Update: Morgan Junction shooting suspect in court, bail set at $1 million

2:49 PM: The 67-year-old Gatewood man suspected in Saturday night’s deadly shooting in Morgan Junction has just appeared in a King County Jail courtroom for a bail hearing. The judge set his bail at $1 million, the amount requested by the prosecution, though the defense had asked for $50,000. Prosecutors say that he has a criminal history including armed robbery; the defense says that his record was in the ’80s, and his wife, who described him as disabled, told the court that he hasn’t had anything worse than a traffic ticket in the nearly 20 years they have been married. WSB and Channel 7 were the only media crews to cover the hearing; the judge ordered us not to show the suspect’s face (which would be against WSB policy until he is charged, anyway). No further details of the case were described in the hearing, but we expect probable-cause documents to be provided by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office shortly.

4:32 PM UPDATE: The “probable cause” documents are in. A transcription, ahead:

First, these documents say the suspect is 63, not 67 as prior information had indicated – apparently the older age is linked to at least one of the aliases that the documents say he has. Here’s the statement of probable cause:

(Suspect) was at the Feedback Lounge … He is a “regular” at the bar and is known to patrons. The victim … was also a patron at the bar. There was no obvious disturbance between the two men but witnesses reported seeing (suspect) “glaring” at the victim. When (victim) left the bar (suspect) followed him outside and approached him aggressively, according to witnesses. (Victim) armed himself with a shovel to defend himself from (suspect). (Suspect) then pulled out a handgun and shot (victim) four times in the chest. (Suspect) was then seen leaving the scene in a BMW with the plate of (… registered to [suspect]). .45 cal shell casings were recovered at the scene by officers. Witnesses ID’d the shooter to officers and the vehicle came back to his address. Officers responded to the address and located the suspect. A .45 cal. handgun was seen sitting on the table in the suspect’s residence. A warrant was obtained and the gun was recovered. When interviewed by homicide detectives he admitted after Miranda that the gun was his and it was in his car at the time of the shooting and that the casings recovered at the scene would most likely match his gun. (Victim) later died from his injuries.

(Suspect) has admitted to being convicted for bank robbery. A records check under the FBI # shows he was convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, rape. It appears he has several convictions for armed robbery. He also has several AKA’s in the criminal justice system as well as multiple social security numbers.

That’s the entirely of what’s in the documentation just released. Next step, prosecutors will decide whether to file charges. One other note: These documents refer to the victim as Michael Hood, though friends say he went by the first name Travis.

Previous reports: Victim’s death confirmed (1/23/12 am); original Saturday night-Sunday coverage

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  • WSB January 23, 2012 (3:51 pm)

    Dear commenters – In addition to no profanity, we have a no-racial-slur policy. Including anything you might claim you didn’t mean that way, but which someone else might interpret that way. Thanks.
    Crime stories are very difficult for comment moderation because we just.don’t.know. what happened. If you are a WSB newcomer, we were the only news outlet covering a case – beyond the original arrest and murder charge – in 2007, in which after a trial the teenage suspect was eventually found not guilty by reason of self-defense. (Now THAT was a case that truly deserved more coverage. Complicated and wrenching.) We also were the only news org covering the Steve Bushaw murder trial gavel to gavel – others checked in at the start and the end – those are the times when it’s easy. So all I can commit to you all is that we will be there to cover whatever happens, through the justice system, with this one too.
    This guy may have a history, if what prosecutors say is true (I am still waiting on their paperwork), but it wasn’t clear that his wife was aware of that – she seemed genuinely surprised during her brief appearance at the bench to vouch for him. They have owned a small home in Gatewood for 18 years, according to county records. He had a home-based tech business. Of course, none of that necessarily is relevant to the case at hand, but there are many facets to every story. And in this one, the one inarguable fact so far is that a 35-year-old man is dead, shot four times in a part of the city where – as I noted on today’s first story – violent death is a rarity. More to come…

  • RJB January 23, 2012 (4:01 pm)

    The whole thing is just so sad.

  • Tbone January 23, 2012 (4:02 pm)

    Tragedy for all; the families of the victim and the perp, and the friendly, trusting and congenial people of West Seattle… Yuck!

    As an aside, thanks WSB for bringing such a valuable news source to us. You truly have redefined news as I know it and get it in the digital age.

  • Mary January 23, 2012 (4:10 pm)

    So tragic.

  • Michelle R-R January 23, 2012 (4:23 pm)

    I would like to commend WSB for the coverage on this tragic event (and every other West Seattle-related topic). As newcomers to the area, my family appreciates the respectful and thorough coverage you provide to the community, seemingly at all hours.

    As we drove home past the crime scene after enjoying a much-needed dinner out in the Junction with friends, we wondered what could have happened in our new neighborhood. My husband had West Seattle Blog up before we were up the walkway to our home and sure enough, you had it covered. We really appreciate knowing what is going on especially when it is so close to where our young children were home sleeping.

    Our sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

  • JanS January 23, 2012 (4:37 pm)

    Yes, tragic. Interesting that sometimes you think you know someone…a regular at a local place of business, an 18 year neighbor…and poof…all disappears in an instant. Not everyone is what they seem to be…

  • karen January 23, 2012 (4:53 pm)

    This doesn’t happen to be the BMW that has had so many complaints over in the Forums, does it?

    • WSB January 23, 2012 (6:43 pm)

      Karen – there are a lot of BMWs in West Seattle. This one, per the scanner description that night, was dark blue.

  • wsguy January 23, 2012 (5:11 pm)

    Wow – if what the police say is true and he has several convictions for armed robbery, bank robbery as well as kidnapping for ransom and rape – what the heck is the guy doing on the streets instead behind bars.

    Makes you wonder – if the history is true – what it takes to get someone like that locked away for good.

    Leopard – spots – all that…

    Tragic that someone goes out with a friend and this happens. I have never felt threatened in any of the restaurants / bars right there- though the walk to where we parked around Chuck and Sally’s has been dicey a couple of times…

    WSBLOG Original wsguy

  • MEJ January 23, 2012 (5:22 pm)

    That’s just great. A sociopath with a .45.

  • Biff January 23, 2012 (5:27 pm)

    Makes me think I should start carrying my CPL legal gun into bars where it’s actually not legal to carry.

    It’s a shame it’s not legal to carry a concealed weapon by a CPL holder in bars in Washington State. The 35 year old man might be alive today if he was so armed.

