47th/Andover SFD response: Kitchen fire

Thanks to Emilie for the photo and tip. Firefighters made quick work of a kitchen fire in an apartment over a garage near 47th/Andover about an hour ago. No injuries reported. One side note: Firefighters were delayed a few minutes because the response first was sent to 47th Avenue *South*; the dispatcher said that’s how it was called in. Many of West Seattle’s SW streets have S. mirrors, as close as South Park, as far as the other side of I-5, so when calling something in, be sure to stipulate it’s SW.

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  • CarDriver June 20, 2022 (6:47 pm)

    One other help for emergency responders in addition to your address is to know and give the nearest cross street to your residence. And, if you’re in a building with a name-example:ABC apartments give that also.

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