UPDATE: Suspect arrested after police standoff at Delridge/Thistle

7:49 PM: Police are blocking SW Thistle both ways just east of Delridge because of an incident. We’re still working to find out more about the original callout – but they’re calling in negotiators and setting up a command post. Avoid the area.

8:05 PM: We’ve talked at the scene both with police and with a woman who says her boyfriend is the person police are after – this is described as a domestic-violence situation. The suspect is believed to be barricaded in an apartment in a building on the southeast side of the intersection.

9:12 PM: We’re continuing to monitor this; it’s not resolved yet.

(Traffic-camera framegrab showing closed streets north of response scene)

9:45 PM: Police just told dispatch they’re shutting down Delridge, too, and they’re calling for help directing traffic. Meantime, SWAT has arrived on scene. Radio exchanges indicate the suspect is wanted for two incidents involving guns.

10:10 PM: Police said the suspect told them by phone he would surrender – and they just told dispatch he has, and is now in custody. They’re checking inside the apartment just to be sure it’s now empty (others who were inside were reported earlier to be out), so the response won’t start winding down until after that.

10:34 PM: Thistle is still closed “until SWAT clears out.” … Per dispatch, the suspect has a warrant related to what was described as a “drive-by shooting” incident as well as the domestic-violence incident to which they initially responded.

10:53 PM: Thistle is reopening too.

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  • Driver March 15, 2024 (8:04 pm)

    No traffic control, dozens of cars were driving into oncoming southbound lane blowing the red light. Be careful folks. 12+ police cars.

    • Debi March 15, 2024 (8:19 pm)

      Still no traffic control at 819 pm and a bus blocking the northbound lane just south of intersection 

    • evanpetersnottheactor March 16, 2024 (8:35 am)

      I have noticed this on several instances and have seen near head on collisions as a result. There are tens of cops responding, none of whom can even set cones out or direct traffic? In a large response like this, is one single cop breaking off to direct traffic going to impact the outcome that greatly? It certainly impacts the rest of the community when they don’t. 

  • Alki resident March 15, 2024 (8:17 pm)

    Super appreciate this post blog as my son lives a few houses down and can’t get home. I was able to get him rerouted to head my way instead. Our friend says it’s a lot going on there. I hope this ends fast. 

  • nobody March 15, 2024 (8:24 pm)

    I live here, same building that had an OD 2 months ago and another 911 call a few weeks later.

    • The Manager March 17, 2024 (2:16 pm)

      There you go again, no fact in what you say and every time you do that, you scare people with what you know nothing about.To all my Residents: If you have questions about this incident or anything that has happened on this property, please call or text me and I will give you the truth and not gossip, and what we are doing about it. Please do not listen to gossip and presumptions, that kind of stuff does way more harm than good.

  • meanmistermustard March 15, 2024 (8:25 pm)

    We all had to disembark the bus and wretold to walk back to an earlier stop for a bus t come take us around. I fail to see what one dude “barricaded” in a building (what do you mean?  this isn’t Les Mis.  Did he block offf the door?  or is he armed and white so they won’t go in?)  has to do with shutting down he intersection in all directions. And you have cars travelin south but the us can’t go north?   I am having a hell of a day and it’s been a Rube Goldberg of unhappy consequences.  Just let the card drive through or explain better why the road needs to be closed.  I suspect it’s because this is like two blocks from the SW precinct and they all wanted thei cars there.

    • WSB March 15, 2024 (8:52 pm)

      Sorry, longtime copspeak/newsspeak, I guess. “Barricaded” is a catch-all term for, person inside and not coming out voluntarily, so far.

    • It's OK To Be Anything March 15, 2024 (10:01 pm)

      How about you keep your causal  racism to yourself, Mean Mr M?

      • Anywhere but here March 15, 2024 (10:19 pm)

        Assuming they won’t do anything because the perpetrator might be white isn’t casual racism. That’s not how racism works. Nevermind.  Is IS how WSblog commenters work. 

        • Ross March 15, 2024 (10:41 pm)

          Sounds like casual racism to me…Not that it matters but the suspect was not white. Is it so hard to believe the cops don’t just want to kill POC and they want to safely end situations like this? Get over yourself. 

          • Anywhere but here March 16, 2024 (4:45 pm)

            Yes. Yes it is hard to believe.  I do not owe law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. 

      • Brian March 16, 2024 (7:01 am)

        Pointing out the fact that the police habitually take white suspects of violence into custody without perpetrating violence themselves isn’t casual racism, it’s acknowledging material reality. 

