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Also happening tonight: Benefit by Bobcat Bob

April 18, 2008 12:36 pm
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We are putting together the West Seattle Weekend Lineup right now for publication by 2 pm and just remembered, we wanted to tell you about this separately — One of the C & P Coffee Company regular live-music guests, Bobcat Bob, will be putting on a special performance tonight. Here’s the e-mail, forwarded by C & P’s Cameron Moores, explaining why:

dear friends, almost 3 weeks ago our bass player dave lucas and his wife kenna lost their only child jessica in a car accident back in the midwest. my brother dave and i are dedicating the c and p performance on april 18th to dave, kenna, jessica’s husband and her 2 children. they need our help spiritually and financially. please come to this performance in a show of support for this sweet family. dave will be in his position on bass and we hope to see you all there. thank you. most sincerely, bob.

They’re playing C & P 6-8 pm tonight. (Drop in early, then pop down California SW to Capers and make a cameo appearance at our West Seattle Community Recognition Awards get-together 7-8 pm!)

Cold air, warm hearts: Saturday Earth Day extravaganza

Yeah, it’s supposed to be cold on Saturday (and probably sooner). That’s not going to stop the hardy West Seattle souls planning a huge slate of events we’ve been telling you about (see the Events page for most of ’em, and the West Seattle Weekend Lineup at midday Friday for even more), and here’s another one we wanted to preview — the Duwamish Alive! Earth Day festivities planned for Saturday:Read More

Arson follow-up: Locksmith goes mobile

That’s a look inside Puget Sound Key and Lock in Morgan Junction while owner Michael Dein was there this morning to talk to news crews about what’s happened since the firebombing 4 weeks ago. As you can see, the view hasn’t changed much. But he’s managed to keep working by going mobile — he talked about that, and about how little time he would need to get set up again, once his landlord’s insurance coverage (for the structure, not his destroyed business) comes through:

Dein will be on hand for the fundraiser/raffle event that WSB Forum Community members are having Saturday night at Admiral Pub. One more clip … in which he shows the rock he says the firebomber(s) used … plus raffle/fundraiser details (including the list of what’s up for grabs so far!) … ahead:Read More

Looking ahead: WS businesses join in wide-reaching events

April 17, 2008 12:51 pm
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Thanks to the WSB Forum and the WSB inbox for bringing in the info on these: Easy Street is participating in Record Store Day this Saturday; 12 West Seattle restaurants are participating in Dining Out for Life next Thursday (participants are listed on the DO4L site as well as in this WSBF thread).

Arson-victim help: Raffle tickets on sale now

April 16, 2008 6:03 am
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No arrests yet, almost 4 weeks after the arson that gutted Puget Sound Key and Lock in Morgan Junction. WSB Forum Community members are not only inviting you to a get-together Saturday night to raise some $ to help the business reopen, they’re also selling raffle tickets ahead of time so you can pitch in — and get a chance at great prizes donated by generous businesses — without even attending Saturday night if you have other plans. You can buy tickets at Admiral Pub tonight and tomorrow night, 7-8 pm, to win M’s tickets, gym memberships, artwork, massage(s), and more! The winning tickets will be announced at the community get-together/fundraiser, also at Admiral Pub, 6-9 pm Saturday. You don’t need to be present to win. Raffle tickets also available at the get-together (and families are welcome, since Admiral Pub is all-ages till 9 pm; more info in this WSB Forum thread), as well as during the West Seattle Community Recognition Awards gathering 7-8 pm Friday at Capers in The Junction (stop in and say hi if you can) — and you can even e-mail to get in on the raffle: will connect you with the Forum Community members who are handling it.

Got a musical instrument gathering dust? Put it to good use!

A citywide program with strong West Seattle ties is making progress in its recently launched quest to expand music education for kids in all Seattle Public Schools. musicinstrument.jpgIt’s called Rotary Music4Life, and its creative team includes two West Seattleites, former school-board member Irene Stewart, and SirenSong Productions‘ Bronwyn Edwards Cryer. Stewart tells WSB that many of the photos on the Rotary Music4Life site (see it here) feature Roxhill Elementary and Arbor Heights Elementary students, as well as Westside Symphonette musicians. At the heart of this program’s work is the search for donations of “gently used” — or new! — instruments needed so that kids who can’t afford to buy or rent instruments can still join in music programs. One of the city’s two drop-off spots for instrument donations is C and P Coffee in West Seattle. Rotary Music4Life intends to get 1,200 instruments for kids who need them; so far, their website shows 28 acquired (here’s the list of what’s needed; here’s how to donate).

