3 days to 500+ sales on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this Saturday! Here are two more mini-lists

Time for our daily reminder that 500+ of your neighbors – maybe you’re among them? – will be hosting sales this Saturday on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! If you haven’t seen the map yet, it’s here (where you’ll also find a link to the printable guide). We’re continuing to compile mini-lists – tonight, sales for pet people! First, the sales mentioning pet item(s)

#36: 7031 13th Ave SW
#88: 4116 California Ave SW
#115: 5000 SW Charlestown St
#144: 5002 SW Andover St
#169: 3225 47th Ave SW
#243: 4707 45th Ave SW
#278: 5940 36th Ave SW
#287: 8308 35th Ave SW
#331: 9600 34th Ave SW
#382: 4117 39th Ave SW
#428: 7571 46th Ave SW
#490: 9809 39th Ave SW
#514: 3528 SW 107th St

These sales’ descriptions mention dog item(s) specifically:

#11: 8115 12th Ave SW
#16: 4712 25th Ave SW
#41: 1600 SW Graham St
#58: 3303 56th Ave SW
#98: 3420 60th Ave SW
#120: 4851 46th Ave SW
#148: 2214 42nd Ave SW
#185: 2205 44th Ave SW
#208: 2768 44th Ave SW
#298: 6547 30th Place SW
#299: 3005 SW Barton St
#334: 3420 37th Ave SW
#488: 6043 48th Ave SW

And at one sale, #156 at 3435 47th Ave SW, you can bring your pet for a portrait – that sale is both a fundraiser (for Hazelwood Preschool) and a launch party of sorts for PAWparazzi, described as “a new West Seattle-based pop-up mobile pet photo studio.” That’s not the only sale with “something extra”; we’ll spotlight more of those tomorrow. Meantime, a reminder that both the clickable map of sales and the link to the printable guide (PDF, 32 pages) are accessible here. (Links to our previous mini-lists – including fundraisers, businesses, sales with lemonade stands, and sales with extra days – are on the map page, too.)

2 Replies to "3 days to 500+ sales on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this Saturday! Here are two more mini-lists"

  • Dog Mama May 9, 2024 (7:15 pm)

    Also selling lots of dog (small – medium size) and cat stuff at the following sale. Bowls, leashes and harnesses, dog stroller, etc.!#135: 3434 48th SW 

  • Ann Dennis May 10, 2024 (3:23 pm)

    Cat toys and nice cat tree at #430.

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