  • Ripper January 23, 2012 (5:32 pm)

    Wierd. I’d really like to know WHY he was glaring at him in the bar. What the eff happened in there to make him go psycho like this?

  • nnnnn January 23, 2012 (5:49 pm)

    So sad.

  • JanS January 23, 2012 (5:58 pm)

    perhaps the “glaring” was misunderstood? maybe it was not what it was perceived to be? Will we ever know?Perhaps if people would walk away more, these sort of things might not happen? Guess we’ll be fining out the other side of the story at some point..

  • NM January 23, 2012 (6:03 pm)

    Sad, tragic & crazy! Caused me to carry all day Sunday & I usually only carry on my way to the range or in less than ideal neighborhoods. Now at home too?

  • jamie January 23, 2012 (6:12 pm)

    Hope everyone begins to take a better look at the people surrounding us. It was my 1st time in a place that I thought was really cool looking but trusting a place that nice looking and busy in WEST SEATTLE would be full of great people. As I and Travis sat there for 45 minutes I found it was not a friendly type of place I had expected. Kinda weird no one realized what kind of person was a regular at the place. It is sad my friend was killed by a man that should have been in prison already from the looks of his record.

  • Steak January 23, 2012 (6:22 pm)

    @Biff – Guns and booze are a bad combination any way you look at it. I am fine with no guns in bars 100%. You may have a point if the victim had a gun in HIS car just as the shooter did, but who wants a Wild West Seattle?

  • bridge to somewhere January 23, 2012 (6:23 pm)

    Eek, it sounds like the victim was targeted essentially at random. How horrible. I’m very sorry for his family and friends.

  • Mary January 23, 2012 (6:24 pm)

    Gee Biff, that’s a GREAT idea! If everybody in a BAR had a gun, I’m sure it would be much safer… Sorry but that is one of the most idiotic statements ever made. I know, ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ – but I believe that if there weren’t so many guns, we would have a safer environment. It is getting to the point (in this country where we have so many gun-related acts of violence every day) where either guns will be outlawed or we will all have to have one. I, for one, do not want to see everyone armed (and dangerous). There are enough scary things in the world without having to worry about gunfire when you step outside your home. It is a tragedy for the young man’s friends and family and to all of us in this wonderful community.

  • Lolaleah January 23, 2012 (6:33 pm)

    This is heartbreaking. I am curious about the suspects wife. Does she have no idea who she is married to? He sounds like he is a monster. Completely unstable. And I’m guessing that there may be more crimes he has committed that we don’t even know about.
    I read earlier that the victim has a daughter in Florida. Has there been a fund started to help her and her mother??

  • jamie January 23, 2012 (6:36 pm)

    Now I feel like we were preyed upon.

  • KatherineL January 23, 2012 (6:37 pm)

    I noticed the ‘Times’ article claimed that the victim drove himself to the nursing home. Funny they’d get that detail wrong. Don’t they read the Blog? :-)

    • WSB January 23, 2012 (6:42 pm)

      KL – that is what police originally wrote in the SPD Blotter and have never corrected it. They also said in that same item that the shooting happened at Fauntleroy/California, when it happened a block north. I would make some crack about relying only on news releases .. BUT I have been guilty of doing that myself, and all you can do is attribute. I hope they attributed. They have not had a reporter on this story in person (the afternoon story is directly from PAO news release/docs), but again, I am NOT going to knock them for that, you make your coverage decision based on what you think is right for your publication, and they have had great coverage in the past on stories where we didn’t (the 2009 quadruple murder/suicide in Highland Park, the family telling its story …) … I prefer to go to the court hearings when I can because you learn more there than you get in the basic news release (which will never include details such as a family member appearing in court to vouch for the suspect, etc., a common thing at bail hearings) … TR

  • karen January 23, 2012 (6:47 pm)

    It just seemed like an odd coincidence that some guy with anger issues is driving around threatening people in a BMW.

  • Joe January 23, 2012 (6:50 pm)

    Jamie, why don’t you explain why you didn’t call 911 immediately after you left the scene. And keep in mind, anything you say here could be accessed by the courts once you are subpoenaed. Many people knew this guy, and knew him well, and were aware that he had a spotty past. He has live in the community for many years and has many friends. We can’t change the fact that he shot and killed your friend. There is no excuse for that. The accused has really messed things up for himself, his wife, his neighborhood, the deceased, you…

    But, as long as you are coming on this forum and saying the things you are saying, why not fill us in on why this fixture in our neighborhood might have snapped like this. Surely you were privy to a conversation, a confrontation, an exchange of insults, something. I refuse to believe that this might have been totally random. What happened???? What is being left out?

  • Amalia January 23, 2012 (6:57 pm)

    I saw both license plate and it was not the BMW driver who tried to run me into the barrier (who I believe was the culprit in at least one incident reported in addition to mine).
    Truly heartfelt condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

  • Bryan Corbitt January 23, 2012 (7:19 pm)

    My cousin Travis Hood left Jacksonville after our good friend Mark (Ramp) Lee was shot in his front yard in a home invasion/robbery attempt. Travis also lost his two brothers violently one of which was also shot. Travis went to Seattle, Washington to get a fresh start and get away from all the bad memories. He was not in Seattle long before things went bad. He was shot four times in the chest moti…ve unknown. Travis was one of my best friends in the world and was always there for me when I needed him. I remember Travis kneeling down next to my mothers bed holding her hand praying for her when she was sick. He was one of the best friends anyone could hope to have and he will be deeply missed. My prayers go out to his daughter and his mother Brenda who has already suffered so much. I hope that everyone will join me in my prayers for his family. “Travis, I will miss you.”

  • anon January 23, 2012 (7:29 pm)

    WSB, your coverage is amazing as usual. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing news source here. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Chuch & Sally's Van Man January 23, 2012 (7:35 pm)

    @Mary–I think the point Biff was trying to make is that as a law abiding gun owner (with the pre approved right to carry concealed), the law states he has to give up his right to protect himself when entering a drinking establishment. Whether he imbibes, or not. On the other hand, the suspect in this case is a KNOWN FELON and he did not abide by the law (it was stated he retrieved the gun from his car, but we don’t know that as a fact either way). Which is the whole point–why should any law abiding citizen ever have to cede their right for self-protection? We have felons openly ignoring the law, and our law abiding citizen becomes a target because they HONOR the law. Dumb law, made to make people like you feel good. You are actually less safe because of this law.

