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New details on two major Junction projects


Those are from the “Preferred Scheme” section of the newly released Conner Homes presentation that will be made tomorrow night at the second Early Design Guidance meeting for Conner’s proposed buildings at California/Alaska/42nd in The Junction. See the presentation in its entirety here. The city Department of Planning and Development sometimes posts these presentations on the Design Review site in advance of the meetings (otherwise, they go up afterward), and that’s where we just found it. (Our coverage of the project’s first EDG meeting is here; tomorrow’s meeting is at 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct meeting room.


We also have some new info about the groundbreaking celebration for the project that’ll soon start construction at that site, Fauntleroy Place (aka “the Whole Foods project”). Eric Radovich from development firm BlueStar says the June 12 event (first announced here) wiil start at 5:30 pm with a hosted barbecue (beer, wine, soda available). Music will be provided by local reggae band Andy O. Eric says, “You can expect a politician or two and a few of the key players to say a few words between 6:10 pm and 6:30 pm. We’ll turn a couple of shovels full of dirt and then back to the party until probably around 8 pm.” (Whole Foods and a new Hancock Fabrics store are the only two retail tenants who’ll be in the new building, which also will include hundreds of residential units.)

Another West Seattle school (and church) on the move


Thanks to Debbie for sending word that this is the last day for K-8 classes at Hope Lutheran School – the big construction project for the school/church is about to get under way, and there’s moving-out work to be done. Checking the Hope school newsletter online, a groundbreaking ceremony is planned this Sunday morning – then for the summer, Sunday services will be held in the Seattle Lutheran High School gym. The city project page for the construction work is here; permits were issued just yesterday.

Busy times for West Seattle schools as summer nears

May 28, 2008 8:23 am
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Three weeks from today, the school year ends for most local students; in the wake of the last pre-summer-vacation three-day weekend, we have updates (including events you’re invited to share!) from six local schools:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Return of the report summaries

handcuffs_2.jpgWest Seattle Crime Watch has been long on reader reports and short on police reports for a while because of a change in how we access those reports, related to Seattle Police switching to a new computerized report system. But now we’re getting back into the rhythm of things, so those who are interested in these roundups can see what’s been going on. Keep those reader reports coming, though. Meantime, here are some West Seattle notes from the past four days worth of reports, plus one reader report:Read More

Another followup: The door-to-door Democrats

On Saturday, we told you that 34th District Democrats chair Ivan Weiss was looking into reports of West Seattle solicitors claiming to be seeking money for the Democratic National Committee. donkey5.jpgTonight, they were making the rounds again — came to our door in Upper Fauntleroy, in fact, plus we got e-mail and phone calls from others who were visited — and we wanted to note that Weiss did confirm over the holiday weekend that the DNC does have solicitors out, dispatched from national HQ, and he’s not happy about it; he believes the most effective way for the party to raise money and awareness is locals-to-locals. (This is what we told tonight’s solicitors, by the way, who spent some time plotting solicitation strategy right outside our home-office window before they went door-knocking.) Nonetheless, just because the DNC apparently does have solicitors in the area, don’t take anyone’s word for it — ask for their ID.

Cove Park vandalism update: The raven will rise again

May 27, 2008 6:53 pm
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ravensnappedoff.jpgWe told you last Thursday about the raven sculpture at Fauntleroy’s Cove Park getting knocked off its perch, apparently a victim of vandalism. As we mentioned in that report, it’s in the custody of Gary Dawson from the Fauntleroy Community Association; we checked back to ask him its fate, and he says: “We have a plan on how to repair it and reinstall, but it will take some time to get at it. It won’t be that big of a job, just need to dedicate time to work on it.” No updates on the search for whoever’s to blame.