        • Fish Monger March 17, 2024 (10:16 am)

          Did anyone bother to remember the part of the story where the suspect wanted to voluntarily surrender. The suspect contacted the cops, so they agreed.This speculation of “if he is white, this is what always happens” or “if he is black, they just kill him” is asinine and childish. Every situation is different. When violent people do stupid thing’s bad things happen. When people feel remorse things end better.They are short staffed on officers right now.If people think that their armchair quarterback solutions would make SPD a more loving place for citizens they should apply for the job.Find out what really goes down out there on da streets.

  • WS Resident March 15, 2024 (8:59 pm)

    That’s a block away from our home. We were in our car, and stopped at the intersection when this started to unfold. A cop was walking towards the apartment carrying an AR15. Figured it had to do something with an armed person. Hope that whomever is getting sought out peacefully gives up. And in the meantime, I’m gonna hang out on the other side of the house in case this situation escalates.

  • Tired WS Mom March 15, 2024 (9:02 pm)

    I live across from this commotion. The female victim appears okay and cooperative. Sounds like the bigger enforcements are on their way. They’re trying to negotiate with him right now. They’re telling residents to get away from their windows and stay inside. They have large guns and barricades drawn 

    • Lauren March 15, 2024 (9:58 pm)

      Get away from windows…the cops posing the biggest threat to residents

      • Tired WS Mom March 15, 2024 (10:26 pm)

        Enlighten me as to how the cops are more of a threat?

      • Ross March 15, 2024 (10:32 pm)

        Explain how the caps are the threat here! 🤡🤔

      • WSR March 16, 2024 (2:53 am)

        I think the DV victim in this incident might disagree with you. Think before you speak. 

      • wscommuter March 16, 2024 (10:09 am)

        Interesting.  So, Lauren, let me get this straight.  A woman is the victim of domestic violence, resulting in a police response to arrest the man who presumably was violent, and your view is that the police are the “threat.”  Huh.  

      • Domestic violence victim in my teens March 16, 2024 (1:41 pm)

        Obviously, Lauren has never been beaten by a large man and recued by police. Domestic violence calls are THE most dangerous calls for police officers and result in cops being  injured or killed more than any other.

  • in the middle March 15, 2024 (9:10 pm)

    last week, 20+ shots a couple blocks west – this week a couple blocks east this is going down. eventful march so far

    • WS Resident March 15, 2024 (9:33 pm)

      Yeah, that was one heck of a shootout. What is going on with our neighborhood here in S. Delridge?

      • WSMama March 15, 2024 (9:44 pm)

        Wondering the same!

  • WSMama March 15, 2024 (9:34 pm)

    Seriously, WTF!

  • A_szn March 15, 2024 (10:02 pm)

    Is it over yet? 

  • WSB March 15, 2024 (10:11 pm)

    Suspect has just come out of apartment and surrendered, officers told dispatch.

    • A_szn March 15, 2024 (10:12 pm)

      Thank you..

  • Tired WS Mom March 15, 2024 (10:13 pm)

    He came out everyone is safe 

    • nobody March 15, 2024 (10:19 pm)

      Nobody is safe in this building. They should take the building manager with him too.

      • The Manager March 18, 2024 (4:43 am)

        That is not a very nice thing to say. I had nothing to do with what happened . How did you come ùp with that one. Those people don’t even live here. They were a Residents guests. I was just as surprised and scared as everyone was. You do not have a clue about anything. Gossip and presumptions are all you got. Unless you have facts, you should really mind your own business and stop giving Residents false information. I am fiercely protective of my Residents.  If you think you can do my job better, be my guest. But be prepared to be called every name in the book,  be threatened to get your ass kicked and have your life threatened, on a daily basis. Because that is what I deal with every single day. Trying to take xare of this property and the Great people who live here.You know nothing about what I do, only what you make up in your head. Get the facts before you speak Miss Nobody. By the way, fitting name.

    • WS resident March 15, 2024 (11:57 pm)

      Maybe for a few days…. 

      • The Manager March 17, 2024 (5:28 pm)

        You and NOBODY are the worst kind of Residents. Why would I have anything to do with what happened. You are putting your blame where it does not belong. The person responsible is the one who allowed these people into her home. They are NOT Residents of this property. One says something she knows nothing about and you listen to it. If you want the facts about anything that happens here call or text me. Do not listen to nosey, gossipy people who have no facts to back up anything they say.

  • Bexiou March 15, 2024 (10:53 pm)

    Still can’t get my car home… 

  • HS March 16, 2024 (10:01 am)

    Scary. This could have ended very differently. So thankful the DV victim was able to call for help and the swift police response leading to a capture.

  • Dog Whisperer March 16, 2024 (10:24 pm)

    Thank goodness nobody was injured. 

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