  • Terry January 23, 2012 (7:37 pm)

    Anyone with this kind of record should never been out on the streets.
    I’ve read the same story so many times…
    Its ridiculous. My heart breaks for the victims family.
    I guess Seattle is safer than FLA if you dont factor in our judges…

    • WSB January 23, 2012 (8:24 pm)

      The Times unfortunately has different policies. (We have an informal partnership with them, but it doesn’t mean we have to follow their policy any more than it means they have to follow ours.) Every major market newsroom in which I have worked had the rule of not identifying suspects until they were charged, with a few exceptions, such as: They confess. They are caught absolutely red-handed. Police ask for the public’s help in finding them. In this case, none of those factors exist, and as has been the case with previous incidents we’ve covered, we will not be publishing his name, whether in a comment or in our story, until and unless he is charged. Everyone draws their line somewhere; that’s where we draw the line, and we sometimes find it ironic that while online media has in the past been (often unfairly) bashed for playing it fast and loose, we have tougher standards and policies than some major media – TR

  • vashon January 23, 2012 (7:39 pm)

    the seattle times has named the suspect…wsb?

  • JanS January 23, 2012 (7:46 pm)

    to those thinking that the suspect should have been behind bars all this time, perhaps forever. Our system doesn’t work like that, and his other infractions took place a long time ago. I’m not defending him or his actions, but once you’ve done your time ( if he indeed did), then he did his time, paid the price for his deeds, and got out.Let’s not jump to conclusions until all facts come out.

  • Stacy January 23, 2012 (7:54 pm)

    I am a co-worker to the victims roommate. Let me start off by saying that my thoughts and prayers r with the victim and his family/friends during this difficult time for them. We can all sit here and go back and fourth that it was self defense, maybe a drug deal gone bad etc. but the bottom line is this man was murdered in COLDBLOOD and there should b NO reason in the world to shoot someone not once, not four times!!!! These people as do myself r not from Seattle there for don’t know the good neighborhoods from the bad. It’s common sense and coming from Chicago whenever u have low income housing there is active violence, gangs, drugs etc. as I’ve read there is that across the way from the murder seen as well as in the park. If this suspect is the shooter I agree with Jamie, he should’ve never been on the streets after his last crime. Seattle is WAY to lenient when it comes to crime and SPD r horrible! May the victim RIP as he put up a damn good fight from what I heard

  • Ace20604 January 23, 2012 (7:54 pm)

    If you choose to carry your CWP or your car keys for that matter. Then seriously weight if you need to be drinking in excess or at all that day…

  • Stacy January 23, 2012 (7:58 pm)


  • Why Vodka January 23, 2012 (8:20 pm)

    This is another example of why I’m outraged about ANYONE who argues against the legalization of marijuana, but doesn’t seem to ALSO argue against alcohol being legal. Ask any police officer or any scientist, your incidences of violence (domestic, random, etc) are MASSIVELY lower with marijuana than they are with alcohol. Same with driving deaths. Can you have “impaired” driving deaths with marijuana? I’m sure, but orders of magnitude less than alcohol. Yet science, facts and history be damned, we keep our vodka and beer, but will continue to get arrested for having a joint (also continuing to fund the ‘gangs’ which make our neighborhoods more unsafe). Will logic and reason ever win out in our culture, or just fear and magical belief? I’m so sick and tired about hearing about our “gang problem” and domestic violence and random crimes like this (often, perhaps NOT in this case, fueled by alcohol).

  • vashon January 23, 2012 (8:55 pm)

    I understand what your saying but it seems that the suspect has said the fire arm was his and found in his home… If you post his name as the suspect in THIS case i feel it would of helped inform us in this community that knew the suspect and were going to find out anyway… tough decision I respect your position, uncertain if I agree? I do agree with the many people that are very surprised by how out of character this was? I knew this man for many years and always enjoyed his company, kind ,soft spoken, interested. I here people talking about the park, low life’s, poop? It just amazes me how much venom. you cant paint this community and the businesses with stereotypes that don’t exist. this is so unusual and so unknown.

    It seems there must be more to this?

  • Interrobang January 23, 2012 (8:57 pm)

    @Why Vodka I know, I’m feeding a troll here but — are you seriously trying to hijack this thread (about a man WHO HAS DIED) on a legalize marijuana soapbox? Are you so completely obtuse as to think that’s appropiate? This is why I can never take pot-smoker’s seriously — your arguements are flawed and juvenile. Worst of all your comments are totally irrelevent and insensitive to the actual case being discussed. I’m not even against the legalization of pot — I’m just letting you know that your critical thinking is off.

  • Oliver January 23, 2012 (9:03 pm)

    @Joe – you could ask the suspect rather than taunting a witness who has obviously experienced a traumatic event.

  • Amanda January 23, 2012 (9:07 pm)

    This may be an unpopular opinion, however, there is more to this story than we are hearing. I would really like to know what the suspect has to say happened. Why would someone who has lived in West Seattle for 18 years, a known regular to the bar, who has an unsuspecting wife and friends – just randomly shoot someone? It’s very sad any way you look at it – but let’s get the full story before we saint or demonize anyone.

  • Tanya January 23, 2012 (9:29 pm)

    My thoughts go to the victim and his family. Such a sad and tragic loss.

  • jamie January 23, 2012 (9:41 pm)

    If you saw a man kill your friend in your presence and glare you dead in your eyes I thought that it would be a good time to get the hell away from there and sorry I thought I was taking him to what I thought was a hospital don’t say no stay there and get shot by your lunatic friend. If spotty is what you call his past you are a bit odd sir. Where I come from he is and has for years been a career criminal and maybe you should access your opinion of this freak I am glad you don’t head the rehabilitation of criminals because sounds like you are easily snowed. He has now ruined several more lives as he has his whole life my friend now doesn’t get to see his 12 year old grow up and his poor mother has to bury her baby how insensitive you are sir what a shame.

  • Wellington January 23, 2012 (9:41 pm)

    I find the first comment in this thread, that the WSB has a “no racial slur policy”, disingenuous at best. Not only is there no context for the statement – the offending comment has been deleted, as this one probably will be as well – but in fact it raises the question of a possible racial component to the crime that I haven’t seen mentioned in any of the other comments or other reports. It seems to me that if bigots have no place here that the appropriate response would have been to simply delete and ignore the comment, like I do when I hear such things, rather than making an oblique reference to an issue that heretofore hasn’t been raised.

