FOLLOWUP: Towing crew removing sunken sailboat from Don Armeni

Back on Saturday, we reported on a false-alarm water-rescue call at Don Armeni Boat Ramp, related to a sinking sailboat that turned out to have been there for some days. By the next day, the boat was entirely submerged. Today, it’s being removed. After a tip from Doug, we went over for a look. The crew from BoatUS, which included a diver, told us they’re working on behalf of an insurance company.

They plan to take the boat over to Shilshole, where it’ll be cut up for salvage.

7 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Towing crew removing sunken sailboat from Don Armeni"

  • Scubafrog December 29, 2022 (3:23 pm)

    That’s great, hopefully Salty’s location sailboat #2’s salvage efforts are hastened as to minimise pollutants from the outboard/gas tank etc.

    • HoneyBun December 29, 2022 (6:47 pm)

      I don’t think I understand what “Salty’s location sailboat #2’s salvage efforts” means. Are saying that the sunken boat belongs to Salty’s? Are you saying a Salty’s sailboat assisted in the recovery? Please clarify if you are willing. Cheers!

      • Scubafrog December 29, 2022 (10:46 pm)

        You bet, I’ll try to clarify.  There’s a sailboat that was sunken close to Salty’s restaurant recently, during a storm.  Hopefully it’s extricated from the water, due to its pollutants.  

        • HoneyBun December 30, 2022 (10:49 am)

          Ah. Yes I see now. Thank you. I agree that definitely needs to be on the list for removal as soon as they can get to it.

  • 22blades December 29, 2022 (5:50 pm)

    The State of Washington has had a program for boats you can no longer. maintain since 2002 which has recovered over 900 abandoned vessles.We all pay for it at the end but if people use it, it keeps our waterways clean & usable.”DNR’s Vessel Turn-In Program allows boat owners who can no longer take care of their vessels to turn them in for responsible disposal. Disposing a vessel before it becomes derelict in Washington’s waters is considerably less expensive and less damaging. The bill removed a funding cap that had limited the program to spending $200,000 per biennium. With the cap removed, DNR can dispose more vessels before they become derelict or abandoned.”

  • uncle loco December 30, 2022 (5:13 am)

    I can’t tell if that guy is wearing a wet suit or not. Either way my hat is off to him for doing a tough job. Commercial diving pays well but one of my friends doesn’t enjoy doing it.

  • BusGirl21 December 30, 2022 (11:36 am)

    FYI, the crew towed the boat away off shore about 50 yards last night. Then came back in and left it where it has sunk again and remains at 11:35am, 12-30-22. Picture from last night

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