Crew removed from City Light trimming over “aggressive” cut


The Seattle City Light tree-trimming that’s been under way for the past few months (WSB coverage here, here, and here) has sparked controversy and concern in a Fauntleroy neighborhood. Last week, resident John McNulty cc’d WSB on a complaint to the city and attached two photos including the one you see above, taken along SW Trenton, showing big cedar trees that he says were “badly damaged” by a trimming crew, and asking for a “public apology” to the neighborhood. We heard the next day from the owner of the property where one of the trees is located, Fred Fleischmann, who wrote, “The trimming they are doing this time is excessive and is destroying beautiful big old cedar trees that are irreplaceable.” Since then, we’ve been pursuing information from City Light, and got it today. The utility acknowledges one of the trees was trimmed too “aggressively” by an Asplundh crew which has since been removed from the contract. But the other tree’s a different story, according to the city – here’s everything we have found out:Read More

Friday night Admiral attack: Update from police

Just got a call from Sgt. Jeff Durden at the Southwest Precinct with the latest – and a clarification – on the Friday night attack that injured a woman walking her dog in west Admiral. First of all, Sgt. Durden wanted to clarify part of what was reported in a tv story last night (as we mentioned here) – he says police do NOT have anyone in custody, and do NOT know of any similar attacks in West Seattle. In addition, he says, they are NOT certain that the man was trying to steal the woman’s purebred Siberian Husky – Sgt. Durden notes that the man did not say anything to the victim; that was simply her speculation that theft might have been his motive. Here’s the description information they have so far: Black man in his 30s or 40s, about 6-1 and 180 pounds, wearing a red sweatshirt and dark-colored jeans, and one final descriptive detail from the report, “(the suspect) did not smell very good.” Southwest Precinct detectives are continuing to work on the case and promise to let us know of any new developments.

Reader report: Alki teardown


(photo added 1:08 pm)
Patricia says demolition crews are taking down the house at 6307 Wilton Court (near the corner of 63rd; map). In case you went by and were wondering – city website says it’s being replaced with a new single-family home.

Happening later this week: Next meeting on Junction project

connerparcels.jpgAs you gear back up into post-holiday-weekend mode, a reminder that Thursday night is the next public meeting about a development that will literally change the face of the heart of The Junction: the Conner Homes buildings proposed for California/Alaska/42nd (city map at left). The first “early design guidance” (EDG) meeting last month (WSB coverage here; developer presentation from that meeting available online here) resulted in Southwest Design Review Board members requesting significant changes and a second EDG meeting. That’s what’s happening Thursday night (official notice here), 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct meeting room, which is where you’ll see the developers’ latest proposals for what this project could look like.

More details on Friday night Admiral incident

Apparently there’s been at least one tv report on this tonight, though we can’t find anything online; it reportedly further confirms the info we shared Friday night that an assault was the reason for the air and ground search in the Admiral area – and according to two other unofficial reports we have, the victim, who was out walking her dog, did not know her attacker. She’s recovering; we will add any links we can find on tonight’s coverage if they’re posted, and we’re hoping to get the police report on this in the morning. 11:07 PM ADDENDUM: According to the channel 5 report (still not online), the victim says the attacker was trying to steal her purebred Siberian Husky; she told the station that police may have a suspect in custody after a “similar attack,” and more info should definitely be available tomorrow.

West Seattle’s Memorial Day service at Forest Lawn


Midway through this afternoon’s Memorial Day service at Forest Lawn Cemetery, the sun emerged, having battled its way through a morning and midday of murky gray. This was the 81st Memorial Day commemoration at the only burial ground of its kind in West Seattle, which sprawls over rolling little grassy hills east of High Point. West Seattle’s American Legion Post 160 organizes the service each year, nothing fancy, just simple and dignified to honor what – and who – Memorial Day is about. More ahead, including video highlights:Read More

