CORONAVIRUS: Appointments open for next Sunday vaccination clinic in West Seattle

We’ve mentioned that Pliable‘s next Sunday vaccination clinic at Neighborhood House High Point (6400 Sylvan Way SW) is set for Sunday, January 30th. That’s now eight days away, and registration is open online. They usually welcome walk-ins too, but if you want to ensure a spot, you can go here and follow the links to sign up. The appointments listed as available right now are between 8:30 am and 11:45 am.

4 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Appointments open for next Sunday vaccination clinic in West Seattle"

  • Bob Shampeau January 22, 2022 (3:56 pm)

    Get vaccinated people! Let’s try to put this pandemic behind us and get life back to normal.

    • Shel January 23, 2022 (1:47 pm)


      • zark00 January 24, 2022 (12:00 pm)

        @Shel – You’re being exploited through your fear. Don’t let people turn you into an Anti-American crazy person. The only responsible course of action for anyone who loves this country is to get vaccinated. People refusing the vaccine for political reasons like you are tearing this country apart. 

        • Pessoa January 24, 2022 (12:52 pm)

          We’ve all accused the other of falling victim to fear – I am guilty too – but to cast it in terms of American versus ant-American is absurd demagoguery.  Would you say the say to the thousands protesting mandates in Belgium, Sweden, Britain and elsewhere – that they too don’t love their countries?  

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