    • WSB January 23, 2012 (10:19 pm)

      Wellington, sorry for the lack of context but yes, it referred to a comment I deleted. And I used to just delete them without remarking but in some cases I choose to send a public message to the commenter, especially if it’s regarding rules that others may not know about, either, and therefore may benefit from hearing. Sorry if that’s confusing, I try not to do it too often. – TR

  • Garden_nymph January 23, 2012 (10:15 pm)

    I appreciate your integrity and hard work WSB!

  • Eric January 23, 2012 (10:25 pm)

    Have to agree with wsguy. What the heck is he doing out of jail?
    Can’t be a legal handgun as he is a felon. Class B felony, good for 10 years. Keep him in until he is 77.

  • joe January 23, 2012 (10:39 pm)

    @Oliver. How can what I said be considered taunting? I have posted on this issue three times, and in each post I have acknowledged the tragedy that took place. I have expressed my sorrow for all parties involved. Clearly. I can’t make it any more clear. The problem is, I want to understand what happened. The accused was a distant acquaintance. I only knew him in passing. I have friends who have known him well. People who would have dinner with him. People who love him and his wife. These people are hurting, too. I am watching people I care about struggle to find any shred of an answer for why this happened. I am going to leave this alone, and I will stop posting on the blog. I leave with this: the math doesn’t work here. The accused wasn’t just glaring at some stranger across the bar, he didn’t just follow him outside and shoot him. Something happened that we are not hearing about. I am not accusing anybody of anything, I am not looking for a way to excuse the accused, who is clearly in major trouble. Apparently deservedly so. I am just struggling for answers because my friends are hurting. What a tragedy for all parties involved. My respect to the deceased’s family and friends.

  • vashon January 23, 2012 (10:55 pm)

    TR if you have any ethics you should stop posting Jamie’s words… He needs to grieve but this is going to come back to hurt him. No lawyer would have him post on a blog after this and you know that.

  • vashon January 23, 2012 (11:08 pm)

    I know that no one in the media would delete jamie’s posts… it is part of this story but I only bring up this issue because you talk of ethics in regards to posting the suspects name and here you make an exception…

  • jodie davis January 23, 2012 (11:10 pm)


  • Dunno January 23, 2012 (11:28 pm)

    Agree with vashon. Jamie, I feel you pain. What was this guy doing with a gun anyway!! There seems to be more to this story than we are reading here. Jamie, no need to answer, but what I wonder:

    What happened in the bar?

    Why did you feel like people were unfriendly?

    One of your post said you thought he was coming to rob you?

    What happended outside the bar?

    Why did your friend come get a shovel?

    What did the shooter say to you?

    Why didn’t he shoot at you?

    I’m horrified with all the others and hope we all can learn something from your friends death. I’m so sorry. This is not the West Seattle I know and love!

  • jamie January 23, 2012 (11:36 pm)


  • Wellington January 23, 2012 (11:36 pm)

    It wasn’t confusing, TR. I understand exactly what you implied – that although the rest of us don’t know it, the victim and shooter were of different races.

    • WSB January 24, 2012 (12:02 am)

      Well., I have no idea about the victim’s race so I have no idea whether it’s the same or different from the suspect. The sounded-racist comment stood alone as directed toward the suspect with no relation to whether the victim was same or not. As basic/simple puts it … everybody involved here has one thing in common, they’re human. Including me, and I am bowing out of the discussion as I’ve got to go check if the White Center roadblock (different story, different site) is lifted yet … P.S. I don’t know if there will be any new developments in this tomorrow (today/Tuesday) as prosecutors say Wednesday is their deadline for filing charges.

  • basic/simple January 23, 2012 (11:38 pm)

    So so sad and disheartening…this story and the dramatic comments …RIP to the human that lost his life…and as for the other human involved…humans snap, they break and they sometimes rob banks, rape and all the rest of the stuff on accused record…whatever the story IS…no Human being should be shot in the chest…many healing vibes to ALL of us….

  • Why does it matter? January 24, 2012 (12:20 am)

    I wonder why people need to know what was said or what was done to bring this situation to its violent end? The fact remains the victim went to leave and the suspect followed him and killed him. The end. He didnt have to follow him out, he didnt need to do anything but sit in his stool and keep drinking. He made the decision to continue the confrontation and then decided to kill a man. No words, no glaring looks, warrent killing another human being. The victim didnt deserve to die and the suspect had every option to keep that from happening. He chose to kill, and no matter how nice of a guy people say he was, he can now add murderer to his list of convictions.

  • Why does it matter? January 24, 2012 (12:32 am)

    Jamie, Jodie, Bryan, I am sorry for your loss. Travis did not deserve this. This is not the West Seattle most of us live in.

  • Ace20604 January 24, 2012 (12:49 am)

    I have worked in support of criminal defenses, prosecutor won convictions are well earned, most cases settle before trial. If someone has again and again,over the course of a decades chosen to commit violence then 3 strikes your out. Pure conjecture how many other unknowns?

  • jodie davis January 24, 2012 (6:54 am)

    I didnt see no racist comment…..but travis saw no color and i dont think this had to do with color….it was a matter of wrong place wrong time…..jamie and the suspect are now.the only onez who know what happened now ..it seems whatever happenwd …happened.in the brief minutes from the bar to truck…..my husband knew the victim since they were 5….this a tragic death for our family and friends….travis was sopose to be safe here and thats why we brought him here…all.i know is his memory will live on through his mther daughter ans all of his friends…travis hood you will never be forgotten…


  • Kgdlg January 24, 2012 (8:13 am)

    This is a tragedy, no matter what the details. RIP Travis. Personally, I remain very thankful for the WSB’s consistent enforcement of comment rules. And I think Tracey’s reminders about them is why so many people feel safe posting here. Look at any other neighborhood news source and none have the vibrant and generally respectful commenting that we have here. Unfortunately, people will use this incident as a platform for all types of things (dog poop, etc) but on par, most comments abide by the rules. Thank you wsb I wish the Seattle times were so conscientious!

  • Lauren in Gatewood January 24, 2012 (8:14 am)

    I don’t get the burning desire to know exactly what happened… As if by knowing this wasn’t completely random YOU might feel more safe? A man is dead, and the suspect is in custody. Detectives will piece together what happened – that is their job and they don’t need our speculation as help. West Seattle is no more or less safe today than it was a week ago.

    Random crime DOES happen in Seattle and everywhere, I lost a dear friend to it. And knowing the exact nature of this case won’t change that it happens sometimes. But it is RARE, and the chances of it happening to you are very slim.