Local church leaders share an idea: Share the “stimulus” $

Out of the WSB inbox, for your consideration as a way to help West Seattleites in need:

To Our Friends in West Seattle
From a Gathering of Concerned Spiritual Leaders

We greet you in this season when Christians proclaim the joy of Easter. Spring is a time when many faiths mark holy days and observe special traditions, a time when many of us are reminded that we are truly blessed.

Recently you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, with the heading, “Economic Stimulus Payment Notice.” It stated that individuals who qualify may receive as much as $600 ($1200 if married filing jointly) in our government’s effort to stave off an economic downturn. The coming payment is intended to boost the economy with extra spending that will follow. Whether or not you agree with this strategy, it appears the money will be on its way some time in late spring or early summer.

Recently, members of one of our congregations presented their pastor with an idea. What if a large number of people in our community decided to share a portion of this extra, unplanned “bonus” with neighbors? What if, for instance, households from all over West Seattle used the Biblical standard of 10% and gave $60 or $120 to local charities to help ease some of the financial pain so many are feeling. Food banks have been stretched, emergency funding sources are tapped out, and shelters are facing budget cuts. A thousand individuals giving at least 10% would provide $60,000. Why not several thousand people? Why not more?

We are the spiritual leaders of a number of Christian congregations in the West Seattle/White Center/Burien area. While we encourage folks to give any amount to whatever organizations they might choose, we are inviting members of our congregations to contribute to a special “Sharing Our Share” (S.O.S.) fund. It will be collected at each of our local churches and 100% will be divided equally among the West Seattle, West Seattle Senior Center and White Center Food Banks, along with West Seattle Helpline, Westside Baby, and a new community-based emergency-shelter program, “Family Promise.”

We invite anyone in the community or beyond to join us in this effort by contributing to the Sharing Our Share, S.O.S. fund, care of any of the congregations listed below. [WSB editor’s note: We have linked their church names to their websites, if available, where you will find contact info.] Your gift is, of course, tax-deductible. Again, we encourage a contribution of 10% or more with the assurance that every penny will go to these community based organizations. Together, we will not only help stimulate the economy, but help make an important difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends who are facing difficult times. What a great opportunity!

With Appreciation,

Terry Teigen and Kendall Baker
Admiral United Church of Christ

Diane Darling
Alki United Church of Christ

Paul Winterstein
Calvary Lutheran Church, L.C.M.S.

David Kratz and Susan Towner-Larsen
Fauntleroy United Church of Christ

Philip Lee
Glendale Lutheran Church, E.L.C.A.

Keith Eilers
Hope Lutheran Church, L.C.M.S.

Erik Kindem
Peace Lutheran Church, E.L.C.A.

Peter DeVeau and Kate Wesch
St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church

Joanne Brown
Tibbetts United Methodist Church

Movie night tomorrow to help local teens’ unusual road trip

April 11, 2008 9:46 pm
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Tomorrow night, West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor) invites you to come watch a movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” for free, 6 pm in the downstairs social hall, with concessions sold — popcorn, snacks, and Italian sodas — as a fundraiser for a special trip some WSCC teens are taking to Mexico this July. No, it’s not a trip to go lie on the beach; they will be driving from Seattle to Tijuana in rented vans as part of a 19-member group helping Amor Ministries build a home for a family. Above, you see some of the participants; left to right, they are 15-year-old West Seattle High School sophomore Thea N, 14-year-old WSHS freshman Miriam N, 13-year-old Madison Middle School 8th grader Lauren S, 12-year-old Madison 6th grader Darrian T, 15-year-old WSHS sophomore Dominique T, 15-year-old Chief Sealth High School sophomore Ian H. WSB interviewed three of them by e-mail with the help of WSCC’s Norma Hernandez, who says, “We’ve been told to expect the temperature in the hundreds; they’ll be sleeping in tents, with no running water or flushing toilets. The group is payig 100% of the cost of the materials, travel expenses, and tool rentals (manual tools, since no electricity is available).” Here’s what the teens have to say about their trip and other ways they’ve helped people near and far:Read More

