BIZNOTE: Why West Seattle’s Taco Time closed early and might have to do that again

From health to hiring, various challenges have kept some businesses from being able to stay open all their regular days/hours lately. That even goes for chains. Last night we got a couple questions about why West Seattle’s Taco Time was closed much earlier than usual. So today we asked parent company Taco Time NW, whose spokesperson Gretchen Weidemann replied: “Unfortunately, our manager in charge yesterday evening cut themselves and required medical attention. We could not quickly find a replacement, so we chose to close for evening so they could be taken care of. They are doing much better today! We may be closing earlier than usual tonight and Sunday night, but should be back to our regular hours starting on Monday. We appreciate everyone’s patience!”

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  • NW January 21, 2022 (6:16 pm)

    Noticed a similar sign at the Taco Time Pacific Highway South in Tukwila made a point though because they were open to thank the manager who attended to me.Thank you West Seattle Taco Time for your service over the years and the years ahead.

  • Buddy January 21, 2022 (6:29 pm)

    I wish them well and speedy recovery.  For people who are able to give blood remember that the blood supply is extremely low right now in the United States and you never know when you might need blood yourself.

  • momosmom January 21, 2022 (6:46 pm)

    Hope the Manager/employee’s injury isn’t too  serious but… I guess this song is no longer so …  “Any time is Taco Time” :>)

  • Jeepney January 21, 2022 (8:48 pm)

    The best Mexican food in West Seattle hands down, hope they can reopen soon.

    • WSB January 21, 2022 (8:58 pm)

      They are open – or were, earlier today – just facing a couple more possible earlier-than-usual closures.

    • Wendell January 22, 2022 (9:51 am)

      Best Mexican food…  That comment has brought a bit of humor to a sad situation. 

    • Derek January 22, 2022 (11:38 am)

      This comment is a joke right? It’s a chain and fast food and not even Mexican.

      • Jort January 23, 2022 (11:20 am)

        It’s unlikely to be a joke as there were people credibly declaring the food from Tacos Guaymas the best Mexican food in human history a few months ago. People wonder why restaurants struggle as businesses and I’m beginning to think it’s probably because lots of people don’t actually know what good food is. 

  • trickycoolj January 21, 2022 (10:16 pm)

    Yikes hope they have a speedy recovery! Favorite guilty pleasure dinner when working OT. Good good fresh fresh!

  • 22blades January 22, 2022 (12:42 am)

    I hope for a speedy recovery. That store seems to take a conservative, safe approach to Covid & I applaud the company for their support for the store. There are businesses that wouldn’t care in this pandemic.  I’m disappointed that Starbucks backed off their vaccine mandate. The Taco Time store will continue to get my business.

    • KT January 22, 2022 (6:39 am)

      I suspect Starbucks did that because they were unable to find enough vaxxed emoyees to staff their stores in red states.  They have a lot of stores in mid-level, semi rural areas around the country.I don’t agree with them, but they are only about the stock shareholders

  • just wondering January 22, 2022 (7:28 am)

    The deli at Metropolitan Market Deli has been shut down for a few days.  Sent an email to them and this was part of the reply-Thank you so much for reaching out concerning our Prepared Foods department, we recently have had unexpected absences that have created a challenge for our store as well as an inconvenience to our guests. Our team is working diligently to get our department up and running to full capacity in the next few days. We are hopeful by this weekend we can start opening a few stations as our team members return to work.Dan NerwinskiAssistant Store DirectorAdmiral

  • alkiwendy January 22, 2022 (4:40 pm)

    Just Wondering,

    I have a neighbor who went to the Deli at Met Market on Wednesday, January 19th. She was told by an employee behind the counter that 20 of the deli workers tested positive for Covid. I’m disappointed, but not surprised that management has chosen not to disclose the reason.

  • aa January 22, 2022 (10:49 pm)

    20 people sick in one department sounds like a stretch, Especially because they are all vaccinated and hopefully boostered.  At least I’m assuming its a requirement for working there?  I wonder if its more about being exposed.  My office had several people stay home recently because family members had tested positive. They had not, but felt it was better to be cautious.  Personally, I don’t think they need to share why their employees are absent from work.   If you want to worry about the deli staff, worry about the nasty gloves they wear for hours without changing them. You can always ask them to change their gloves before they handle the food you are requesting. Or ask them when the prepared salads were made!  Sell by date on the label they slap on the container is set to be a certain number of days beyond date of purchase.  Nothing to do with when the food was actually made.  

  • Common Sense January 23, 2022 (11:17 am)

    Isn’t it pretty clear by now that the vaccines are doing exactly what they are supposed to do; reduce your symptoms if you get covid?  They were never designed to stop the spread of covid; especially the forever evolving variants.  

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