(Photo by Jerry Simmons)

Here’s what’s happening in the hours ahead:

VOTER-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: If you want to vote in the February 8th Seattle Public Schools levy election, today’s the deadline for registering online. (You can register up until Election Day in person.)

CITY COUNCIL’S WEEKLY BRIEFING: 2 pm, councilmembers brief each other and the public on what they’re up to and what’s coming up this week. They’ll also get a State Legislature briefing from staffers. Watch live at seattlechannel.org.

TRIVIA X 3: Here are tonight’s three options – 7 pm at Best of Hands (35th/Webster), 7 pm at The Good Society (California/Lander), 7:30 pm at The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW)

DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: Though it’s not set in West Seattle, “Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black and White” has citywide relevance, supporters say in extending an invitation for you to watch the documentary’s premiere online tonight at 7, followed by a panel discussion. Attendance info is in our calendar listing.

8 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE MONDAY: 4 notes"

  • anonyme January 31, 2022 (9:36 am)

    Best bird photo yet.  Poor thing looks like she might be thinking it would have been better to stay in California.  You’re still gorgeous!  Cue the wind machine…!

  • Just wondering January 31, 2022 (9:46 am)

    What kind of bird is in the picture?  Baby Blue Jay?

  • Trileigh January 31, 2022 (9:50 am)

    That’s a California Scrub-jay, a newcomer to Seattle in recent years. I’ve been seeing more of them around West Seattle, where they’re undoubtedly annoying our native Steller’s Jays and other corvids. They sure are gorgeous in spite of all that!

  • Susan January 31, 2022 (10:45 am)

    Lovely little bird. Related question: is there a compilation of all the amazing bird photos that have appeared on the WSB? I’d love to see them all together! 

    • WS Res January 31, 2022 (11:06 am)

      The birds and sunsets would make for a nice coffee table book.  

    • flimflam January 31, 2022 (11:56 am)

      that’s a good idea, Susan!

    • WSB January 31, 2022 (12:10 pm)

      Most of the bird photos we’ve published in recent months are in galleries you can see in our wildlife-category archive
      The occasional bird photo featured with the daily previews, with this one, are not there, however. The daily previews are all in the “miscellaneous” archive category.
      (If you view our site via desktop/laptop/landscape tablet, which is the optimal way to use it, the category list/links are on the right sidebar.)

  • CarDriver January 31, 2022 (12:17 pm)

    Trileigh. Do you know why there are more of these jay’s in this area?

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