WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Another ‘king tide’ morning at Alki

Thanks for the photos! Another “king tide” high tide this morning just after 8 am … just under 13 feet officially, with tomorrow’s high tide only a bit lower, just before 9 am. The National Weather Service has a Coastal Flood Advisory in effect for 8 am-noon tomorrow – but is only expecting “minor” flooding, like the Alki-seawall slopover that the photos show:

All this at the start of a day that also has set a rainfall record – an inch and a half through about 6 pm.

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  • Jort January 6, 2022 (10:49 pm)

    A sight that will be unfortunately familiar as the years go by and our planet bakes, and we look back and wonder why we did nothing about it. 

    • John January 6, 2022 (11:31 pm)

      Agree.It’s a huge human problem with closing eyes, ears, and vocals….the do nothing disease. Than it, the problem, should go away.

    • Wseattleite January 7, 2022 (6:57 am)

      Fortunately the solution is the same as it has been for many thousands of years. Move away from rising waters.  This is not new in history. There are many living places from the past under up to 30 feet of water all over the world.  Vanity somehow leads people to believe that everything should freeze in time for their reality and those of their offspring. 

      • Sal Rothstein January 7, 2022 (9:20 am)

        Well said exactly right. Wishing everyone a beautiful blessed positive 2022 New Year. We need better times. 2020 and 2021 was rough.Have a nice day all..

  • Flivver January 7, 2022 (6:28 am)

    Back in the early 60’s my dad had a boat at “Riverside Marina” on the Duwamish. During king tides their parking lot would overflow. If you’re going to blame “global warming” for king tides then you’re 60 years(probably a lot longer) late in calling it out.

  • Cave Man January 7, 2022 (6:47 am)

    I agree. We humans should be living in caves and using spears to capture food… no wait.. eating berries so that the animals can live free and try to eat us … this way most people would actually not be able to sustain their own lives because they are Neanderthals. And get they’ll. Realize their ancestors were roaming in areas where the ice never was.  Thank you but I’ll take advanced circulation over the planet of the apes.  

  • momosmom January 7, 2022 (7:23 am)

    I was just talking about this last night. There’s so many of us that are doing our part to keep Earth around for many, many years but why when there are so many people who don’t take this dam Covid seriously, the infected numbers are higher now  than they were in  the beginning!

  • Human in ws January 7, 2022 (9:49 am)

    The only solution is not having offspring at all. Pause it for 5 or 10 years. The pope says no dogs no cats only humans…. moron. Green energy? Good luck. Everything requires energy. We are done as a human race.

  • Kevin January 7, 2022 (10:31 am)

    There’s an utterly fascinating segment by Veritasium on the history of tide prediction and analog computers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgF3OX8nT0w&t=2m40s

    • Arcadia January 8, 2022 (10:13 am)

      That really was fascinating, thank you! The ancient Antikythera computing device has always fascinated me for many reasons, not least of which is by proving how smart our ancestors were many thousands of years earlier than commonly believed. The twin fascination for me is the story of Hypatia of Alexandria, the first (but not only) female philosopher, astronomer and mathematician who was murdered and whose priceless research was destroyed by religious fundamentalists in 415AD. There are currently many parallels between our own society and the decline and destruction of science and knowledge in Ancient Greece; the substitution of fear, superstition and mob rule for rational thought and liberal scientific inquiry. It’s too bad we never learn from history. Let the great Carl Sagan tell the story: https://youtu.be/0wsgKNAMy8I

  • Don Brubeck January 7, 2022 (1:17 pm)

    Sea levels are gradually trending up. Human-caused global warming is proven. But this tide levels is no higher than typical high-high tide 100 years ago in January, 1921.  You can look up the NOAA’s data. We always have these tides in January.  It is not valid to assume that everything is something alarming and due to global warming, or city council, or whatever your hot button is at these days. https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/waterlevels.html?id=9447130

    • Wseattleite January 7, 2022 (1:32 pm)

      Interesting!  Thanks Don. 

    • Dan Allison January 7, 2022 (5:32 pm)

      Actually this was the third highest tide ever recorded. The predicted level is rarely correct. High and low pressure and some storm activity actually can effect the levels by +- 2 ft. Today’s was about 14.46 the highest ever was 14.49 in 1977. We had a 14.48 in 2012. 

  • Hammer in Hand January 7, 2022 (8:05 pm)

    I think everyone can agree as long as this high water is in the sound at not in our basement This is a good thing

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