attending the University of Michigan I ran the black and white and color printing labs so I know what Im doing when it comes to printing and processing photos. However, I no longer have access to said lab. I was “gifted” the family photos which include a TON of negatives, most of which I will probably never want to print. However, Im sure there are gems in there somewhere. Does anyone know where someone can get contact sheets made of 35mm (and other sized) negatives made? Id prefer to be able to do them myself but would be willing to pay someone a reasonable amount if you dont trust me in your lab. Anyone know of a place like this or anyone local who might want to bid out this type of job?



    That is almost a lost art. Never used them but a search finds this company.


    Also some place’s that you send off negs to scan will scan them and then you choose which ones you want to keep



    I bought this scanner for 35mm color transparencies. If I understand it correctly it will scan negatives to a positive image, both B&W and color. The default scan holder will support 2 – 9 inch strips of negatives for one scan.


    (Epson B11B189011 Perfection V500 Photo Scanner)

    Works great for scanning my color transparencies, haven’t tried negatives. The software is awesome for improving images.

    Please investigate the features to confirm how it scans negatives.


    “A lost art”… Great, Im officially old.

    Thanks for the info. Any more people have would be appreciated.



    Pratt fine arts center has affordable equipment/lab use although they might require membership.



    Pratt’s facilities are generally outstanding, though I’ve never used their photo lab. I’m pretty sure you do not have to be a member to rent it.

    Continuing with the “officially old” theme, these people should be able to help.


    Neither local nor inexpensive.



    Ivey Seright closed their lab 4 yrs ago. My advice would be to get a good film scanner while they are still available. They are going to go the way of the dodo. Each year, the need for film conversion lessens.



    I think you can use the darkroom at Photo Center NW but you need to take a proficiency test or something.



    Panda Lab and Moon Photo are the two most reputable labs in town. If they can’t help you, then I don’t know who can!





    Cripes, I was going to say Capital Hill Photo is awesome, but their site says they closed the end of Nov. after 27 years of business. Glaziers should do it, or use the lab at PhotoCenter NW, or call Youth in Focus and see if they will do it for a fee. Any money you give them is put to excellent use.

    When did you run the lab at UM? I studied photo there in the mid ’90s. Good times:)

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