WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen powerlifting equipment

The shoes and knee sleeves in this photo are among the powerlifting equipment stolen in a car break-in in Highland Park – here’s the reader report, via email:

May 29th: Car broken into at Overlook Apartments on SW Kenyon St/Highland Park area. Large black duffel bag was taken that contained powerlifting equipment, including

-red/yellow ASICS wrestling shoes
-red leather belt,
-white/blue Adidas weightlifting shoes
-black knee sleeves
-black competition singlet (women’s)

Black bag has “Dragon” embroidered on one end and “Bull Power Team” on the side, and a bull logo on both sides. Hoping the burglar ditched the bag somewhere in the neighborhood: if found, please contact at 206-313-8854.

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  • Northadmiral May 30, 2024 (9:44 am)

    Sorry that happened. Yes I will keep an eye out for that and notify the blog if I see anything.. I doubt they will want to keep it. Anytime you leave something in your car keep in mind that thieves will be attracted, even though you know it’s nothing valuable

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