West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Another WS-wide survey

exxonfourless.jpgAh, remember the good ol’ days when the stations were running out of “3” for their signs, not “4” (photo @ left taken at Delridge Exxon) … 12 weeks ago, we checked and reported the posted regular and premium prices from all West Seattle gas stations (sorry, we haven’t been able to include biodiesel as their prices are not posted on signage that’s easy to spot during a drive-by survey), as it looked like prices were about to start a steep rise. Five weeks ago, we repeated the survey; tonight, while out working on another project that was taking us to every corner of WS anyway, we did it again. Here’s what we found, with the 12- and 5-weeks-earlier prices listed too:Read More

Liquor-license suspension for Westwood Village restaurant


We were just over at Westwood Village and noticed passersby squinting at those two big orange posters (photo above) in the window of Vatsana’s Thai Restaurant, so we had to check it out too: Liquor license suspended till 10 am Wednesday (five-day suspension, for “furnishing alcohol to a minor”; the restaurant’s regularly closed Sundays anyway, so no one was there tonight).

Two changes for Capers

Just realized we never wrote about Capers‘ announcement earlier this week that it’s closed its Fremont store and consolidated operations in West Seattle. In the announcement, Capers owner Lisa Myers said, “We want to refocus on one location and go back to our roots,” and added that her store’s about to celebrate its 23rd anniversary with a sale starting June 6th. Since we got that news release, multiple tips (thank you!) have noted a sign is up in Capers in The Junction saying food service is ending in the store as of next Saturday, but coffee/beverage availability will continue.

Cottage Grove “little kid” playground proposals: Your turn!

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A new feature is in the works for Cottage Grove Park in Delridge — a playground where the littlest of children can safely play. Organizers now have three options, and they’re hoping you will help them choose – just one of the ways you can help – read on to see the options and find out more:Read More

Crime Watch reader report: Car vandalism

E-mailed by “j”:

Last night around 1130 we were awakened by some banging that sounded like fireworks. I went out on the front porch and saw nothing …. all was quiet. About 15 min later there were a couple of police cars in front of our house. Someone got ALL of the windows smashed out of their car and apparently other cars on the block were hit. We’re on 44th and Findlay [map].

(P.S. Crime Watch side note for those in north West Seattle — sorry, still no further details on last night’s search.)

Honoring heroes: Scouts’ work at Forest Lawn today


As noted on our Events page, Forest Lawn (east of High Point) will hold its annual Memorial Day service at 2 pm Monday. What we almost missed (until a note from Creighton, who mentioned it on his site) was the preparatory work that local Scouts do, marking the graves with crosses and flags each Memorial Day weekend. At Forest Lawn a few hours ago, we caught up with this group — including 8 Boy Scouts from Troop 284, 1 Boy Scout from Troop 398, and I Cub Scout from Pack 381:


They had hours of work left when we stopped by. But the results will all be in view if you attend Monday’s service, which one WSB’er noted last year is presented by American Legion Post 160, and is one of the city’s longest-running Memorial Day services. If you haven’t been to Forest Lawn before, here’s where to find it.


A side note from the folks at Forest Lawn: They told us today that after the Monday service, the Senior Center of West Seattle‘s Ukulele Band will perform.

Reader report: Charlestown Cafe work-crew sighting


Thanks to PS for snagging and sending that photo this morning. As we reported last weekend, the Charlestown Cafe finally has its permit to proceed with the work needed to get the restaurant back in shape after fire damage closed it in February, and then co-owner Larry Mellum told us a few days later that we wouldn’t see a lot of site activity immediately because the new hood is being built offsite. He’s hoping to reopen next month sometime; a lot of CC fans are anxiously awaiting that, like PS, whose e-mail accompanying the photo included: “… activity this morning at Webster’s! At last! Mmmmmmmm. French toast!” (Reminder, you can find out the latest on the CC situation any time by going to the WSB Categories list down the right sidebar and clicking Charlestown Cafe; WSB Categories archive all coverage that we filed under those categories, in newest-first order – you can also use the links next to their titles to add specific categories to your RSS reader, if you read WSB that way.)