Dig in, and help finish turning Ercolini Park into reality

April 10, 2008 11:56 pm
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Those are photos from May 2007 (top) and March 2008 showing Ercolini Park, years in the making at a storied site west of The Junction (48th & Alaska), and now maybe less than two months away from completion. Donated money and time have been key to getting it this far – they just finished fundraising last October — and now Ercolini Park volunteers have put out the call – it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the job done, by signing up to pitch in for whatever time you can give Saturday 4/26 and/or Sunday 4/27. Here’s their request:

The time has finally arrived to put on those work gloves and help complete our park. As you may have seen, we now have grass and are ready to install the play equipment. The play equipment supplier has scheduled construction to take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th. We need approximately 25 volunteers for each day. There will be additional work to be scheduled later that will include: spreading the wood chip play area surface, cleaning up the walkways and spreading beauty bark in the landscaping. We are setting up shifts starting at 9:00 am on each day. Please e-mail with your commitment of when you can volunteer and for how long. Please include a contact phone number so we can reach you if we need to. We have a neighborhood group (SNAP) that has volunteered to help with refreshments. This is also an area where you can volunteer. We will need sandwiches, snacks, beverages and assistance in providing lunch. Children are welcome to come and help but will not be able to play in the grass area or construction zone.

Each volunteer needs to come with a pair of work or garden gloves. Other items that will be needed:

-Shovels and rakes
-Rachets, sockets and wrenches (9/16” and 5/16”)
-Cordless drills
-Several utility knives
-6’ step ladders
-Several wheelbarrows

Tasks will include: unpacking and moving parts into place, play equipment assembly, moving dirt from post holes, clearing construction debris.

Each volunteer will need to sign in and out with the Volunteer Coordinator at the site to insure that we get credit for your time. If you provide refreshments, please submit a receipt to the Volunteer Coordinator, so we can get credit for your in-kind donation. We need to match $12,000 of our Dept. of Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant. This all goes toward that effort.

There will be a tent erected in the center plaza area, but the construction area will not be covered so dress accordingly. Hopefully, we will have beautiful weather. Let us know if you have any questions. Pass this on to your neighbors.

After the grass has had time to mature we will have a dedication ceremony, probably at the end of May or first part of June.

Sign up to help by e-mailing this address:

Fighting colon cancer? Invitation from a West Seattle survivor

anitaheadshot.jpgWest Seattle mom of three Anita Mitchell is not just fighting colon cancer, she’s fighting to help other people who are battling it. And that’s why she took time to talk with WSB about how she’s doing and about a celebrity-led event in Seattle this Saturday that’s a must-attend for not just patients, but also their family and friends — an event that wouldn’t be happening if she hadn’t pushed for it:Read More

Fight against youth drinking still needs more fighters

On the 14th anniversary of the day when millions were shaken to learn Seattle grunge-rock megastar Kurt Cobain had ended years of substance abuse by committing suicide, an earnest group gathered tonight at South Seattle Community College in hopes of strategizing how to save today’s young people from getting anywhere near that kind of lethal low point. You probably heard about the anti-underage-drinking town-hall meeting ahead of time; organizer Renae Gaines from Madison Middle School worked hard to get the word out.Read More

Ever wonder “how can I make a difference?” Read this

Carol Viger, one of the parents who helped organize this weekend’s successful West Seattle High School Grad Night car wash fundraiser (WSB coverage here), sent this to us today to share — a heartfelt tale she titled “Miracle on California Avenue.” For the thousands of volunteers who make the wheels of West Seattle (and so many other communities) turn — this one’s for you … and for everyone who doubted whether joining the volunteer ranks would truly make a difference:

In a secular (public) school miracles happen. Maybe it was the recent Christmas-like snowfall that spurred this realization.

I’m talking about genuine acts of faith and spirituality, and they have for years. We might think that public school is fueled by public servants and funds; a non-religious environment where overt acts of faith are scorned. However, when you stop to think about the acts of faith that happen every day in public school, it is encouraging and heartwarming, and this article intends to acknowledge what is amazing about our community, and especially about our public West Seattle High School, which we should be proud of.

It is a miracle that parents step forward to volunteer in public school. As parents, our kids, and circumstances wear us out often, and yet some of us volunteer for activities that require more energy. Is this insanity? It is not, contrary to one’s first thought. What happens when parents step out the door to volunteer, in this case in public school, is that they discover that their efforts towards the greater good catch fire. It can take a daunting amount of starter fluid and in the beginning a disappointing amount of matches, but when the fire takes hold everyone enjoys the flame and the satisfaction is multiplied due to the mutual benefit reaped by everyone. Along the way, others learn how to build the fire. It is perhaps relevant that the current “Seeds of Compassion” event is being planned in Seattle. We can learn to be good volunteers, to enjoy it and to teach it to our children, much as the current research regarding compassion is proving that the brain is plastic and we can continue to develop and optimize our abilities throughout our life.