    And please leave Jamie alone with these taunting questions. He experienced an extremely traumatic event, lost his best friend, and has obviously come here for community support, not interrogation.

  • Casey January 24, 2012 (8:16 am)

    May everyone involved and affected find peace, what a tragedy! I too don’t believe anything warrants shooting someone (unless maybe you were shot at first? Wild west?) but I have seen fights start over what someone thought was a glare or wrong look so I could understand that it could have possibly been just that, however we are not the court and so let’s let them figure out what happened.

  • Carter January 24, 2012 (8:44 am)

    “Why does it matter”, I agree with you wholeheartedly. That’s the bottom line . . .

  • curious January 24, 2012 (8:49 am)

    @why does it matter-

    I completely agree, and thank you for posting.
    My condolences to the victim’s friends and family.

  • funkietoo January 24, 2012 (9:12 am)

    To Travis’ family and friends. My heart and thoughts are with you.

    If a fund is started for Travis’ memorial services or for his daughter, please let us know.

  • Neighbor January 24, 2012 (9:17 am)

    How long ago were the other convictions? If his wife didn’t know about them and they’d been together for over 20 years, maybe he turned his life around.

    We’ve lived next to them for 18 years and like many others have posted this just doesn’t add up with the person we know and live next door to. He’s never shown any signs of violence. We
    like many others, think there are many unanswered questions and there has to be more to this story than we are are being told.

    What happended in & outside the bar?
    The suspect knows most of the people there, do some of them have input?
    Why get a shovel?

    Don’t get me wrong, we feel bad for the victim and his family and no one deserves to be shot and killed.

  • Joe January 24, 2012 (9:41 am)

    Why does it matter? Because it does. Was he right to shoot a man four times in the chest? Absolutely not. Regardless of what happened. You cannot justify shooting somebody four times, even if it was in self defense, and I am certainly not implying that it was. There is no justification for what happened. None of us want this sort of thing happening in our neighborhood. None of us can understand why this happened. We are struggling to find context. Understanding. How can you say context doesn’t matter? The details in this sort of tragedy are everything. Does the wife of the accused have to just move on, because the details don’t matter? It’s not that simple.

  • curious January 24, 2012 (9:47 am)

    Many infamous criminals, for example, have committed heinous crimes right under their unsuspecting neighbors’ noses for years and sometimes decades… without anyone ever suspecting anything at all.

    Kidnapping for ransom? Rape? In light of the fact that this man is now suspected of murdering a random stranger, I wouldn’t be so quick to brush these charges aside.

  • Drinker January 24, 2012 (9:50 am)

    I sat and talked with him for an hour up until the time he left. As always he was totally chill and a nice guy. I didn’t see any glaring at anybody and he seemed to be in an incredibly good mood, happy. I have known him for over 15 years as a bar patron and this doesn’t make sense. Something happened in the 5 minutes after he left that set him off. More of the story needs to come out.

  • Joe January 24, 2012 (9:51 am)

    The onus is on the accused. Why didn’t he just walk away? The people who really know him are asking themselves this question. Regardless of what happened, what may have been said, regardless of any of it. Why didn’t they both just walk away? The accused in particular. His violent past had been left behind, long ago, by all accounts. He didn’t keep that stuff completely secret. Everybody is just puzzled and hurting. Myself included. I frequent both of these establishments, I can’t make any sense of all of this.

  • MB January 24, 2012 (10:20 am)

    I agree with Joe’s comment above. I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around when someone you know and care about does something crazy and violent and in your view, completely out of character. I also understand the want to know the details of what could have possibly led up to a murder commited by that very person. There has to be a reason. I’m sure there is more to the story, but…and that’s a huge BUT…is there really anything that could have happened in those brief moments that would justify shooting a man 4 times in the chest???? I can’t think of anything.

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (10:24 am)

    “You cannot justify shooting somebody four times, even if it was in self defense” @Joe – Actually, you can. There have been a litany of cases in which prosecutors choose to prosecute those who claim self-defense simply because they only fired a single round or because they admitted to trying to aim for an extremity (shoot to wound). The working theory behind those prosecutions is that the behavior indicated a lack of fear of imminent danger. If you ask a criminal defense attorney, they will tell you you’re absolutely better off emptying your gun into someone’s chest in a self-defense shooting rather than shooting someone once. It makes you appear hesitant and can be used against you.

    Beyond those considerations, a firearm is a tool intended to kill its target, not wound. You do not simply shoot once, check damage and continue to shoot if the job isn’t done. You shoot enough to be sure you’ve gotten the job done before you stop shooting. In other words, until your target is a crumpled heap on the ground, you do no stop.

    There is no such thing as an excessive number of shots in a self-defense shooting.

  • Klk January 24, 2012 (10:28 am)

    Agree with Why Does it Matter, Lauren in Gatewood, and Curious. Thanks for expressing my sentiment. I’m sure the suspect does have his own story but NOTHING the victim did or didn’t do made killing him okay. I’m embarrassed by the lack of support we, as a community, have shown for the victim and his friends and family. Yes, if the family sets up a memorial fund please share the info here.

  • jamie January 24, 2012 (10:32 am)

    I received an e-mail from the detectives in the case and a “CORY and an EYEWITNESS” as there posting was named on the WSB could be a help in the case so if you are still monitoring the case please help us all see justice prevail and contact SPD they are wanting to get some more info from you two folks as it would be greatly appreciated

  • Ace20604 January 24, 2012 (10:34 am)

    It will be known how the gun was acquired. Indeed time can be taken to expunge ones criminal past and petition for the return of rights lost as a felon, as perhaps in this case gun possession.
    However a person with multiple felonies knowing they are not even to touch a firearm leaves their home with a pistol, when is intent formed.

  • Steph January 24, 2012 (10:44 am)

    Thank you @Joe for your insight, or at least for asking good questions. Joe’s right, the why does matter, and context is everything. It’s the difference in a court case between justifiable and not, between self defense and pointless aggression. I don’t know any of the parties involved, and it is clearly a tragedy for the friends, families, and neighbors of both men. I have to agree with Joe and a few others who have posted that there are things that just don’t add up with the story. Random happens, but this just doesn’t feel random. That the only witness to the whole incident is Jamie, who’s seemed to change his story about what happened several times is unsettling. You thought he wanted to rob you? Why? What made you think that? The other thing that i find disturbing in many of the posts is people stating things as fact that are clearly not. “In cold blood”, “cold blooded murder”, “random crime”. I could also do without the embellishment of calling someone a freak and a monster. And to @curious, this hardly seems like a serial killer living next door. If you do a quick search on one of several web crawl sites you actually come up with information about his release after serving time on a previous charge. Not tricky or difficult, and it was quite a long time ago. We are all allowed to grow and change as people, are we not? We’re expected to. I’m not the same person i was 20 or 30 years ago, and i can’t imagine that at 67 anyone is the same they were at 37. Sympathies to all involved and affected.

