Injury-prevention clinic

January 19, 2022 @ 6:15 pm
West Seattle Runner
2743 California SW
West Seattle

Injury Prevention Clinic 6:15 pm Wednesday, January 19th @ West Seattle Runner

Sea Pines Physical Therapy will be at the shop to provide you with an Injury Prevention Clinic! They will be teaching things to help you reach the start line in a healthy way! As you increase your mileage, there are things you should know, like:

1 Factors that influence injury risk (such as biomechanics, footwear, training plan, running form)
2) Strengthening exercises for injury prevention
3) Warm up and cool down/stretching/foam rolling concepts
4) What to do if you have an ache or pain

We highly encourage participation! You can run before or after the clinic or on a different day.

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