CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Four felony charges for man accused of shooting at police in West Seattle

Last Thursday night, we took that photo outside the Bank of America at Westwood Village after texts about a police response there. Officers said only that it was a domestic situation. We now know it was more than that – it was the arrest of a man just charged with four felonies, one of which was indeed domestic-violence assault, another of which involved shooting at least 16 rounds at police officers in South Delridge. We reported the arrest here and the original incident here. The defendant is 26-year-old Kevin Flores Reyes of South Seattle, charged Tuesday with first-degree assault, second-degree domestic-violence assault, attempting to elude police, and unlawful gun possession.

Prosecutors say this all first came to police’s attention around 12:35 am November 19, when Flores Reyes’s ex-girlfriend called from Morgan Junction to say he was chasing her in his car and flashing a gun. They weren’t able to catch up with her until she was home in South Delridge; they saw his car driving by, left to try to catch up with him, were unable to, and went back to finish talking with her. 40 minutes later, case documents say, calls started coming in to 911 about shots fired in South Delridge. Police responding to check that out heard more shots themselves, and soon spotted Flores Reyes’s car near his ex-girlfriend’s residence. They pursued him, the narrative continues:

… as he drove southbound on 16 Av SW from SW Henderson St at a speed of about 60 mph. They pursued as Flores Reyes turned eastbound on SW Roxbury St at speeds up to 70 mph in posted 25 mph zones, northbound on 8th Av SW, westbound on SW Henderson St, southbound in an alley west of 16 Av SW until he stopped and exited the vehicle on 17 Av SW just north of SW Barton St. Flores Reyes began running north on 17 Av SW firing rounds back toward officers …

Bullets hit at least three cars and narrowly missed one officer’s leg; the documents say “16 fired cartridge casings were recovered.” However, Flores Reyes got away.

Three days later, police got back results of a test on the recovered 9mm casings and learned they matched casings recovered after gunfire October 4th at Westcrest Park – with the same victim; she was unhurt but her car was damaged by bullets. The court document notes at this point that Flores Reyes cannot legally possess a gun because he has a felony conviction (from an assault case, different victims, in 2016). So with all that, a warrant was issued for his arrest on November 22nd, and nine days later, law-enforcement personnel with the US Marshal’s Task Force arrested him at Westwood Village as mentioned above. He remains in jail, with bail set at $750,000.

16 Replies to "CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Four felony charges for man accused of shooting at police in West Seattle"

  • Marina December 7, 2022 (12:12 pm)

    Wow, that poor girl. She’s been shot at in at least two separate instances by this guy. And of course I feel for everyone else who’s been put in danger because of his actions. Hope the justice system gets this one right and locks him away for a long time. That said, chances are he’ll be out sooner rather than later and I’d move out of the area if I were her. 

  • Marty December 7, 2022 (12:22 pm)

    Let’s hope he stays in jail, he is much too violent to be out on the streets.

  • Ws prayers December 7, 2022 (12:42 pm)

    Oh my God thank You for Your Protection terrifying absolutely so grateful she is unharmed and he is where he can’t hurt her or anyone else I pray he stays there and somehow she is able to heal from the trauma from this terrifying absolutely horrible to be in fear of your life no ever ever needs that in their life ever 

  • neighbor December 7, 2022 (12:44 pm)

    Thank you for this update, WSB. Glad to hear he’s been apprehended.

  • 26TH AVE December 7, 2022 (1:17 pm)

    Im no law expert, but if he successfully eluded police, is that a different charge than “attempt”?And how is the 16 shots fires at officers not Attempted voluntary manslaughter?

    • Rhonda December 7, 2022 (6:35 pm)

      King County prosecutors have to charge him with what they believe will most successfully result in a conviction. He violated many more laws, both state and federal, during his rampages (speeding, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, attempted capital murder of police officers, turning without signaling, etc, etc) but they want a slam-dunk case.

      • Ej December 7, 2022 (11:28 pm)

        Yes, prosecutors have an ethical responsibility to only bring charges that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, sometimes things are charged as less “serious sounding” crimes because under the SRA, the sentence would actually end up being longer than the more serious sounding crime.

    • Ej December 7, 2022 (11:18 pm)

      “Attempting to elude” is the name of the crime (RCW 46.61.024). There is no separate charge for successful eluding, and this isn’t charged as a “criminal attempt” of a crime under RCW 9A.28.020.

  • PFFT December 7, 2022 (1:38 pm)

    he sounds like a great guy.  **Sarcasm**

  • Rick December 7, 2022 (5:21 pm)

    Probably up for a nobel.

  • Junction Lady December 7, 2022 (6:33 pm)

    Another thug with a gun-scary times!

  • John December 7, 2022 (10:07 pm)

    How is that not attempted murder?!

  • D-Mom December 8, 2022 (5:52 am)

    It’s sad that he can terrorize his ex-girlfriend and the community and the most likely charge to stick is gun possession. 

  • Alki Resident December 8, 2022 (9:18 am)

    Thank you to law enforcement for getting this bad guy off the streets and making us all safer! Let’s hope the judge will keep him in jail. 

  • Werd December 10, 2022 (12:56 am)

    Glad they caught him… What’s with all the shooting that’s just crazy. He could have hurt so many people and who knows he could have actually hurt someone before all this. And He’s 26 and just threw his life away over some dumb yet dangerous stuff. What could someone stand to gain from crimes like this except a long sentence. Sheer stupidity wake up get a good life do something good for a 

  • Jennifer December 11, 2022 (11:28 pm)

    Who can I talk to that runs this site and publishes? I’m the victim in this case and alot is untrue and twisted around and I would like the public to know the truth. 

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