FOLLOWUP: More Lowman Beach shore-restoration progress

Thanks to Mike Munson for the latest look at progress on the Lowman Beach Park shore-restoration project. What you’re seeing above is the small section of seawall that’s been replaced rather than removed at the north edge of the park. Today was the scheduled end of the latest extension of the timeframe for nighttime work, so we asked Seattle Parks for a status report. Here’s the response from spokesperson Karen O’Connor:

Today was the last date for night work with the Noise Variance Permit. The contractor (was expected to) work until 7 PM at the latest and there will not be an extension of the night work Noise Variance Permit. We have the in-water work window extended to 2/28, Monday of next week. This allows the contractor to work below high water line. All the work will be done during the daytime.

In terms of project update, the contractor has completed the seawall installation. Some beach grading will need to be completed this week to backfill around the seawall. The Contractor is on track of completing in-water work before the 2/28 deadline. They will finish the Pelly Creek section early next week, which is above high tide line, and lawn restoration and landscape will occur in the coming weeks.

When complete, the project will have removed the old crumbling seawall and restored that section of the shore, as was done years ago with the south shore of the park. The old tennis court has been removed and will not be replaced; while Seattle Parks has said it would consider the idea of a smaller sport court, such as pickleball, elsewhere in the park, it would have to be community-funded, and no campaign for that has surfaced so far.

3 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: More Lowman Beach shore-restoration progress"

  • JW February 24, 2022 (8:00 am)

    So there will likely be no sport court of any sort.   What a disappointment.  Parks should have been honest, skip all of the BS about public polls/citizen input, save all that PR and false interest in community input and use those moneys for actually improving our parks.  The whole process feels phony, as Parks had already decided.  Of course there will be restoration environmentally damageing non-indigenous  grass.  What for?  Basically to keep this gem as a de facto dog park.  Dogs tearing up the turf as always as well as dogs now unencumbered from beach access due to the removal of the bulkheads.  Deplorable.

    • Gatewood resident February 24, 2022 (6:37 pm)

      I live nearby and think this work to restore the beach and daylight the creek will make this a really great space. There are great tennis courts like half a mile away at solstice park, why not just go there. Five bucks says you never even used that old court, it was terrible

  • SlimJim February 24, 2022 (9:29 pm)

    Don’t know if the no-court decision is really decided or not, but I think it would be reasonable given the small size of the park. Also, I’m not a huge dog fan but I haven’t found that particular park to be overrun. I’m sure it happens, but I think Lincoln Park is worse, even given its huge size.

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