FOLLOWUP: Admiral Way Bridge work under way, Fairmount Avenue closed. Here’s what happens now

Thanks to MJ for the photo – that’s Fairmount Avenue beneath the Admiral Way Bridge, now closed for the start of work to make the bridge more earthquake-resistant. We talked again with project spokesperson Dr. Matthew Howard to get more details of how the work will proceed, especially as crews from contractor Kuney Construction move toward work on the bridge deck itself, which will require lane closures and two full-weekend closures of the entire bridge.

But not yet.

They’ll be working exclusively beneath the bridge until mid-to-late August. The work includes carbon-fiber wrapping – remember that from the West Seattle Bridge project? – and it involves some “very tall ladders,” a big reason why they aren’t allowing anyone beneath the bridge while the work is under way.

Once work moves to the bridge deck, they’ll start on the north (westbound) side first “for a month or two,” then the south (eastbound) side, then the center lanes. The full weekend closures – for which no dates are set yet – will be needed for concrete pours. They’re not repaving the entire bridge deck, Dr. Howard says – here’s the concrete work that the project will include:

*On the bridge deck, we’ll be removing a section of the deck slab on one of the farthest walls (where rainwater drains) which we will refill with concrete after placing the new drain for the bridge

*We’ll also be adding concrete bolsters to the exterior columns

*We’ll be installing a concrete infill wall within the body of a few of the bridge’s columns and body

The timing will be tricky once the fall rains arrive, as concrete needs to cure. They hope to wrap up most of the work by year’s end, though the project isn’t likely to be entirely complete until spring; “cursory work” will be happening after the first of the year, Howard says.

The biggest question remains: When the bridge does close for those two weekends, what will the detour routes be? And it remains unanswered. Dr. Howard told us again that the plan still isn’t finalized – their traffic-control plans are awaiting approval, and that includes any plans for parking restrictions during the detouring. He did say that some closures during the bridge-deck work will affect the pedestrian walkways on the bridge as well, because the rails will be reinforced.

Will the bridge look appreciably different when all the work is done? He said no – there’ll be some painting, but it’ll likely be the same sort of flat earth-tone as it is now.

Most important thing to remember right now: Fairmount Avenue is closed to all, 24/7, until the project is done. Signage at the ends notes that for those whose homes are accessed from the canyon, local access is OK, but otherwise, stay away – California is an alternate route between North Admiral and Harbor Avenue until Fairmount reopens sometime next year. The project webpage has a link you can use to sign up for email updates.

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  • Neighbor July 10, 2024 (7:27 am)

    Sign says Fairmount closed until the end of February

    • WSB July 10, 2024 (9:04 am)

      Yes, we showed that sign last week. That’s just an estimate at this point.

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