The miracles at WSHS are numerous; it is a miracle that any auction happens at a public school. In the last several years I have lost count how many I have attended, but the last few at WSHS have been impressive. The amount of work that goes into them, not to mention the commitment of the people who attend, is inexplicable from the standpoint of a consumer. How does it all comes together seemingly flawlessly, year after year, not to mention the Staff Appreciation Day? The countless hours the numerous good staff basically donate as volunteers outside of their contract, simply because they believe in kids (God Bless Ms Jewell, Ms. Sugden, Ms. Berenter, and so many others!) And then there is Grad Night…yet another miracle.

Many years ago, an individual organized a celebration that would be safe and sane for high school seniors on graduation night. His volunteer effort caught fire and became an occupation, and is now a popular professionally planned and common occurrence among high schools. However, the volunteer flame is still being nurtured, as to make the event affordable for all public school students requires much volunteer and financial support in a public school.

In the case of West Seattle High School, four years ago a group of parents embarked on the first organized “Grad Night,” and bravely plunged forward. This being the fourth year, again a (new) group of parents signed the contracts, proceeding on faith that somehow, some way, they would figure out how to organize for more than 100 kids, the funds would be raised, the students would come, parents would volunteer as well as the students, lives might be saved and memories made. Lending proof to the “Build It and They Will Come” tenant of faith, the amazing WSHS PTSA once again stood behind them, on a limb albeit, but with smiling faces and encouragement. Talk about faith…the PTSA runs the church.

So, the Grad Night Committee just held their second car wash fundraiser April 5th. Again, proceeding on faith that the endeavor would get volunteers (they did! The students were amazing; single working moms, and dads were out there for all they were worth!), and that they would get support (they did! Starbucks‘ 35th drive-through provided coffee and cocoa, and generous bakery donations were given with goodwill from The Original Bakery, Little Rae’s, Salvadorean Bakery, and PCC, which kept the volunteers going and helped us raise probably an additional $350). The community at large was present in the 34th Democratic Caucus and was promising heartily to support Grad Night at Barnes and Noble on the coming weekend’s book fair. At the end of the event, exhausted, one mom volunteer’s last patrons drove up and were about to be informed the car wash ended long ago, when the patrons donated handsomely, committed to chaperoning at the event, and even promising a sponsorship to Grad Night..

It will be interesting to see how the membership of the famous and historically notable WS Alumni membership fares in future years in correlation to Grad Night engagement with our recent four years of graduates. And will they be volunteers? My money is on them.

If you haven’t been a volunteer before, or haven’t volunteered recently, maybe you should reconsider. It really is a lot more enjoyable than watching “America’s Next Top Model”, and it certainly is a real slice of life. Don’t underestimate yourself. Volunteer…somewhere. If it’s for Grad Night, you could be saving a life. You likely will never know, but it will be good leadership on your part, appreciated and more than likely, a lot of fun satisfaction. If you don’t think you are good enough, just hang around the amazing principal at WSHS, Bruce Bivins for a while. You will be convinced that you, and all of us, can do more, and be better individuals than we think we can. If you live in West Seattle you shouldn’t miss out on the rare opportunity to work with a good leader, because the flame is irresistible.

Gatewood playground: “Light at the end of the tunnel”

April 7, 2008 1:51 pm
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That’s how one parent volunteer describes the feeling now that construction of Gatewood Elementary‘s playground project is getting closer, after 3-plus years of hard work. What you see above was part of that hard work — the well-attended “Kids for Kids” event featuring ivy-munching goats (WSB video coverage here) last October. The next step in the work comes this Wednesday night — a community meeting at 6:30 pm in the Gatewood cafeteria. White says, “The purpose of this meeting is to make final decisions on the new play structure! We are now down to picking individual elements that will make up the toy, colors, extra features, etc. so that we can get our order placed and get this project done!” He also points out that not only has this resulted from endless hours of volunteer work but also from a $90,000 grant from the city Department of Neighborhoods and a $30,000 grant from the county Parks Department. So it’s truly a community project — even if you don’t have a child at Gatewood, the playground is a neighborhood resource/attraction, so you’re welcome to be there Wednesday night and have a say. (See the Gatewood site master plan here.)

