WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE: Contest launches for reopening-celebration design/slogan

(SDOT image from Saturday)

As we’ve been reporting, a community coalition led by the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and West Seattle Junction Association is planning a celebration for the West Seattle Bridge reopening – not a celebration of the closure/repairs, but a celebration of the restored connection with the rest of the region. We noted last month that a logo/slogan contest was planned – and now organizers have sent the announcement that it’s on:

On behalf of the West Seattle Chamber and our West Seattle community, we are excited to announce a contest to feature a community-selected artist’s design for all marketing and swag! The winning design (and slogan, if desired) will receive $500, VIP treatment for all bridge-reopening events, and of course good ol’ bragging rights

The deadline for rough drafts is April 30th and the community will vote the 1st week in May. Please note: while we welcome all submissions, artwork needs to be family-friendly to qualify for voting and selection. Your entry submission means you are allowing West Seattle to use your art across all forms of marketing.

We’re looking forward to seeing all your ideas!

* Any and all bridge events in no way, shape, or form impact the reopening date of the bridge, which is still unknown. The City of Seattle and Department of Transportation have granted us access one week before the bridge is set to open, which will happen regardless of the date it actually opens.
* Contest is open to West Seattle residents.

Apply HERE.

The celebration funding, including the contest prize, is from community sponsorships.

As for the bridge repairs – here’s our update from Saturday. The Community Task Force meets again 4 pm Thursday (April 21st) – that’ll be streamed here.

43 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE: Contest launches for reopening-celebration design/slogan"

  • Need More Info April 18, 2022 (1:05 pm)

    Is there a minimum resolution for images submitted?  Or guidelines on how many colors can be used for printing?  Is there a theme?  If it’s for the bridge party, should the design be specific to the bridge party?  Or about the bridge in general, or the community or are they hoping to get a lot of everything and then decide what direction to go in?

  • Mike April 18, 2022 (1:22 pm)

    How about “OMG, Finally!” Assuming it actually finally happens, I mean.

    • 2023 April 18, 2022 (2:59 pm)

      I don’t think it’s happening this year.   Early next year. 

      • Peter April 18, 2022 (3:34 pm)

        Why? If you have information that nobody else does, please share. 

      • Former Bridge User April 18, 2022 (4:04 pm)

        I heard the same. 

        • Jeepney April 18, 2022 (4:44 pm)

          June of this year at the latest.

        • Peter April 18, 2022 (11:32 pm)

          Where did you hear that?

          • Former Bridge User April 19, 2022 (7:42 am)

            My physician is married to someone whose involved with the repair work. 

          • Peter April 19, 2022 (8:19 am)

            So, you say that someone you know says that someone you don’t know say that someone else you don’t know says … Yep, sounds legit. 

    • Brian April 18, 2022 (4:40 pm)

      I would just use “West Seattle Bridge Reopening 3022”

      • Kristen April 18, 2022 (10:28 pm)

        That’s funny!

  • North Delridge Homeowner April 18, 2022 (2:00 pm)

    You have my vote for best slogan Mike… what font style will you be using?  Whichever you select I hope you use BOLD.

  • 935 April 18, 2022 (2:36 pm)

    Please…..please please just open the bridge already.

    I know its a community “celebration” but enough already.

    I’ve relayed the same sentiments to WSCC & WSJA.Just open the dang thing.

    • Peter April 18, 2022 (3:34 pm)

      Maybe they should finish the repairs before opening the bridge? 

      • 935 April 18, 2022 (5:09 pm)

        Yeah Peter – probably a good idea. Good call.

        And ZERO chance of it opening before its repaired.

        My comment was directed, specifically, to the silliness of having a “party”. One day its closed. Next day its open. Not rocket science here.

        • Kristen April 18, 2022 (10:30 pm)

          I agree, please enjoy any and all celebrations, but the inconvenience of the past two years has been a bit too much, I’m cool with quietly enjoying morning traffic going over the bridge, with a coffee and NPR as celebration enough of being reconnected with the city!

          • CAM April 19, 2022 (1:50 am)

            Kristen and 935, I take it you have missed all the previous reporting which has clearly stated that no celebration or party will delay the reopening of the bridge in any way?