  • Kayleigh January 24, 2012 (10:44 am)

    Of course it matters why. It’s human nature to try to understand tragedy. Understanding is not condoning or excusing or justifying. I don’t feel bad for wanting to know if it was random, because it does affect my sense of safety in the neighborhood. A sense of safety, which, frankly, is eroding, regardless of what the vain folks or the statistics tell me about how wonderful it is in WSEA.

  • jamie January 24, 2012 (10:47 am)

    Can everyone on here just stop asking questions and try to get as many witnesses together as there were close to 150 people between FEEDBACK and BEV PLACE and so I am quite sure alot of folks saw it and lets just get all witnesses together and make sure justice prevails I know the suspect was known well by others but I would hope that everyone wants to see the truth and the more people come forward and tell there story then i feel like all of the doubting people and speculators will not have to just take my word for it anyone that witnessed it is definitely going to have the same story i gave the police. neighbor aren’t you glad now that you never saw the evil side of the guy next door

  • jamie January 24, 2012 (10:52 am)

    Klk Thank you all of the doubt I just want justice hope all will stop blogging and help SPD get all witnesses and facts and I feel if the community is so good of a place to be the folks would not be so quick to harbor his actions and try to help the investigation and get answers instead of speculating and blogging.

  • WSRes January 24, 2012 (10:58 am)

    @ Joe, I would be curious to know if you knew this guy was a rapist before this murder? If not then, you have to ask yourself whether it really does not add up or whether you just got snowed by a sociopath and feel dumb as a result. Keep in mind that regardless of the murder, this guy was illegally carrying a firearm, was not registered as a sex offender, and had several identities. So even before this horrible incident took place, he was breaking the law in a bunch of ways and was clearly not a good person to associate with. Finally, having a 20 year run during which a person doesn’t rape anyone or rob anyone at gun point, is not something to be proud of.

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (10:59 am)

    “NOTHING the victim did or didn’t do made killing him okay.” @Klk – Mr. Hood did arm himself with a shovel. We’re all working under the assumption he did so as a matter of self-defense. Perhaps the defendant’s point of view is that Mr. Hood’s grabbing of the shovel indicated intent to inflict bodily harm. The friend, Jamie, has indicated Mr. Hood walked TOWARDS the defendant and then doubled-back to Jamie’s car. Jamie further admits he heard little to none of the conversation. So from the defendant’s point of view, Mr. Hood knowingly and willfully entered into at least a verbal conflict, if not physical (Jamie did not hear or see any of this by their own admission). After that he went to his friend’s car and armed himself with a potentially deadly weapon, thereby escalating the situation. From that point of view, I see some degree of reason for the defendant to fear imminent bodily harm. What’s missing from this equation is the distance between the defendant’s car and Jamie’s car. How far did the defendant have to be from his car’s door to arrive at the position in which he shot Mr. Hood? Did he have to move at all? Did he have to go out of his way and therefore become the aggressor?

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (11:10 am)

    “However a person with multiple felonies knowing they are not even to touch a firearm leaves their home with a pistol, when is intent formed.” @Ace20604 – Intent for what? For murder? Illegal possession of a firearm, in and of itself, is not legally construed as intent to use for criminal purposes. The location of the pistol, be it at home or in one’s car, does not in and of itself prove any criminal intent. While he may well be legally prohibited from possession, he would still be able to use it legally for self-defense. He would not be guilty of murder simply for using an illegally possessed weapon.

  • Dunno January 24, 2012 (11:12 am)

    Why does it matter? It matters to both families and friends involved. It matters to most of us in the community. If it doesn’t matter to you then don’t post or read. This was not random, just like the Steven Bushaw case (who family and friends knew and miss) and the other open case here in West Seattle., I’ve been to both places, walk the sidewalk, know many of the people that do too.
    Sorry again to Jamie and the victims friends and family. I would hope you would not take offence to many of us in the community that want to know what went down.
    I too would urge anyone with any information to contact the SPD.

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (11:13 am)

    The one element that does make a self-defense claim by the defendant terribly difficult to swallow is that he told the police the gun was in his car prior to the shooting and not on his person. From this fact, it appears he approached Mr. Hood after retrieving the weapon and, for whatever distance, followed Mr. Hood back to Jaime’s car.

  • KM January 24, 2012 (11:18 am)

    I’ve known the person accused of the shooting for over 10 years and it’s a complete shock. He’s never seemed violent, he’s a family man, well known in the community and has a great group of friends. I would also like to say he’s not low income, the park next to the BPP has nothing to do with this, you would never think he would do something like this. It’s just so sad for everyone.

  • jodie davis January 24, 2012 (11:27 am)

    Me and my husband are trying to get home to jax fl to attend the funeral and stand with his mother daughter and daughters mom..and so my husband can carry his lifetime friends casket does anyone know.of a program to help us get reduce rates or anything to help us with the cost

  • joe January 24, 2012 (11:28 am)

    If you are trying to live on the straight and narrow, and you have a criminalnal past, I would say that 20 years without incident is absolutely something to be proud of. It’s certainly valid as a member of the community to wonder why all of the sudden he would just regress like that out of nowhere. I did not know of his rape conviction, but others knew of the bank robbery. He was known to be happy to have moved on from that part of his life. He had gotten an education and had a successful business. No reason to just snap.

  • klk January 24, 2012 (11:28 am)

    Did the police not already interview, or at least gather contact information for all witnesses? WSB, would you be willing to make a post directing witnesses to the appropriate detective?

  • pjmanley January 24, 2012 (11:34 am)

    @why does it matter & co: Answer: Because people care. Is that wrong? I’m glad I live in a place where people care. The community needs to reconcile beyond feeding any lewd or lurid interests, or arguing politics. Only by knowing the facts can we determine whether there is anything worthwhile to be learned from this tragedy. Let’s withhold judgment and be empirical. We don’t hang people without trials anymore for good reason.