Way too young to drink; doing it anyway; how to help?

This new P-I story is a good – if scary – preview of the anti-youth-drinking town-hall event tomorrow night at South Seattle Community College, coordinated by Madison Middle School‘s Renae Gaines, who says the event is an “opportunity to come together to learn more about the new research on underage drinking and its impact on both individuals and the community, and to discuss how our community can implement the recommendations in The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to prevent underage alcohol use.” That’s 6 pm tomorrow @ SSCC. (More helpful info here at the Start Talking Before They Start Drinking site.)

Parade puts out a call for cars (and music money)

April 6, 2008 11:54 am
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(2007 parade photo courtesy Rhonda Porter from The Mortgage Porter)
As first mentioned last month, the official West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival schedule is out, including the American Legion Grand Parade on July 19. The parade is part of the reason we started WSB – as a way to get the word out frequently, repeatedly, and in real-time, about West Seattle events, needs, celebrations, people, and we love it to bits (see last year’s photo coverage here). Even in a time of dramatic change in the way West Seattle looks — taking care of traditions like Hi-Yu is a way to preserve and nurture some of the small-town feel that so many people are so worried about losing. That said, here’s what’s up: First, the parade needs convertibles. The Huling/Gee dealership provided them in the past. Now, of course, that’s all gone. Second, the parade needs financial backing for bands that can’t all cover their own expenses any more. Read ahead for full details on both, and the simple steps the Parade Committee hopes you can take to help:Read More

Thriftway team thrilled by turnout for benefit barbecue


Just got word from West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction that today’s barbecue lunch to raise money for employee Julie Lynch and her family raised $3,000! That includes donations as well as food sales. Julie is fighting breast cancer and her co-workers wanted to do something to help make sure she could focus more on recovery and less on finances. They’re thankful for everybody who chipped in.

Free organic produce – with just one catch


That’s Longfellow Creek Farm — a quarter-acre at 2311 SW Myrtle (just off Delridge; map) where Growing Washington is inviting you to a “community-garden restoration work party” noon-4 pm April 19. Help is needed raking leaves, clipping brambles, spreading mulch, weed-whacking, and painting. The goal is to restore the site into a “functioning, food-producing garden,” and volunteers will be first in line for free organic produce — once it’s grown. They’d like you to let them know you’ll be there; register during the next week by using the contact info here.

Happening today: Caucus, car wash, sale, BBQ, more …

April 5, 2008 6:30 am
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You’ll find the full list of today’s West Seattle events in our West Seattle Weekend Lineup, but we wanted to call your attention to these highlights one more time:

WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL EVENT #1 – 34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS: Sign-ins start at WSHS at 9 am, caucusing at 10 am, for delegates and alternates chosen at Feb. 9 caucuses. More info here.

WEST SEATTLE HS EVENT #2 – “GRAD NIGHT” CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: The Class of 2008 is raising money for a safe, fun Grad Night celebration, and today’s 9 am-2 pm car wash is a big part of it. Free coffee, cocoa, and baked goods while your car is washed at WSHS! Suggested donation $10 or whatever you can give; vouchers also will be available for April 12 shopping at Barnes and Noble to benefit the same cause. (By the way, they’re also still taking volunteers, even last-minute ones, and students can get community-service credit for it; call 206/718-2442.)

GROUP GARAGE SALE: All day at Alki Community Center. (And by the way, registration opens Thursday if you want to have a sale May 10 as part of the annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, presented this year by WSB; the latest info is on our special WSCGSD website.)

WEST SEATTLE THRIFTWAY BENEFIT BARBECUE LUNCH: 11 am-4 pm, go have a freshly barbecued burger, plus chips and soda, at West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction for $7, all proceeds going to employee Julie Lynch and her family as Julie fights breast cancer.

GET INVOLVED WITH WSB FORUM COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER FOR ARSON VICTIM: Planning is going full-speed ahead for the April 19 (6 pm, Admiral Pub) fundraiser for Puget Sound Key and Lock, closed since the still-unsolved arson two weeks ago. Planning and organizing help is still welcome; join WSB Forum Community members at Admiral Pub at 2 pm today (you can also sign up for the mailing list here).

Again, that’s just part of lots happening today and tonight; find more WS events here.