          • 935 April 19, 2022 (9:11 am)

            CAM – party all you want. Burn effigies. Make sacrifices to the holy SDOT. Write proclamations and put signs and streamers in/on your yard, windows and street corners.

            Pull a permit and have a parade. You do you.


            Just open the bridge already!! (of course, as Peter noted after it is fully repaired)

          • CAM April 19, 2022 (3:49 pm)

            Ok. So you’re just screaming into the wind in frustration and are not actually responding to the content of the article. 

          • 935 April 19, 2022 (6:36 pm)

            No screams at all. Just exhibiting the ridiculousness of having a “party” for such a stupid reason.

            The “party” IS the content of the article – perhaps you missed that in your haste to celebrate infrastructure that should be in place and functional.

        • Peter April 18, 2022 (11:35 pm)

          Guess I touched a Berber there. 

  • Boinsted April 18, 2022 (2:59 pm)

    Must use Comic Sans for slogan font… of course. 

    • Molly April 18, 2022 (3:27 pm)

      Best comment

  • David April 18, 2022 (3:57 pm)

    How much of my tax dollars is this going to cost?

    • miws April 18, 2022 (4:46 pm)

      From the story above…

      The celebration funding, including the contest prize, is from community sponsorships.

      • xavier April 18, 2022 (8:05 pm)

        Rephrasing to original post, why waste money on this from any source?  This is not a new infrastructure project that has been highly anticipated in a joyous manner.  It’s a bridge that essentially ‘broke’ for a multitude of reasons that should lead to a blame game involving Sdot, the designers, the builders, the inspectors, and anyone who kept shrugging their shoulders hoping the problem wouldn’t get worse.  Get it open and get us moving again.  These traffic jams are horrendous and a real strain.  Sure wish the city could provide tax breaks to all of us affected, but looking at recent assessments I won’t hold my breath.

        • CAM April 19, 2022 (1:53 am)

          The Chamber of Commerce isn’t going to sponsor something that they won’t see a profit for businesses from. This would not be exclusively aimed at West Seattle but would obviously serve as an announcement to people outside that they should come visit and buy things here. 

  • UselessPoliticians April 18, 2022 (5:03 pm)

    How about “Yay We Repaired the Bridge in Half the Time it Took to BUILD the Golden Gate Bridge in 1934!!”  I guess modern equipment and technology has gotten worse in the future…

  • John April 18, 2022 (5:11 pm)

    How about:Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it didn’t take as long as this bridge reopening.

  • Sweetiebee April 18, 2022 (5:19 pm)

    I might need an 18 page report telling me why this is happening, first. Otherwise, I’m going with “Never Ending Story”

  • Mj April 18, 2022 (5:48 pm)

    Mike – yes and add a Snail and the SDoT logo at the finish line to provide the needed context!

    • jag April 19, 2022 (12:27 pm)

       I love that idea!

  • F.R.I.E.N.D April 18, 2022 (6:09 pm)

    “But we were on a break!”

    • sam-c April 19, 2022 (7:46 am)

      LOL- that’s a fun one.

  • Ron Swanson April 18, 2022 (6:17 pm)

    Someone call Steve Winwood and see if he’ll donate a license to use “Back in the High Life” – slogan and theme song all in one!

    • Yes to SkyLink April 20, 2022 (9:07 am)

      Good song! 

      Now do SkyLink… How about Higher Love, also by Steve Winwood!

  • Paulie April 18, 2022 (6:57 pm)

    Only Comic Sans is allowed for type. :)

  • Lynda B April 18, 2022 (8:03 pm)

    Can anybody tell me if there are still any of the “West Seattle island-ish” t-shirts around?

  • Israel April 18, 2022 (8:42 pm)

    The Eventually Bridge, one day soon! 

  • Helen Randall April 18, 2022 (9:34 pm)

    How about we did it thank God!

  • Chris April 19, 2022 (8:12 am)

    “New bridge, who dis?”, “Just say NO to crack”, “East Vashon service restored”

  • Scubafrog April 19, 2022 (2:10 pm)

    A Galapagos tortoise, ridden by one of transpo’s anonymous leadership (whistling innocently), over a barren WS bridge.  I’d wager August or September for opening, conservatively – I have nothing to base that on.  

  • Keith April 19, 2022 (6:16 pm)

    About F*#$ing time 

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