  • klk January 24, 2012 (11:36 am)

    I just don’t think it’s the role of the community to speculate, defend, interrogate or point fingers. I believe it’s the role of the community to support the victims. Obviously, the friends and family of the deceased are victims but the friends and family of the suspect have been hurt as well. Can’t we support these people without defending violence?

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (11:39 am)

    @jodie davis – Airlines generally offer bereavement fairs for instances like this, though I’m not sure if it’s limited to family. Your best bet is to call up the various airlines which have routes to JAX and ask them about the details. They usually require a copy of the death certificate in order to offer the discounted fair. They will also process a refund after the fact (assuming you fall within their policy).

  • joe January 24, 2012 (11:39 am)

    Yes. Amen.

  • kgdlg January 24, 2012 (11:39 am)

    I guess my opinion is that this is all speculation right now. The facts will be established in a court of law. While I appreciate WSB’s good reporting here, the comment thread is not going to “solve” this case.

  • Steph January 24, 2012 (11:40 am)

    Jamie, as someone who clearly has had a lot to say about this in the west seattle blog, and who’s friends have also had plenty of comments to make, why on earth would you suggest that we quit asking questions, or imply that the questions asked are somehow irrelevant? The idea that asking questions is somehow an attack or that it’s not important is short sighted and ignorant.

  • jodie davis January 24, 2012 (11:45 am)

    Were trying to get a story done with seattle times union……..i want everyone to know that travis was a great guy…all we keep hearing about is the suspect…i will do my best for.everyone to know just as much about the victim as the suspect…..how ever this went down …we still miss travis just as much…this was senseless…..travis was the best friend anyone could have and id do anything to have him hear with me and our family….

  • jodie davis January 24, 2012 (11:47 am)

    After moving from of the worst nieghborhoods in jax fl…i never thougbt this would happen in west seattle ans hope nothing like this ever happens again…

  • jodie davis January 24, 2012 (12:10 pm)

    @steph We all wanna know what happened…..all im trying to get out and have said on this blog…is how much travis will me missed….and hopefully justice will be served…any other comment and speculations ive ignored..u dont know.how bad i wanna show my true feelings…but this is not the place to do this….its a very sad situation i wish i wasnt part of..

  • JimmyG January 24, 2012 (12:30 pm)

    Jaime, if you really want to help your friend and see justice done, you will stop posting here.
    Defense attorneys are going to eat up every word you’ve posted on WSB.
    I realize you don’t see that right now through your grief, but in the best interests of the criminal case to come, you should stop posting.

  • Joe January 24, 2012 (12:36 pm)

    @klk. Who has defended violence? Nobody has defended violence. People are looking for answers.

  • LStephens January 24, 2012 (1:07 pm)

    Wow, Steph, let’s call a man who just lost a friend short-sighted and ignorant! Really less than impressive. Some of these questions do seem to be attacking Jamie. And yes, Steph your comments do seem to come off that way. One can only imagine how we would react if we were suddenly put into such a frightening situation.

    Derp, you seem to be making up all the details as you go along here. For heaven’s sake, let the police do their job and investigate before coming up with all of these ridiculous conclusions that most people don’t have any first-hand knowledge of.

  • really? January 24, 2012 (1:18 pm)

    i keep wondering why if someone felt theatened and scared, why they would not walk/run back into a crowded room with people and call the police??? it is my understanding that both bars were still open, yes? and maybe even zeeks?
    there are more questions than answers in this story. may the spd be diligent so the truth can be found.

    to those who feel they need to carry guns around west seattle and into businesses, legally or not, i, for one, do NOT care to be the innocent victim caught in the crossfire of your vigilantism.

  • Angel January 24, 2012 (1:26 pm)

    Very sorry this happened and I send my thoughts and prayers to the man and his friends and family.
    West Seattle has problems. Hopefully something good (neighborhood improvement despite growth) can come out of this murder.

  • curious January 24, 2012 (1:31 pm)

    Thank you, LStephens.
    Jamie is a victim as well and I think some of us may be forgetting that.

  • Steph January 24, 2012 (1:49 pm)

    @LStephens, you’re right, that was totally rude of me, and i apologize for that. I still don’t see how implying that people asking questions is somehow invaluable makes any sense at all. to jamie and his friends and family, to the suspect and his friends and family, i can’t imagine the confusion of emotions you must all be going through right now. I hope that you’re all able to find some amount of peace out of this tragic happening.

  • T-Rex January 24, 2012 (2:15 pm)

    Vigilantism ? One question for you really?, what if I saved your life?

  • NM January 24, 2012 (3:33 pm)

    Legally carrying a gun around west Seattle and into businesses does not a vigilante make.

  • Nic January 24, 2012 (5:08 pm)

    This guy is obviously a felon and isn’t supposed to have a gun. So either way he’s going to jail where he belongs. This was the failure of the justice system not to keep him locked up. The best criminals are the ones we don’t know about because they are good at what they do. So what if this guy hasn’t reoffended maybe he just hadn’t been caught. To have a temper where you’d kill in cold blood in public means he has not and never will reform himself.

  • jamie January 24, 2012 (5:36 pm)

    I hope the “eyewitness” last posting made it to the police. Where did it go?

  • Deedee January 24, 2012 (5:52 pm)

    Jamie- the eyewitness account is still there but on the earlier story and comment section.

  • Sam January 24, 2012 (7:11 pm)

    Could this have been self defense? If someone was pulling going to hit me with a shovel I would shoot him. And I would shoot him many times until I knew the threat was over.
    I am sad a man is dead and another in jail.

  • WS_neighbor January 24, 2012 (9:20 pm)

    As someone who is as equally disturbed as many of you are by what has happened, I think it is important that we don’t lose sight of our community. So far there seems to be a lopsided consensus of what appears to have happened, without really knowing what happened. Until the police detectives investigate all involved and speak to more witnesses we are just speculating in the dark.

  • WTF January 24, 2012 (9:50 pm)

    So much more to this story.

  • Derp January 24, 2012 (10:33 pm)

    @LStephens – Everything I have said has been based upon the stories here and the comments by Jamie and Eyewitness. I have made up no details and am simply attempting to piece together an explanation of what happened. Due to Mr. Hood’s choices to (a) walk toward the accused and away from his friend, thereby starting or continuing hostilities, and (b) double-back to Jamie’s car and immediately arm himself with a shovel (deadly weapon) against a man who had (according to witnesses) not drawn his firearm previously, I am inclined to consider a self-defense scenario in favor of the accused. My only hesitation is that the accused allegedly told police he was unarmed prior to arriving at his car. He then armed himself and followed Mr. Hood back to Jamie’s car instead of letting the situation drop. What’s missing here is the details of the interaction between the accused and Mr. Hood. Unfortunately, Jamie appears to be unaware of the content of any conversation, which likely leaves us with the shooter as the sole witness to the events leading up to the shooting.