West Seattle native fights back from bizarre surfing injury

addie.jpgThat’s 20-year-old Adrianna “Addie” Killam, who grew up in West Seattle — graduating from Our Lady of Guadalupe in 2002, Holy Names Academy in 2006, then heading to Arizona to go to college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical and Engineering University. Today, she traveled home to Seattle on a plane from Maui – but it was no tourism flight – it was a “medical lift” so that Addie could be admitted to the University of Washington Medical Center for therapy and rehab after a spring-break surfing jaunt left her with a spinal-cord injury. Family friend Maureen Emerson e-mailed WSB to help get the word out about Addie’s injury — which didn’t happen the way you might think after hearing the phrase “surfing injury” — and her fight to recover, which she’s chronicling online:Read More

That’s the ticket: West Seattle ways to help

April 1, 2008 5:30 pm
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FROM THE WEST SEATTLE FOOD BANK: Remember the Bruce Springsteen ticket auction to benefit WSFB? Eve Holt from the Food Bank e-mailed to say each pair of auctioned tickets went for $800! And when The Boss played KeyArena, a donation bin set up by WSFB volunteers collected more than $1,000 in cash and checks. You’ve got another chance to help WSFB this Saturday — we’ve mentioned before that because of the Feinstein Challenge, donations made now to the West Seattle and White Center Food Banks help them qualify for matching funds — this Saturday at Metropolitan Market in Admiral, WSFB will be accepting food and $ donations (the weight of food figures into a calculation for matching funds, too). And don’t forget, tickets are on sale for WSFB’s “Instruments of Change” fundraising dinner 6 pm May 1, with music, a Dessert Dash, and more (full details here, including reservation info).

FROM THE MARINERS, ON BEHALF OF WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL: West Seattle High School is playing at The Safe this Thursday night as part of the High School Baseball Classic — 7 pm, facing Kennedy High School. Admission is free and you’ll be able to park in the Safeco garage for $5 (and if you want to come early, it’s a doubleheader starting with Lakeside vs. Mercer Island at 4 pm). In order to participate, teams have to commit to a fundraising campaign involving selling tickets to a future M’s game, and as part of that, you can buy tickets for the June 3rd M’s-Angels game HALF PRICE! by going to this page – $10 for “view reserved” tickets that are usually $20, and $2 of the price goes to WSHS.

Free coffee!

From today through Mother’s Day (5/11), C & P Coffee is offering you a free coffee drink if you bring in a package of diapers – which will be donated to WestSide Baby. Maybe tonight, when C & P is hosting a talent show. Or tomorrow night, when the first meeting of West Seattle CoolMoms happens at C & P (watch for our in-depth story on them later today).

Update: Newest details on community fundraiser for arson victim


(left to right, as they’re known in the WSB Forums, JanS, NewResident [Molly], Beachdrivegirl [Megan])
Those are some of the WSB Forum Community members who gathered this morning at Uptown Espresso in The Junction for their second meeting to plan the April 19 fundraiser for Puget Sound Key and Lock, which lost everything in the still-unsolved arson attack that gutted the business eight days ago. The event will be at Admiral Pub, whose owner Eric joined the group this morning:


There’s still lots you can do to help. The group’s meeting again at Admiral Pub next Saturday at noon. In the meantime, much of the brainstorming is happening on a mailing list the group has set up – they invite you to join by following the instructions on this page. Meantime, mark your calendar for 6 pm April 19 at Admiral Pub (latest details and forum discussion here)! And you can donate any time to the Puget Sound Key and Lock account, through any Wells Fargo branch.


(Also from this morning’s meeting: To the right of Beachdrivegirl [Megan] are Alkiguy [Steve L], Kathy, Steve Sindiong from the Morgan Community Association, and JoB.)

2 items from Thriftway: Egg-hunt pix, plus a chance to help


Those are some of the folks who, as we showed you last Saturday, thronged West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction exactly a week ago for its annual kids’ egg hunt. Thriftway has just posted dozens of its own pix online and is inviting families who participated to come have a look and send them a note if you want a copy (find the Easter pix here). In the same e-mail, Thriftway also asked us to share news of a benefit barbecue coming up next Saturday (4/5): Thriftway employee Julie Lynch is battling breast cancer — a cause that the Thriftway team has long been active in (see this page) — and the store’s going to cook up burgers next Saturday (April 5) to offer a burger/chips/soda lunch for $7, all proceeds to Julie and her family. (In case you lose track of that event or anything else going on in West Seattle, just keep a daily eye on our Events list page, updated multiple times daily.)