2 efforts to get local people better food, for better lives

May 24, 2008 7:42 am
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That photo is courtesy of Aviva with Community Harvest of West Seattle, which held its first container-vegetable-growing class at White Center Food Bank (which serves part of southern West Seattle) on Wednesday. Aviva sent us this report, including something you can do to help future classes like this:

Participants learned that with a sunny deck or patio, fresh vegetables could be grown and harvested our their back doors. Lettuce Link and West Seattle’s Backyard Greenhouse provided starts ranging from common leaf lettuce to exotic raddichio. Containers and soil were donated by individuals and local businesses (West Seattle Nursery, Junction True Value). We hope that this class improves access to the 5-a-day and increases self-reliance in obtaining healthy foods. We hope to continue this program and are soliciting donations of pots (1-5 gallon) – plastic or other lightweight material. For more info: info@gleanit.org

And as we mentioned Wednesday night, a big effort to improve local access to not only healthy food but more fitness options is under way in the form of the King County Food and Fitness Initiative, with Delridge/White Center as an area of emphasis. Wednesday night’s update came with a brainstorming session at the monthly Delridge District Council meeting; read on for the latest:Read More

Another coyote sighting – but this one’s hurt

(video no longer available because of blip.tv shutdown)

Toward the end of that video clip sent by a reader who lives just west of Morgan Junction, you can clearly see that the coyote in the clip is limping. Here’s a photo with a closer look at the coyote as it rests:


The reader tried calling the state Fish and Wildlife Department but couldn’t get through to anyone; it so happens that another reader had written us earlier this week about an injured coyote in what she described as “the Fauntleroy greenbelt” — not sure if it’s the same one — and while she did get through to the state, here’s what she was told:

Of course the Washington Fish and Wildlife said there is nothing they can do, we have to let nature take its course. Sad to say that as much as I do not like them in my yard, I felt really bad for the coyote, if it is serious he will likely die a slow death by starvation.

The Fish/Wildlife Department has a page with tons of info about coyotes and coexisting with them, but nothing about policy for dealing with ones that are hurt. We did find some information at the PAWS site advising calling in a “licensed wildlife rehabilitator” – the ones in this region are listed here; none are based nearby, and there’s no coyote-specific information to be found.

Westwood pit-bulls case closed, no charges against owner

We’ve followed up from time to time on the aftermath of the February 26th Westwood incident in which two pit bulls attacked a man and his Chihuahua, and then were shot by police (original WSB report here; followup with police-report narrative here). One pit bull died that night; the other was seized by the Seattle Animal Shelter. During our followup calls, SAS executive director Don Jordan had told us the dogs’ owner faced citations and possibly a criminal charge (March 3 update here; April 10 update here). The second dog’s fate depended on what happened with those cases. Jordan just called WSB to let us know the case is closed because the owner agreed to have the second dog euthanized. “We wanted to make sure that dog was off the street,” Jordan said. The civil citations and possible criminal charge are not being pursued, according to Jordan, because of that agreement, and also because the victim did not want to press charges or even give a written statement. Jordan had told us previously that this owner had a history of trouble involving other dogs, not these; we asked, so does that mean any restrictions can be put on his right to own or license dogs in the future? Not in this case, he said, noting that even in cases where people are found guilty of crimes involving animals and judges decide to impose such restrictions, they can never be prohibited from ownership for a period longer than 2 years. “That can be frustrating for us,” he acknowledged.

2 ex-Huling employees sentenced, more to be charged

gavel.jpgJust reported by the P-I. We knew Adrian Dillard and Ted Coxwell were to be sentenced today in the notorious bilking case (each got one year, but Coxwell had already served that time since he didn’t bail out prior to his trial) but we couldn’t be there in person; seems prosecutors also revealed more charges to come. (Previous WSB coverage: January 30 report on Dillard/Coxwell verdicts; January 4 report on Paul Rimbey sentencing.) 4 PM ADDITION: KIRO site has video from today’s hearing.