  • SMS January 24, 2012 (11:08 pm)

    Couldn’t agree more @ws_neighbor…

    You know the community in Italy rallied around Amanda Knox’s guilt as well, and there certainly was an array of evidence pointing in many directions. My prayers go out to this mans family, but as a community I am disappointed in the rush to lay blame and place judgement. If you were not an eye witness then you will never know the whole story. My gut tells me there is much more here.

  • Neighbor January 25, 2012 (12:20 am)

    None of us know any details and we are all speculating off one another, this is becoming a he said she said blog. We all have our opinions and some of us know the victim and some the suspect. If you think W. Seatle is a such a horrible place to live – THEN MOVE! Jamie, you post “I am Done” but you’re not you keep coming back with more comments. Sticking with my first comment – there is more to this story, and the truth will come out.

  • jamie January 25, 2012 (12:39 am)

    I’m not allowed to go to sleep and yes I am going to be a victim advocate to the very end I was there and my friend died for no reason and the truth is all I have to say. Neighbor it is strange to me you are neglecting the fact a violent criminal was walking around Morgan Junction with a GD .45 cal pistol after numerous armed robberies and rapes Shewwee I am never amazed at the crap I find come out of sick peoples heads you obviously have been snowed So should I feel like Travis and I have no credibility because all of you don’t know us as well what if we would have been a long time Seattle citizens oh let me guess you knew him longer as I said SNOWED take your blinders off Oh I AM DONE lets see what the formal charges read tomorrow.

  • Wellington January 25, 2012 (7:21 am)

    Obviously you’re having a very hard time Jamie, but the facts as you present them raise several questions. Why would an even marginally fit 35 year old need a shovel to defend himself against someone nearly twice his age? If the accused had been unarmed the story no doubt would have been about a young guy beating an old guy with a shovel outside a bar, and people would be outraged, regardless of how provocative the guy was being. If Travis did know that the accused was armed with a very lethal .45 caliber handgun, why in the world would he try to go after him with a shovel? Run maybe, but go get a shovel? I suspect these and other questions are the reason that the police are calling for additional witnesses to come forward.

  • Someone January 25, 2012 (8:10 am)

    Um, MULTIPLE armed robbery convictions, ransom, rape…WHY wasn’t this guy ALREADY in jail? Oh, that’s right, our governor likes to play catch and release with criminals. He’ll probably get out in a couple years for this, too.

    • WSB January 25, 2012 (8:23 am)

      “Someone,” the suspect’s criminal history was, as noted in our original coverage, more than 20 years ago. I haven’t even found yet whether it was in this state, and it certainly wasn’t at any point during this governor’s tenure.

  • jamie January 25, 2012 (8:25 am)

    A 6’3″ 40-50 year old man approximately 235lbs that is what I saw. Sorry I do not seem to remember anyone going after anyone with a shovel. Travis was the one being gone after by a freaking big guy as he was shot in the truck door way so how did I in anyway create my friend being the aggressor I saw my friend grab the shovel and did not swing just grabbed it not once swinging the shovel or not even stepping towards him looks like another day of reading a bunch D*^%heads express there ignorance to what I know is an open and shut case of 1st DEGREE MURDER he watched us inside according to another witness not me that observed him glaring at us inside the bar that he is a regular at then waited outside the door and waited for us and then followed us all the way to my truck and came at my friend with his .45 cal. OPEN YOUR F-ING EYES PEOPLE He preyed on us like a lion in the wild and now I have to carry that horrid few moments in my mind for the rest of my life and as for Travis he really got cheated the worst I cannot wait to get in the court room and tell a judge and jury I see my faith in God is going to be Travis and I salvation because if we depended on all of you all we would I guess both be dead so you could all say see see our local rapist bank robber had been attacked and he killed those two punks. SORRY IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LIKE THAT WE DONT JUST LAY DOWN WHERE WE COME FROM

  • Ace20604 January 25, 2012 (8:44 am)

    Why does a person need multiple Social Security numbers? A lot more to this case indeed.

  • funkietoo January 25, 2012 (9:31 am)

    To Travis’ friends and family…just a gentle reminder..please let us know if a fund is setup to help cover his memorial costs and/or for his daughter’s future. Thank you.

  • jamie January 25, 2012 (9:57 am)

    we are going to the bank to try to get a memorial fund started today and thank you to all

  • Dunno January 25, 2012 (9:58 am)


    I know I would be in severe trauma if I were you right now. Criminal justice and reporting (communication) were my college majors, so hope you didn’t take my questions wrong. I want justice for your friend, but at the same time not hang the suspect without his day in court. Looking at all the posts tell me that most in our community want the same. You may not feel you need any help, but I would urge you to accept any that may be offered to you.

  • jodie davis January 25, 2012 (10:42 am)

    Working on setting up a fund in destinys name…his death is just not all real to us yet….ill keep u informed

  • BeKind January 25, 2012 (11:49 am)

    For families/friends of the victim, #1 I am SO sorry for your loss, & #2 I strongly suggest avoiding interaction with a comment board. From my experience, the questions/comments, regardless of their nature being positive/negative, will just keep tearing open fresh emotional wounds. Please, make it easier on yourself and just use official sources/SPD if you are seeking information.
    (Yeah, ironic to be stating it in a blog comment, I know…)

    For friends/neighbors of the suspect, this kind of event is awful – like a death for the suspect’s wife/family since the person’s suddenly no longer there, with the added insult of “guilt by association” just for being a relative. They don’t deserve that; please don’t shun them but reach out to give each other support and love that is needed to heal.

    Nice job reporting, WSB.

    PEACE, everyone.

  • zoe January 25, 2012 (12:35 pm)

    Why did this guy even have a gun? it’s time for gun control – any legislators listening?

  • lora January 25, 2012 (12:54 pm)


  • Silver Interweb Surfer January 25, 2012 (9:49 pm)

    @Zoe – I feel your anger and frustration, but more gun control laws will only take guns out of the hands honest people. Criminals (like the shooter) will be the only ones left with guns. Bad idea.

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