UPDATE: 42nd/Alaska light fixed

6:21 PM: Multiple texters have reported that the 42nd/Alaska signal in The Junction is malfunctioning, flashing red at last report, and backing up traffic – remember a flashing, or dark, signal makes it an all-ways stop. If it hasn’t yet been reported to SDOT, you can call their after-hours number at 206-386-1218, as with other significant malfunctions/road hazards (206-684-ROAD during business hours).

8:30 PM: To clarify, the light was “stuck on red.” And another texter says it’s been fixed.

2 Replies to "UPDATE: 42nd/Alaska light fixed"

  • Leah April 3, 2023 (6:29 pm)

    Just called and it’s been reported…thanks for posting this!

  • Steve April 4, 2023 (6:05 pm)

    That was nuts. People were honking so much it was NYC on that block. I saw people angrily talking in their rear view mirror. Holding their horns. It was ridiculous. If anyone reading this was one of those people, buy a meditation book maaaaan.

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